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And we say marital laws favor all women,including poor w....

Before closing my eyes, I want the culprits... brought to justice’

Despite being terminally ill, 33-year-old AIDS patient, who contracted HIV from her husband, fights for justice, after being thrown out of her husband’s house


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The plight of  33-year-old Shyamala (name changed to protect her identity) would move even the stone-hearted. Her tragedy began to unfold when she went for a routine medical check-up when she was three-months pregnant.

She received the first major  shock of her life when  the test report showed that she was HIV positive. Soon she came to know that she contracted the dreaded AIDS virus from her husband.

More was in store for her, as her husband, Mahendra, died after three years, and her husband’s family threw her out of the house. Now, she has filed a complaint against her deceased husband’s family for the torture and abuse, as evwen the police didn’t help her.

Shyamala had to run from pillar to post to lodge a First Information Report at  several police stations in Pune. She even approached the Police Commissioner’s office to file a case.  As she didn’t get any response from the police, she finally registered a private case in the court of Judicial Magistrate (First Class) through  her lawyer Supriya Kothari.

Apart from  her father-in-law Dinkar Yadav, her mother-in-law Muktabai, Shyamala has named in her  complaint, her  three brothers-in-law and their wives. 

Shyamala recalled her unenviable life. “I am from a very poor family. My distanct uncle Pandurang had introduced me to Mahendra and we married in 1998. After three months of marriage Mahendra was admitted to hospital where my in-laws informed me that he was suffering from tuberculosis.

In 1999, when I conceived a child I  went for a routine check-up. There I was shocked to hear that I was HIV positive. When I informed my husband, I came to know that  he was aware that he had contracted the AIDS virus before marriage. In this state, I could not even inform my parents as they are poor.”

She alleged in her application the her in-laws totured her by her cruel behaviour. “My husband,  my brother-in-law, who is a doctor, and my in-laws forced me to abort the child. Then in 2003, my Mahendra breathed his last. I too was getting weak day by day and my in-laws had warned me not to hold any kind of communication with my parents.

On January 22, 2006, I managed to get admitted in the hospital, from where I called my in-laws. But they turned their back and abused me. I had to mortgage my gold ornaments for treatment.

When I went back to them, they started harassing me and abusing me. When I demanded my jewellery and a house to stay they abused and kicked me out of the house.”

Shyamala added, “I know that I am going to die for sure, but before closing my eyes I want the culprits who ruined my life to be brought to justice. They didn’t even show any pity towards me. Instead, they asked me to go to the courts and fight for my rights.”

When Pune Mirror contacted Shekar Yadhav,  an accused  named in Shyamala’s application, he said,  “We have no role to play, if she is alleging and fabricating the case let the court decide.”  He refused to comment further.


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CommonMann (Software Professional)     13 September 2010

This is just a story created by Media and women called Shyamla. Every coin has 2 parts. There might be possibility that this women had extra marital affairs and she got AIDS from other person and then it got transferred to her actual husband and her husband died.  Women are very chalu type of creatures GOD created in this earth.  I like the statement of Shekhar Yadav at the end “We have no role to play, if she is alleging and fabricating the case let the court decide.”  Court will have to decide who is wrong and who is right.

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     13 September 2010

What a reply Hora Ji!  

There are a lot of beautiful names and adjectives gifted to women in this forum, one more, i.e., Chalu,  in women's kitty.  So how did you reach the conclusion that what this woman has said is false without verdict of the court?  And since so many times judgement of the courts have been questioned by some in this forum, describing them as  gender biased judgement, in this case, if the judgement remains in favour of this woman, it would be called a gender biased judgement. And if it remains in favour of man., then would not there be any question mark from the suffering woman, if she is still alive, or the ones--women and men both-- who are supporting her? 

One may not mind raising the question on the authenticity  of the news, but how does it make all women Chalu and that too Chalu as a God given quality ( if at all if the woman concerned has cooked up a story)? And why to drag God into our mundane affairs and embarrass him/her?  

