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Robo (AM)     21 February 2010

Alternate to Court Marriage

I am muslim boy intending to marry a hindu girl. We are based in NCR, above 21 years & financially independent. We planned to get married under Special Marriage Act but due to legal complications/docs/time, we have decided to get married according to muslim rituals. 

My query is whether the nikahnama issued by the qazi will be legally valid, same as the one issued by Arya Samaj Mandir. Second, is it necessary to get the marriage registered with the marriage officer....any other problem apart from applying for visa of certain countries. Thanks in advance.


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Suchitra. S (Advocate)     21 February 2010

Sir, I think the 'Nikanama' issued by qazi is valid marriage but you must get it registered as we do if it is an

Arya Samaj Marriage. After registration there should not be any problem in getting visa. Emabasssys of many countries are recognising Muslim marriage through Nikanama.

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Robo (AM)     21 February 2010

Thanks Suchitra from your promt response. If we need to get the surname changed for her, shall we put the new surname on the nikahnama. Also, can u guide us in getting it changed in the PAN,bank accounts,office after the marriage.

If it's a tedious process, do we need to hire a lawyer for registration & the surname change process.


Dear Robo,

I want o talk to u in person. U can call me at 9871158578. As per as the Mrg. Registration is concerned, u must need a lawyer for the same. 

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     21 February 2010

Why do you want to change her name after marriage? 

Sharmita Tagore/Pataudi

Nargis/Sunil Dutt

Gauri/Shah Rukh Khan

Suzanne/Hritik Roshan

Are they not modern day icons and brand ambassadors of India?

Of course marriage of Hema Malini to Dilavar Khan (Dharmendra) falls in a different category. 

Robo (AM)     21 February 2010

We have no plans for name change...only surname change.

We don't want to be icons, our priorities are clear, we want to register our marriage (in simplest way possible) & get her surname changed to reflect her married identity. No offences to anyone.

Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     22 February 2010

You can change your sirname even during Nikahnama.

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Anil Agrawal (Retired)     22 February 2010

The Supreme Court passed the landmark judgement recently that it would allow women to make a choice when it comes to their surname.

Locating and shall upload the judgement.

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Robo (AM)     23 February 2010

Thank you all for your valuable inputs. If I understand you correctly this is the correct procedure:

  1. Get a Nikahnama from Qazi.
  2. Get it registered (Not mandatory but it's beneficial)
  3. We can put my would be wife's after marriage surname in the  nikahnama. This can later be used as proof of surname change in various documents.

Please correct me if I am wrong somewhere.

Khaleel Ahmed (Legal Advisor)     29 March 2010

Dear Robo,

Why you want to purchase life long head ache?

There are  number of Muslim educated beautiful unlmarried  girls available  in muslim society.I further advise you such love marriages are not durable.

Suchitra. S (Advocate)     29 March 2010

Khallel Sir, with due respect, I would like to tell you that love knows no religion . And let us concentrate on giving legal advises only and help people who come to us with doubts. If love fails, then, be it any type of marriage, it is doubtfull to succeed.

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Suchitra. S (Advocate)     29 March 2010

Sorry for the spelling mistake in quoting your name, sir. pl excuse.

Khaleel Ahmed (Legal Advisor)     01 April 2010

Dear Suchitra,

I totally agree with you, about love knows no religion. But it is fact , lovers follow their own religion.In this quarryMr. Robo mentioned his religion as Muslim and his lovers religion as Hindu. Our some  senior experts always searching a  small cause  to target entire muslim community of the world.Suchitra some may call it as love jihad. It is our duty to guide such blind lovers in proper way.

Robo (AM)     01 April 2010

I completely agree with  your views. We have decided to change our decision & marry as per SMA wherein no one will have to convert. I will start a new thread to request for lawyers in delhi to soleminize this marriage. 

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