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My brother and his wife are sadly heading down the path of divorce. It seems situation is getting worse everyday and sh*t is going to hit the fan. I am trying my best to diffuse the tension. I know I can't prevent inevitable but my attempts are to make things as amicable as possible. I would really like if they can avoid going to court and instead goto a mediator and get the matter mediated and come to a mutual agreement, instead of fighting tooth and nail. Rightnow emotions are running high on both ends and I am afraid that situation could get really ugly and they might just get distracted and might just try to ruin each others life.

I would like to know where can I find more information or mediator in Gujarat? I don't think now elderly family members can mediate the situation.

I live in the US and hence I do not have any other source of information in this regard.

Please please help.


Tell them both NOT to take help of anybody else including you or parents, relatives, friends, police,  etc etc(don't feel offended  but its a truth).



And request all others not to indulge into it. What traspires between husband and a wife always remains unspoken and it them both to resolve it. All other can only add 'pretol' in the fire.



This is the best thing that they should know themselves, if one doesn't want to pay heed to this imp thing, then both suffer....it's not a myth but truth.


IF they both decide to take help of a counsellor then only it works, any third person asking/trying for that.............. it causes either one or both to resist.

One can only suggest both simultaneously to seek help of a private councellor, and no interference of any third person there.


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For justice and dignity

i agree with jamai babu


if elders leave their sons and daughters all alone and tell them after marriage,"now u r married,solve all your problems yourself ",couples will become matured in solving problems themselves.


otherwise boys will always be mamma's boys and girls will always be daddy's girls.



Thanks for your words guys and I understand this very well and hence I am trying to find a third party/mediator who would be an unbiased person. I can not and I don't want to mediate myself. I am younger than both so my words are not going to weigh as much however, I think now I am the only one left who could at least bring them both on one table and let them work with a thrid party to resolve their conflict.

I feel for my nephew.

Please please do let me know if you are aware of any mediation services in Gujarat.




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