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Adv.Aiyer VLV (Proprietor)     09 September 2009

Are Laws Reasonable? Is this Justice? Agree?

Are Laws Reasonable? Is this Justice? Agree?

Laws are by and large unreasonable

e.g. you are penalised for attending nature's call in open, even in absence of enough toilets 

you are booked for no parking, even without providing parking space

you can be charged for not having dresses - but government won't provide you one, if you are poor also

You can be penalised for trying ending life - but no one bother to make you live

A person can be punished for doing an act, but the person who irritates that man is not punished that is the causes are not given enough weightage while punishing people 

Also, Fundamental Rights are Guaranteed in Constitutions - but if some one does not make law, no guarantor to get it done
    I am not saying law is not needed. but law must be well founded. 

Govt job is to provide us all good life. Constitution provides that govt must ensure that divide between poor and rich must narrow. But flyover Lingarajapuram Bangalore only vehicles can go. Poor and invalid unable to cross as railway closed road below

Ignorance of law is no excuse. do you know in India there are over 50000 laws enacted, which even law minister will not know. Many of them badly drafted. 

Evidence Act(passed during British Raj is still continuing), recognises Queen of England,her seal, laws passed by parliament of England even till date 60 years of Independence, what have our judiciary, legislators doing.

Governments job is to govern. Not just to imprison us under any law. 

Are you aware, there are under-trials in prison for period exceeding the maximum punishment that could be awarded for accusations if proved right(-authentic quote by sitting judge of Karnataka HC in our college function.)

Government is only making policies increasing divide between the rich and poor. 

Reason why many go without food, is because of few greedy becoming wealthy and increasing real estate price. compare price of items in city and nearby village, input cost will be similar, but labour increases owing to rent increase and cost of land/rent of hotel.

Govt. lets millions die of hunger but allows millions of MT of food item in godowns. spends money on unwanted areas 

Singapore with double size of bangalore and half population has better governance, why not we do it here. Population is never a reason.

our area, kacharakkana halli lake(look in maps - HBR layout 1st block) being occupied in name of religion(which SC recently said to stop, HC of Karnataka wanted lake areas) shown to our minister to stop, he made the ex-corporator defect to his party and work is going in full swing. 

Why we should fight such things? Why is there no accountability?



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Advocate (Advocate)     09 September 2009

I had read somewhere that "A Perfect Human Being is called GOD".  You seem to be living in a World that is Perfect and nothing should happen that is not perfect.

As far as Law is concerned I wish to state that it is one of the oldest profession and has come a long way since then and very interestingly has a long way to go. All your worries can only be answered in a single sentence that instead of citing problems let us try and find solutions to problems.

Adv.Aiyer VLV (Proprietor)     09 September 2009

 Yes. Sir. Exactly. but only if you agree that there is problem, identify it you can find solution to it. 

Advocate (Advocate)     09 September 2009

That's Great because you have agreed not to only share problems but to also come with a solution to it and that answers your concern 100%.

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Adv.Aiyer VLV (Proprietor)     09 September 2009

 I am sure anyone who says it is all right to have such glitches, will not say so, if he or his near and dear ones were the accused languishing in jail. Justice calls for CJI to release all prisoners who have served sentence beyond the maximum period of punishment. In fact, an option for the accused to do a plea bargain would reduce cases and make justice available to others waiting.

Also, our courts do list items more than it can handle in a day, probably in anticipation of cases not being ready. Instead if it gives only that many cases as a court can hear, witnesses will be willing to appear. Cases where people want to drag must be thrown out after 1 or 2 hearings of absence. according to me, certain vested interests must be making this a business as the advocates are paid per hearing and any case posted is to their benefit.

Supreme court prescribes a lawyer must have 10 years of practice. but that lawyers 10 years adds nothing to practice in SC. He may not handle anything of constitutional matter or become speacialised in supreme court rules. This rule makes old timers to squeeze clients and youngsters to be at the mercy of such renowned advocates.

Why not make SC available in each state and HC in each district HQ. Many do not fight the case as they can not pay the high fee and travel expenditure. We ensure that only rich can get justice, just the opposite of what constitution prescribes. 

Advocate (Advocate)     10 September 2009

Why get personal? Will it serve any purpose to know what troubles I have faced in life or for that pupose what troubles you have faced in your life. Problems like these can only be solved by emotionally detaching yourself from it and put your mind into it rather than your emotions. These are problems faced by our society on a whole and not you personally.

The suggestions put forth by you may at the end of the day turn out to be arbitrary. There has to consensus to the same.

Let me tell you one thing you are lucky to live in an era when you are not witnessing what our forefathers underwent and it is because of their sacrifices that you and me are communicating through this forum. Things have changed and will keep on changing.

Adv.Aiyer VLV (Proprietor)     11 September 2009


 There is nothing personal. Your remarks are being non-committal. You seem to agree there is problem. But you are saying be happy that you are better than your forefather. Laws (Life's) motto is not to communicate in this forum. Law itself came into being only to take our life to ideal situation. else, there was no need to punish some for any way life at any point is better than earlier period-materialistically. 

Usage of 'may turn arbitrary' also indicates being non committal.

As i said earlier, if there is a problem let us agree and let us find solution. Mahatma also could have been happy that he leads a better life than many. But change can be brought out only by evolving ourselves to higher goals





N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     12 September 2009

Dear VLV, thanks for posting those important foods for thoughts.

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Adinath@Avinash Patil (advocate)     25 October 2009


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Adv.Aiyer VLV (Proprietor)     25 October 2009


No doubt - laws are to be respected. But it is no crime or insult to discuss whether laws require reformation, in fact it would be injustice not to review any laws.

There are many archaic, anarchic laws which need thorough overhaul.


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