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this woman must have v.strong reasons for trying so hard to register a case against her inlaws,even when she's can someone struggle so much when he's so ill and dying?it's simple common sense...


now she is she cant even bribe judges,police etc to "extort" money....and if people say she's trying to extort,her husband who's supposedly an ATM machine is already dead


moreover there's no "false" dowry harassment case which women are tarnished for filing


even assuming(repeat assuming) the opening story as 100% correct, it is hazardous to generalize from a single instance.


This is what this lady is doing in this forum for the last few months!

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     13 September 2010

While Jogeshwar ji has a point here, I would like to point out to cool that flasshing news items and connecting them with the larger issues has not been done by this lady alone...many men in the family  forum have  done it . So let us remain balanced when we comment on someone in a personal way. 

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     13 September 2010

@ Jogeshwar ji

Though while agreeing with you that one particular case should not lead to generalization, I would also like to point out that grassroots work on GBV and HIV/AIDS have pointed out that HIV/AIDS affected women face severe  stigma and discrimination and have  a higher rates of rejection from their  natal as well as  matrimonial homes and by the society at large than the stigma and its consequences faced by men in general. 


Thanks Renuka Ji. Appreciate your point!

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Democratic Indian (n/a)     13 September 2010

1) News trend does  reflect social conditions. Even though 1 instance may not be enough but cannot be blindly dismissed.

2) It is extremely difficult to get justice for everyone in this country. It is not just problem of  people of particular language, caste, color, religion, s*x etc. Examples: Bhopal gas victims, 1984 masacare victims, Gujrat masacare victims. Victims are dying of old age but no justice. Entire judicial system needs to be overhauled.

3) I am not saying that women do not play games or men do not play games. Laws should be balanced and justice delivery should be efficient and fair. It is a fact that quality of justice delivery has become pathetic with increase in load of cases in courts.

4) It is not sufficient to just write on this forum. I would request Aishwarya and Renuka Gupata to also contact National Commission for Women, other organisations and present the facts that are happening so that rational and just laws should evolve. Also contact your MPs, MLAs as an organisation and make tell them your problems. Politicians only understand the language of votes.

5) I strongly protest and denounce the sweeping, derogratory and obnoxious remarks like "Women are very chalu type of creatures". Agreed they may have some biased mind arising due to some bad experience with women but what these people are forgetting is when they are making sweeping remarks against all women, they are also including their mothers, sisters and daughters. They are also somebodies wives. These people should apologize unconditionally and desist from making such remarks without thinking.

From woman, man is born; within woman, man is conceived; to woman he is engaged and married.  Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come.  When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound.  So why call her bad? From her, kings are born.  From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all. Guru Nanak, Raag Aasaa Mehal 1, Page 4

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Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     13 September 2010

Well, in another thread I have seen Mr. Hora has again used the expression women vampires and this is just unacceptable. I have sent in the expression along with the thread to the admin. 

I wonder why people can't put forth their views without using such abusive language, and Democratic Indian you are right 

Take the premise

All women are chalu

See the logic 

All women are chalu

I  have my mother and sister

They are women

They are chalu

Here I am not even talking about wives!


Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     13 September 2010

Most of the women shy away from invoking law and most of the cases goes unreported, Also there financial dependence restricts them from approaching court. It is very tough for a woman to fight lengthy and harsh court battles.

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Democratic Indian (n/a)     14 September 2010

Ashutosh Jayaswal has mentioned a fact. 498A, DV, court baazi etc. is the last resort for most sensible women. I have seen undeducated, semi educated women been beaten, abused and terrorised violently by their husbands. These women are those who do not have "muscle power" of brothers and relatives to keep the errant husband in check and their parents are poor. This women cannot be ignored. Even educated women are also victims who do not have backing from their families.

498A is abused by some women who should not be using it, BUT is not being used by women for whom it has been created. This is the problem.

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I beg to differ from Ashutosh and Democratic Indian on the conditions of the women who approaches or do not approaches the court. If a wife has to file a false case under any section, she doesn't look for financial powers, her relatives, brothers, father etc. False 498A wives do not need any kind of support form anybody, they can fight on their own also.


I agree that it is NOT being used by the women for whom it was created. This is the real problem.

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