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sivani (engineer)     07 March 2011

Alright to beat wife

Times of India on 7 Mar 2011 brought out the following:


Indian men lead in s*xual violence, worst on gender equality: Study


According to the study 65% of men feel it's alright to beat women and infact feel that they should be beaten!!!  This is the reality and the same men outside the house seem very balanced and good!!! Well the study brings that out too..... Bravo Men Bravo...... You all deserve a standing ovation......... Happy Women's Day....... study*xual-violence-worst-on-gender-equality-Study/articleshow/7643154.cms



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Jamai Of Law (propra)     07 March 2011

With due sympathy to female gender, after reading the article I feel that article only misleads and erroneously projects and escalates, provokes the sentiments.


"more than 65% Indian men also believed that women should tolerate violence to keep the family together and that women sometimes deserved to be beaten."

In which context a male has expressed this outburst of feeling is not captured here...........................


Even 65% teachers would probably say that pupils may be spanked sometimes to contain the whole class's overall obedience and order, descipline. But the very percentage and word 'spanking' simpy manages to hijack the whole discussion to a contentious area and ignores the the real intent.


Vibhuti Patel, a women's rights activist, blamed the repression of s*xuality  in India for the high rate of s*xual violence. " 

repression is again a relative can't ignore 'distractions to mind which enflames the desires' ...there should be moderative, corrective and preventive and punitive measures, all combined together, if any one wants to achieve as less number of s*xual offenses as possible.


India has a very deep rooted culture (and it is continuously matured and progressed within framework and also gradually embraced new influences by picking the only relevant things from those) and but people due to western influence have got confused.



It is a big topic to debate on and endless.


Confluence of western culture and ancient indian culture should find a new way which takes the best of the both.


My greetings for Woman's empowerment day on tomorrow.

Ambika (NA)     08 March 2011

@Jamai of Law

it is never alright to beat anyone ( in this context, wife) into obedience even for preserving family harmony. A harmony based on violence is not called harmony at all. No context on earth can justify beating and battering of anyone by anyone. 

A teacher for that matter does not have right to beat a child into obedience. 

Obedience involved hierarchical relationships, so where is the use of word obediance in a relationship, any relationship, which require essentially mutual respect, rather than commands and obedience to those commands. 

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snow (xxxxxxxx)     08 March 2011

i totally agree with ambika, can one say that a man can hit his wife for the welfare of his family, and its very sad to see that there are people who support this.i feel we should think twice before hitting an animal to control it.when we feel we cant hit animals and when there are so many laws for animal rights and all, its very ironic to say that its ok to hit wife to control her.


God save the people who think this way.It only shows that they are mentally underprivilaged. 

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     08 March 2011

s*xual violence and beating woman by her man are two seperate thing.

author's wiseness is questionable.

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