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Attention members :roshni tryin to gain popularity !!!

Beware , Roshni is trying to be a Drama Queen by pointing fingres on other members !! As we all know she blames the other persons very quickly for nothing ... This time she tried to point her finger on me ! 

Roshni , Please keep your profile jiggling business to yourself and think twice before blaming others !!


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https://www.lawyersclubindia.com/profile.asp?member_id=87954 is her profile link to identify this abusive member of the forum .

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     13 April 2012


This is just a reaction to what roshni did.... Let her apologize !!

threeleafe (awaited)     13 April 2012



There is nothing new in her behaviour.  The people who have been arond this site knows that very well.


Though her postings are cut and paste,  thoughts not worth penny, she picks up fight with anybody and gives a look of gender fight everytime she is opposed.


For you solution is very simple - just do what others have been doing - not participate and not visit the threads she puts.  

Aishwarya (Teacher)     13 April 2012

I second with the opinion given by threeleafe..Peace !

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     13 April 2012

Dear Sameer/Sam,Aishwarya and others...


I am grateful to you all for giving me so much importance,that a thread has been started here just to talk about me.


Sam you say I am not so popular here.Kindly check the no. of thanks I have received since 2010,that I am in the top 5 or 6 most thanked members in LCI..However these thanks do not make my life,nor do I care for popularity,as popularity comes from one's deeds and karmas.I hope your family has taught you this basic lesson in your childhood.


Anyways I am enjoying the honour which you all are giving me,as a result of which more & more members are now visiting my profile and also sending me PMs just to make fun of your childishness.


Because of you I am also glad to see that in a few hrs. time only,so many people have responed in this thread.Thanks to you all for missing me soooooooooo much:)


Your conduct shows I am always in your mind.The person whom you hate/love the most is always in your thoughts.Isn't it?


It doesn't matter to me that you hate me,because there are soooooo many CLASSY,SANE people in my life who love me.Hence I don't bother about the feelings of a few online aquaintances who have been accused of harassment cases and are therefore venting their frustrations in LCI.



Even though I wanted to complain to the admin,I have restrained myself since I am really enjoying this attention which I'm getting.So carry on.Just be careful that LCI's admin doesn't take any action against you.As such the person who was impersonating me yesterday has been banned..




Sam and others,


You guys really made my day!:P




Aishwarya (Teacher)     13 April 2012

Roshni dee ..am glad u took it positively

But am always in some sort of conflict whenever i read something u say or u dont say but u still say it somehow..right ..and dee i always regarded u and meant well for u but somethings are there i dont approve of too..

Roshni , we will keep on making ur coming days tooo till you recover your senses !!! Get well soon !!

Aishwarya (Teacher)     13 April 2012

sameer sir and roshni dee ..

i request u to end this peacefully ..the more we comment the more level of anguish would rise ..no use of putting up against each other virtually and ofcourse it does hamper peace of mind to some extents.. else it will always go on and on and on..everybody had their views and it was exchanged well ..but please lets end it here in peace..

Your karma is indeed on the virtue of completing its cycle ....!! Take care and enjoy your popularity ~~~ and please stop playing cheap games You know why i posted this because for no reason youan posted in forum mentioning my name just on thee basis of your suspicion ... I dont want to even think of you provided u dont go out of your mind blaming others good on you if you got the person banned ... You owe an apology now


Aishwarya , Its closed from my end now ..... provided i dont get any provocation from my mate !!

Cheers :-)

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Aishwarya (Teacher)     13 April 2012

thnku sameer sir thnku so much..am happy to see ur first initiative in bringing peace and positivity here..

And roshni dee am waiting for to smile and end this conflict here..

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     13 April 2012


Aish,you are the most diplomatic person I have ever encountered.

When threeleafe supported the ever-abusive Sameer/sam here by ridiculing me,you said you concur with threeleafe's views.


When I replied back to both of them,you tried shutting me down by saying "let's end it peacefully".  



Once Utpala had also said the same thing,that you are too diplomatic in family forums.Whenever men abuse females here without any rhyme/reason,you keep quiet.But when these females reply back after much patience,you start telling them to end it peacefully!


In a nutshell,you act diplomatically whenever it suits you,or when you like it,so that in the end,all female bashers here keep getting motivated.


Kudos and good bye!


You are seriously out of your mind Roshni  , Please pray to god daily for your well being !!! Your habbit of blaming others for nothing is spoiling your mind !! ~~~ No wonders your husband bashed you !!    Please end this provocation and again " GET WELL SOON " !!!