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I love my parents (law)     10 August 2013

Best solution in 498: mpney looters lawyers


Dear All,

               Initial/1st step of 498 start from lawyer, girl with her parents reach to lawyer.Then  file complaint and stary case.

But as per my view - at that time if lawyer judge the girl point of view and come to to the point  " GIRL IS RIGHT OR WRONG/ FALSE"..

In false case - lawyers should not file complaint in court..Requested to all lawyers - pls do not support false 498a girl.

But very bad - there are so many money looters lawyers.Who support false 498a girl.These lawyers need only money not intrested to save society.If agree/not agree pls share and i request to all lawyers pls........


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Hemang (Advocate)     10 August 2013

It is taken very lightly as you said so. And similarly, it is anticipated that you will also take it lightly and in a jocular sense. Actually, it is not a fit query to be responded to. However, it has to be said that who decide about falsity of the cases? Litigating parties or the competent court?

It has been mentioned in your contents that "lawyers ...not intrested to save society". In this connection, instead of dragging the matter, it is suggested that "better, you save your matrimonial life rather than thinking of society ". Had that been saved, you could have invited no such occassion to experience the "evil" from your "counter part". The rule is that if you point out against somebody with one finger, rest of the three fingers would point out against you and nobody else.   

amit sharma (service)     10 August 2013

Govt of india proposed a marriage amendment bill that will harm all males and husbands . 

Bill harms parents of men for sin of being parents and saving for their retirement

This bill proposes that wives can divorce one 
sided after three years and will take away half property of Male 
Men will not get any such right so even if wife is richer she takes away the money.

She can stake to  Even your parents' property as law covers property that is inheritable . Where will they go ?

We will be left ...with no choice , yes men will not get 
similar treatment.They will lose all they haVE . Please help in stopping this daylight dacoity .

If you don't believe this may impact you , look around every fourth wiproite knows someone or other going through  a divorce

Please vote below Please join this campaign on :

request you to also send this link to friends to  help us spread the message quickly

Step 1) Go to this link

Step 2) Put Name ,
email , location and pin code in box on Right  and click submit vote button

If you want you can add your comments there as well


Try to save ur marriage instead of signing such petitions .

Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     10 August 2013

its depend on society, the lawyers have no lamp of aladin to judge that this is false case, the only lawyers are not liabel to save society it you too. 

Hemang (Advocate)     10 August 2013

The participating member has spoken to the effect that it amounts to "daylight dacoity". May be. It is for the Parliament and the State Legislature to enact a particular legislation, or introduce the amendment in the Act, so as to "seek the public good" or to "guard the interest of a particular class". The wives are accepted as "weekers against dominating Indian Husbands". But nothing can be done. It is within the exclusive authority of the Parliament to enact the law. 


However, there is one thing to suggest. If at all you are that aggrieved, there is a procedure that you can always place your views on white papers and before the standing committee of the Parliament. Suggest them the appropriate mode. Do it urgently, or else the amendment will be passed favouring the weaker and deserted wivesand against the dominant husbands.

Kolla Gangadhar (Practicing Advocate since 1986)     10 August 2013

Section498-A Advocates do not have any role to play and Wife or her relatives will directly file criminal complaint before Police concern and after preliminary investigation police register case if there is prima facie case. Please do not blame Advocates alone, wife and her relatives are balme worthy if complaint is found to be flase.

I love my parents (law)     11 August 2013

Dear Mr. Hemang i respect you actually i am not a law expert person.But i am an aspirants of IAS civil servants and got 70% success.

But in your reply you have told "acually, it is not a fit query to be responded to"..Then i am asking to you - then why you have responds two times.

and i do not want to any anything to lawyers in diff ways. But as per me - if lawyers can initiative to stop, they can do.But Hemang -- why lawyers write false allegation in girls petitions and why they support girl.

o.k all fingers are not same.But there two finger in our hand are same.

Yes i have raised my query very lightly - is there any issue and for your kind info pls. - my family is save in very well way pls..

and now you are pointing me - its means rest of your three fingers are saying something about you.........................................

NOTE : Question : Who are the best judge about lawyers ability ?  and the Ans. is : His/Her clients.

Dear all money looters lawyers (not eduacted lawyers)  - ask to your clients i think very few ( less than 0.1 %) support you...Still i am stand on my point - MONEY LOOTERS LAWYERS ARE NOT INTRESTED TO SAVE SOCIETY.

So this is my humble advice to you - pls save your family with going to parliament or any where.

and thanks to Mr. Nadeem ji - who agree with me -- that totally lawyers are not responsible.


you can always place your views on white papers and before the standing committee of the Parliamen-- Dear  pls reply is this possible what you have said .becoz 498a is formed in i think near 1986.. and what we expect from our parliament - (1. who change RTI act as per there need (2. Accused person can not fight election  and last and main (3. Increase there salary without any sound in Lokasabha/Raja sabha.

Pls do not use word - aggrieved. Becoz each and everybody knows about about 498a boy..use this word for girls.

Dear all my un- married - pls totally deny to marry with false 498a girl..

Pls waiting for your positive response.

I love my parents (law)     11 August 2013

Ha ha ha Ha Ha .........

I think i am on the good track. maximum lawyers against our my query and irritation starts.Surely they are the fellow support false 498a.

But earn Bread and butter for there family.But the bread and butter and came from the 498a victim family ( they are not paying in happy mood). and you listen "JAISE PAISE HOTA HAI - WO WAISA HI LAGTA HAI.-- TABHI POLICE AND MONEY LOOTERS KE BACHE KAHI SUCCESS NAHI HOTE".

I am discussinga bout only money looters lawyers and not about educated and sincere lawyers,they are few but i know they are working to save society not to destroy.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     12 August 2013

Such kind of discussions serve no point on this forum/


Shonee Kapoor


If you don't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you LOST.

498A_Victim (service)     14 August 2013

Hi All, The question is not what is right or wrong here, it's simple a matter of promoting wrong things in society by misuse of law, In my case, my marriage was without my wife consent which she did just due to famiky pressure, as she approached lawyer, he advised to file dowry case eventhough there was not even a single rupee was asked during/after the marriage, this was confirmed by her lawyer during mediation. Now experts and seniors may reply on the role of lawyers society...........

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