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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     01 April 2011

April Fool of Indian Husbands & ld. Courts 24 x 7 x 365

April Fool of Indian Husbands & Courts 24 x 7 x 365  

I Always wanted to write this from past so many years but was missing the date 1st April, due to some or the other work.

On 1st April one makes a prank on a victim mislead him and later he discovers that he is been made a bakra. Husbands and the Indian Courts are the biggest Victims of Pranks year on year. 7 years ago, it was tough to prove your point that 498a is misused widely, as every time husbands were told that it was an exception case of their suffering, otherwise in every other house the wife suffers. Now thanks to RTI, Hon’ble Supreme Courts’ intervention, Malimath committee report, media and NCRB data the real picture is out.


Only S. 498a with S. 406 (both IPC) is filed when wife is alive hence don’t mix it up with dowry death for arguing (especially Mr. Bhartiya no. 1 or whatever your current pseudo name is all about). Now, in the court rooms, if only 2% conviction rate is what S. 498a IPC over the years have given, that means that 98% of the times the 498a was not qualified due to irrelevant evidences hence Bharat Ratna DV was born. And well 80% of the times prima facie, the evidence were not found and the in-laws were released immediately after arrests due to un-qualifying and fraudulent charges. But with damage already done on the image of the god fearing husbands’ family. In other words they were already punned and ld. magistrates fooled along with the husbands’ family with a presentation of false cases. The only way out from the non compoundable cases was to succumb to the alimony and settlement blackmail from the bride. Come in picture super hero and super heroines as mediators gate crashing for next Padma awards!


It was always found out the case was very weak and a byproduct of ego and misunderstanding of a stubborn bahu and more of an output out of an agenda to teach a lesson to the Indian husband. But the police as a protocol or due to pressure from above or lets face it 99% of the times motivated by money reported a case to the ld. magistrate as a duty, on the false complain of a bride. This prank has its cascading effect. The bride with or without lawyers tells her false sob story to the police (1st level fooling), police by close probing the so called aggrieved bride suggested a auto pilot story in making a new evidence against the hubby (brainstorming in other words) to make a case (2nd level fooling). The case presented to the husbands family for arrests and then the same presented to the ld. magistrate for bailing out. Statistics show that out of every 100 cases, 98 cases suggest that they are motivated and intended for settlement and they meet that fate, in the process they breed false stats waste the hon’ble court’s time and fool the husbands and ld. judges by calling innocents as oppressors thus further add on stats and then use the same stats to further harass new families. Fooling Galore 24 x 7 x 365.... well someone rightly said this can only happen in apun ka Indya only………


After huge uproar of the victims, S. 498a is under a check and the suggestions are invited for improving it as recently as per initiative of Lordship Markandey Katju and now by LCI (na ji na not to be confused I expand it - Law Commission of India bhai merey), but a bigger fool of the ld. magistrate and ld. judges are being made these days directly without involving the police at 1st level and that new fooling source is for false Domestic Violence Cases and Monthly ALIMONY to the able bodied bahus.


Yes to get a Grab to the husbands property or the so called matrimonial home the DV cases are widely filed with lies and false evidences and Alimony……... well we know the truth as post 80’s born wives have made the biggest fools of the ld. courts by lying on oath that they are unemployed and depressed to work and when caught working they lie by saying that they are simply engaged in training at a company or shop for refreshing and come here just to time pass and have a chit chat during lunch hours……well, well my well in case of doubt check some of the previous LCI postings your antenna will get uni-directional tuned with mine for the first time now!


On the other hand there are guys who really lose their jobs due to stress of court cases etc. but the fooled ld. judges under sympathy make them pay through the nose. And they are labeled as liars and ld. judges shamelessly ask them to pay money (reverse dowry hai yeh toh) and brides ask for exorbitant amounts for maintenance. Successful Fooling or fooling the husband by pretending sleep. Enter some of the Lordship who say what…she is victim and you are asking for her prosecution under DP 3 com’n she needs ‘protection’ now go back to ld. trial Court to get decided your 24 x 7 x 365 FATE.


The winner is the feminist metro bride (let us elevate the level on 01st. April with coining a new name to ladali bahus now), who still would cry of the bad situation of Indian women (arey bhai aam aurat nahi naam suna hai kya), and how by paying her the 'alimony', injustice of past so many centuries would be undone. I get dizzy understanding this logic of metro bride. While there are brides too who suffer and they need protection on hand there are liars and fool makers in manifolds on the other hand.


The only way out is a neutral suo-motu misuse clause which will act as a deterrent in all cases which is highly missing, Constructive solutions where estranged bride is reminded of her duties also along with husband and if required she should be educated and made job ready so that her finances are secured and the fooling of ld. judiciary 24 x 7 x 365 would stop along with the exploitation, and national time and money waste would be stopped along with a better individual feel good quotient.


