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Sourabh   01 December 2017

Call detail record


Respected members,
My wife has filed a false 498a, 323 on me and my family. And put all the false allegations that she can. It is a direct complaint to magistrate. She is saying that on 1-09-2017 I was in her place at U.P. although I was in Delhi at my office . So I want to produce my call details record so that I can submit as proof in court as I was not in Uttar Pradesh. Kindly suggest me how can I get my call details and tower location. It will be helpful in my case or not.
  Can you suggest the procedure to get the call details record with tower location as it can help to prove my innocence...



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Kumar Doab (FIN)     01 December 2017

Your attendance in office is also your witness.


Kumar Doab (FIN)     01 December 2017

State and court have the discretion/power to get such details.

Kumar-the fighter (private job)     01 December 2017

Yes, you can submit your attendance details.Also you can take a HR letter from your office and submit it as your evidence.

azadsinghmarothia (professional )     02 December 2017

agreed with kumar doAb
and for your kind information as trai guideline you can get past six months call history from your service provider , you just need to ask your service provider for the process and produce the same with 65b certificate

Sourabh   02 December 2017

My office is a small office and only 5 employees are there in firm, this is a CA office and no HR in the office , so can I get the letter from my CA owner of office.


Going behind call records, then proving your location, your voice all is a big headache.

You can use other means if someone can testify that yo uwere with them or they seen you.

All that also difficult, nobody wants to come to court and spend their precious time for you. Even if court order, people might not turn up.

You can also lose your job if you bring up attendance register issue.  Company people wont keep these 498a type guys, they will simply show yo uthe door, you will be most probably left onthe road with no money, and behind bars.

These cases will run like merathon.  They start, but your life is spoilt behind bars + tension + grey hair, lose youth in courts roaming.

Simply settle matter by throwing money.  Take mutual divorce.  Money you can earn again.  Once age is gone, heatlh gone it wont come back.

I have 17 yers experience in this line.  Frank opinion and advice nobody will follow. Everyone think that they will win case, and waste lives in courts.  You heard it here, first.

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Sourabh   02 December 2017

Actually my boss is ready to give the consent and giving me full support. And for settlement she is not ready as this is her second marriage and she has not disclosed the previous marriage facts to me that�s why all this is happening. And she knows if now she take divorce who will marry with her third time first marriage was with muslim guy as per Muslim rites and now with Hindu guy as per Hindu rites . Actually she is playing the games with boys.


You will die in court hall. Take my word for it.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     02 December 2017

You may ignore the comments in the thread.

Are you a Muslim?

Was she a Muslim?

Did she convert and embraced Islam before marriage?

Was her marriage under Special Marriage Act?

Was divorce in accordance with personal law?

Kumar Doab (FIN)     02 December 2017

It is good that your employer is supporting you.

Take care and build rapport and goodwill with current and future employers so that your source of income is protected and employability is intact.

No one is killed in courts of law.

Sourabh   02 December 2017

Kumar doab sir She has changed her religion for that marriage she was a Hindu earlier and converts her religion I am a Hindu and I am not confirm whether she has converts her religion to Hindu or not as they hide all the things from me. She got married as per Muslim rites and a divorce is on just a notary nothing else.

Adv Radhika Mehta (Advocate)     02 December 2017

If she had converted to Muslim before and at the time of your marriage, she was a Muslim and you get married as per Hindu vedic rites and ceremonies, then your marriage is not valid. 

Sourabh   02 December 2017

Exactly I am also telling the same and filed a case in court but in counter she filed 498, 323 and 125 case on me That is very sad I was asking for justice from court but now I will be go in jail because of injustice

Sourabh   02 December 2017

Now a common man can�t ask for the justice also against ladies just do as they ask otherwise get ready for jail

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