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can ajmer court be fiddling,when i have taken case to hc?

not applicable;wish to keep my emplyer out of this

Just like RAmAyaN, post-SoorpaNakA, stArted  in the 14th year of van-vAs, a sorry dhAmAyaN stArted for me after an unfortunate 5-seconds-accident on a train, with my instant Judge-1, a 25-yr.old girl, a total stranger to me till the accident, at Paali, RAj., in month preceding birth of year 2014.                                                                     It wAs first the persecution of this JatAyu, a senior citizen, at Ajaya Maeru, like ancient JatAyu wAs fleeced over (holy?) Maeru by RAvaN. After a mis-managed trial process from Dec.13 till 8.1.15, there wAs a fAux pAs, with my complainant of Dec.13,filing rAjinAmA before Ajmer Court, and declining politely and consciously, a gift of my old-age-saving by Court to her. The stunned Court, on 8.1.15, without shelving proceedings permitting us to go to HC, where only rAji-closure wAs feasible under present Indian LAws, ran through a shabby poor unexpected first session of cross-exam of complainant, unAuthorised of my LAwyer by me, but inexplicably done by him, purportedly on my behalf.                                                                                                                            Petition has since been filed at HC for rAji-closure of the case, and HC will set on 12/2/15, a likely date of 24/2/15, for the hearing of the rAji, to be attended by complainant.                                                                                   In the meantime, am I obliged to attend, or consider, the hearing of 19/2/15, set by Ajmer Court as binding on me?  Can I ask my Ajmer LAwyer to simply boycott Ajmer Court on 19.2.15? And absent myself too?




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