But 82% tax payer is made to feel guilty for his existence as a male and the false sobbing of the 'alimony brigade' on the other end would continue with more false examples and stats of suffering thus making a fool of the family of Indian Husbands and the Indian Courts and the public who only react to stats without questioning its authenticity.

Apun ki jindagi live with metro bride ke saath saath 24 x 7 x 365 jai ho mera Bharat mahan …………

Happily celebrating 01st. April Day

Yours truly forever…………


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I must say a very good writeup reminds me of Mr D. Arun Kumar he dont post any more articles on LCI now.

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     01 April 2011

Originally posted by :Mithilesh
I must say a very good writeup reminds me of Mr D. Arun Kumar he dont post any more articles on LCI now.


D. Arun Kumar chale gaye.Par apni chhaap chor gaye!


Dont worry Mithilesh sir.u can regard tajobs as the younger brother of D.Arun kumar.


:)  :D  :P      ;)



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@ Roshni- I liked the article posted by Tajs Jobs and have not complimented in any negative sense dont know if you mean or understood otherwise so you can take back ur thanks if you understood it the other way

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     02 April 2011

Mithilesh jee,


i very well know that u r appreciating tajobs.yes he has written a very gud article.


the joke was on something else which u have not leave it..

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Ambika (NA)     02 April 2011

A maths tution teacher charges for private tution of high school student Rs. 175 per hour. A skilled, educated, perceptive woman teaches perhaps 3 sunjects on a daily basis to their kids. Add to it supervision of a kid's homework. 

2. Dropping and picking up kids from school and other classes: 

3. Cooking healthy breakfast for the kids and family : 

4. Taking care of the family in case of sickness : 

5. House keeping cost 

6. A domestic worker without doing the above things takes Rs. 100 per day. I do not know about Delhi but accroding to the domestic worker unions now a maid part time for 3 hours a day takes 150 per day..a maid who is well mannered, and does clean work. 

I have counted only a few things,,,there are lot more thins which I have not---lot more. 

A teacher, a nurse, a cook or a superviser who supervises the cooking( if one hires a cook), a housekeeper. 

So one needs to find the market rate of a housekeeper, a teacher, a nurse, a superviser, a person who drops and picks up kids( some would not like to send their wards with drivers), and a person who over all supervises the intellectual, moral and physical health of children and others.

Now add to this the "Opportunity cost "--doing multiple tasking what the woman is losing in terms of her career and higher education which would have fetched a much higher income and given much more economic security. 

Since hard facts are given by the author, I have tried to give hard facts which are not soaked in emotions but all the same the work mentioned above is guided by emotions and concern....

Please do not mind spelling and copy edits mistakes, as I may not be able to correct them through the day. 

The list mentioned above is very limited in nature..please contribute to fill it in, whoever wishes to do so. 

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     02 April 2011

@ Ambika

You r/w Roshni and Meenal talk confused ways mixing irrelevant issues into one package as always.

1. My take is on those metro brides who are skilled in some level and who after marriage sit at home and when donot like husband and his side of family desert matrimonial home and now ask maint. in multiple platform instead of utilising their skills! They are biggest creator of welfare STATE draining the economy instead of doing productive work.

2. Now against this backdrop donot take pain in calculating more under various created heads as in your message, simply log onto above link and you will find all asked categories other than irrelevant - a person who drops and picks up kids
(some would not like to send their wards with drivers). I mean what is this funky logic you give now take my rebuttal on this logic – what about grandparents taking kids to school as they also donot like to drop / pickup by drivers so you are asking all grandparents retired or not to file maint. cases on their sons – you are damn suicidal economy crashing thinking person here I will say  

Now if you want to take all these head as mentioned in your post then do you think a metro husband is a fool that he will have to look after his deserted skilled wife till eternity kya ! What logic you confused feminists give and leave confusion yourself.

BTW, I have not spoken on your pet subject “opportunity cost” in this post. That I am leaving on my mood to showcause YOU one fine day. So have patience. I know exactly what you feminists wants to peddle as opportunity cost in booming economy like

And mind it in today's modern economics where 'energy crisis' is scarce as writ large in all developed nations economies there is no more 'welfare STATE' peddling going on among various developed nations think-tank. Recently two of the developed Nations opened up Men's Ministry and that itself shows that women being given largesse by STATE all these days are getting over. Finally there is no FREE LUNCH and someone has to foot the BILL. Once the resources dries up this free lunch = women’s welfare scheme also drys up.
India is vulnerable country to all failed western family breaking peddling of you all feminists and this shows very well in judicial activism of Lordships recent judgments.

Summing up wait, your opportunity cost funda even developed world is discarding. Look at two of the countries in BENLUX for role model on how welfare State is totally discarded there now and once EU adopts this model you people are gone for a toss for sure.

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s.vengatesan (student)     02 April 2011

tajobs, thanks for a such a wonderfull article. you have written it in detail, there is nothing to question you since these are true facts. here i want tell you, a fortnight ago a family from tamilnadu committed suicide (two sons who are in good job and their father&mother) in pune, leaving a note that the wife of the elder son wants to go alone with her husband which is not accepted by the family, so she had theartened them, that she will file a dowry case against them. the big question is whether our court will punish her for abetment for suicide? irrespective of gender law must be law for every body else. 

Ambika (NA)     03 April 2011

@ Tajobs India

True, it is in a wrong thread I have posted my reply to your post. And it is also true that there was a half hazard reading of your post on my part .. Therefore, my reply is out of context here. My apologies for the same. 

I endorse Hema's take  with regard to your thread about Minimum wages...and relating them to Metro Bride. 

@ others

It's not my personal story. It is how things would be dispassionately looked by affected women. Talking about monetary value of the time does not in anyway denigrate a woman's status as a mother and her love for her child/ren. These monetary values are talked about when suddenly women realise how divorce is used tin order o push women into relative poverty. Those  who have devoted their time as housewves and upbringing of the children realise they do not have level playing field with their fractured career graph. Noone talks about monetary value in a relationship where women do not feel used as much as husbands do not feel that they are doing favours to their woves or they are " maintaining wives" when it is a mutually respectful relationship where doemstic work is respected as much as the paid work in the public domain. 

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Ambika (NA)     03 April 2011


Please read half hazrad as haphazard in the first para of my above reply.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     04 April 2011

@ Ambika gurudevi ji

I prefer half hazard (sounds better) over haphazard ha ha BTW I appreciate your postings and it is other matter like you I too have certain reservations on some of your postings. But chalega devio......yeh hum sub ka democracy hai...............
It covers my missing of @ Renuka Gupata from the forum as she also used to write in next mail correction of her previous mail some words and phrases for better understanding to readers and that may be one of the reason I am not able to discuss "opportunity cost" which was one of our interesting debatted subject here. Hope she is well and all the veyr best to her in life.

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Ambika (NA)     04 April 2011

@ TajobsIndia

Liked your sense of humour over the word "Half hazard"...yeah! not so irrelavnt in the context of a reply out of haphazard reading!!!



"It covers my missing( :/)of @ Renuka Gupat a from the forum as she also used to write in next mail correction of her previous mail some words and phrases for better understanding to readers and that may be one of the reason I am not able to discuss "opportunity cost" which was one of our interesting debatted subject here. Hope she is well and all the veyr best to her in life."

Huumm!!!(Anyway hmmmmm means that someone is thinking):P  she is very well taji.



Where this post comes from? A maths tution teacher 

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Ambika (NA)     04 April 2011

@ Kushan ji

Oh no, I am not a maths tution teacher!  Maths was never my strength. But I do know the market rate of maths tution teachers  ( it may vary from  locality to locality)  through my friends whose children take maths tution ( not group, but individual at home). 

I am not even a teacher by profession.! 


Raj ( )     06 April 2011

Law and legal system should be designed to protect the victims, and law should be equal to all living or dead human beings irrespective of s*x, caste, creed, orientation, stature or location.

You cannot have law favor one over the other on any grounds other than who is the victim.

As a layman, I strongly believe that providing maintenance (by means of snatching it from a working person and giving it to a jobless) for entire life is absolutely wrong practice for either men (doesnt exist) or women (abused currently).  Instead, government should have family welfare mechanism through which such victims (men or women) are provided means to make a decent living rather than give maintenance (free food, clothing, movie tickets, bus tickets, train tickets).  Government should be empowering rather than disempowering.  A positive more progressive approach should be developed rather than a negative approach which is more prone to abuse.

I agree that there will be a period in the victims life when he/she may need support after the court ordeal and law can have provisions to provide support through maintenance for that period in time.  Maintenance, freebies or free support cannot be perpetual without time limit or conditions.  When it is perpetual, anyone tends to abuse it.

Ambika's assertion that there is a market rate for each role that the woman plays in a family life sounds absolutely ridiculous.  One cannot set value for the role that a women plays as mother, wife, friend, collegue or anything.  While she plays these roles, she most certainly displays qualities/skills of various professionals, but by attaching monitery value to each act one is trying to brand  "wife" as a profession and this is an absolute insult to all women.  

I remember seeing a moving in which the lawyer in a divorce case quotes a astronomical fee as compensation to the wife for her s*xual favor to her husband of 40 years, asking him to consider  the prevailing market rates for hiring a professional in that line.  Although, it was a comical scene in the movie,  I never expected to see it in real life.  Now I see some learned folks suggesting almost everything but this.

Jaago India Jaago....

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