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M. PIRAVI PERUMAL (Advocate & Consumer Rights)     07 January 2010


1 Where from the stamps/Stamp Papers can be purchased? The Non-Judicial Stamp papers can be purchased from the Licensed Stamp Vendors. 2. How the stamp papers are reached to the Public? The Stamp papers of lower denomination of Rs.10/- Rs.20/- are procured from Security Printing Press, Hyderabad and the Higher denomination of Rs.50/- to Rs.25,000/- are procured from India Security Press, Nashik, Maharashtra State. They are distributed to the 6 nodal districts and from there to Sub Treasuries and from Sub Treasuries to the Stamp Vendors, and From Stamp Vendors to the General Public. 3. Who is the authority to place indent to the above presses? Superintendent of Stamps, Chennai. is the authority to place the Indent to the above Presses. 4. Where from the Revenue Stamp can be purchased? The Revenue Stamps can be purchased from the Post-Offices. 5. For what value the Revenue Stamp should be affixed? For the value exceeds Rs.5,000/-, the Revenue Stamps need to be affixed. 6. What are the different denomination of Non-Judicial Stamp papers available? The different Denomination of Non Judicial stamps Stamp papers are from Rs.10, 20, 50,100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 15000, 20,000, 25,000. 7. What are the various categories of Stamp Papers available in this State? They are 13 Categories of Stamps papers which are as follows: 1. Non-Judicial Stamp Papers. 2. Court Fee Papers 3. Court Copy Papers. 4. Court Fee Label. 5. Share Transfer Stamps. 6. Insurance Stamps. 7. Spl.Adhesive Stamps. 8. Foreign Bills. 9. Hundi. 10. I.A.L.F. 11.Revenue Stamps. 12.Notary Stamps. 13.Brokers Note. 8. Whether the Stamp Papers can be purchased directly from the Sub-Treasury instead of from the Stamp Vendor? The Stamp Papers of the value of Rs.10,000/- and above can be purchased directly from the Sub-Treasuries. 9. Where from the refund for the unused Stamp papers can be had? The refund for the unused stamp papers can be had from the Taluk Office. As per the para 92(1)(i) under the Chapter VIII – Refunds and Renewals of the Tamil Nadu Stamp Manual, the Revenue Divisional Officers in the Mofussil and the Personal Assistant to the Collector of Madras in the Madras City, are the authority competent to allow refunds of the Stamps subject to the conditions laid down under (a) (b) (c) of Para 92(1)(i) of Chapter-VIII – Refunds and Renewals of the TNSM. 10. Whether there is any alternative in case of non-availability of Non Judicial stamp papers Special Adhesive Stamps can be used as alternative in case of non- availability of Non Judicial stamps. 11. Where from the Special Adhesive Stamps can be had? The Special Adhesive Stamps can be had from the following places in Chennai District 1. O/o. Assistant Superintendent of Stamps, Collectorate Campus, Chennai-1 2. Egmore-Nungambakkam Sub Treasury, 3. Perambur – Purasawalkam Sub Treasury, 4. Fort – Tondiarpet Sub Treasury 5. Mylapore – Triplicane Sub Treasury 6. Mambalam – Guindy Sub Treasury 7. All District/Sub Registrar`s Office The Special Adhesive Stamps can be had from the District Treasuries in all other Districts. 12. In what denominations the Special Adhesive Stamps are available? The Special Adhesive Stamps are available in the following denominations Rs. 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 13. Who are the frequent users of Special Adhesive Stamps ? Banks and Financial Institutions are the frequent users of Special Adhesive Stamps. The applications received from them in form of deed, skeleton forms, drafts on demand, bills of lading and the like are affixed or denotation by special adhesive stamps. No blank papers will be either pressed or denoted.

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Daksh (Student)     07 January 2010

Dear Piravi Perumal M,

Thanks for providing us such informative thread.

Best regards


N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     07 January 2010

Thank yo Piravi Perumal.M, for the query, which is also very informative. I am sorry for my ignorance, but could you kindly let me know the difference between: 1.Court fees papers 2.Court copy papers 3.Court fees labels 4.Spl.Adhesive stamp?.

Asha Pole (Legal)     07 January 2010

Thanks, this is quite informative.

A V Vishal (Advocate)     07 January 2010


This article may be useful for you.


N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     07 January 2010

Dear A.V.Vishal, thank you for the excellent informations. I really am thrilled with it. Once again thank you.

Samarjit Banerjee (Assistant Manager)     10 January 2010

To Mr. A.V.Vishal and N.K.Assumi,

With due respect i want to know that after made the agreement in the Rs.10 and Rs. 100 Non-Juditial stamp paper will that be valid or not. But the date i have made the agreement with the purchaser on that date i only didn.t taken the registry from whom i have purchased the plot of Land and after that one purchaser gave me Rs.500 and made an agreement in the Rs. 10 and Rs.100 Non- Juditial stamppaper will that be valid in the court of Law in West bengal please let me know because i am confused and the person means the purchaser whohave done this thing with me can i take any action against him. Please sir i am requesting both of you please help me out.

Thanking you sir

                                                                                                             yours faithfully

                                                                                                    samarjit banerjee


sourabh goyal (vidisha)     10 January 2010

i want to study a case of 1953 madhya bharat .how could i get it/

Pramod Kumar Dubey (Advocate)     10 January 2010

I agree with your advice relating to use of stamp paper

Siva (Consultant)     30 August 2010



We aware that Special Adhesive Stamps can be used as alternative in case of non- availability of Non-Judicial stamps. Also, known that most of the Financial intuitions / Banks make use these spl adhesive stamps. However, can anyone let me know the detailed procedure to buy the spl adhesive stamps?


Pls advise to the below questionnaires in more detail.  


1)      Can any individual person approach the District Treasury / Sub-Treasury directly and get the same? Or else, only Financial Intuitions / Banks / Companies/ NRI’s should approach and get it? And, who are the most frequent users of these kinds of stamps?


2)      I heard that some applications to be filled by the Financial intuitions / Banks / Companies in the form of deed, skeleton forms, drafts on demand or bills of lading. Is it so…?! If so, what would be the format?


3)      If anyone buys the Spl Adhesive Stamps and which they have not been used the same for a period of 6 months, are they eligible to claim any refund / reimbursement? If so, what is the timeframe to claim refund? Suppose, if we purchased the Spl Adhesive Stamps and have not been used for a period of 6 months, can we claim refund after a year or two? Else, we need to claim within 6 months?


4)      Who is the authority whether RDO / District Collector / Sub-Registrar to approach to claim refund?


5)      Assume that a borrower approaches a Financial Institution to avail a business loan by mortgaging his properties. And, the Lender (Financial Institution) is not interested to mortgage the said property instead he asked the borrower to issue a Demand Draft in favor of his Financial Institution name and said that he would get the Special Adhesive Stamps by explaining some of the pro’s & con’s. Also, he added that only Financial Institutions/Banks are authorized to avail the same but not by any individual / borrower. If doing so, are there any chances for the fraudulent by the Lender / Financial Institution, here? And, how to make this financial transaction safer and secured? Can we draft any legal document / agreement here?


6)      Else, Can the borrower himself go and get the Spl Adhesive Stamps in favor of his company’s name, directly? Usually, if any borrower mortgaging his properties to anyone / financial institutions and avails loan, only the borrower has to bare the registration cost and normally, the borrower would get the Non-Judicial stamps according to the Stamp Duty and register it. And, this is the normal procedure, isn’t it…?! But, don’t know why the Lender asks for DD in favor of his company’s name instead of Borrower’s company name.


7)      And, what are the current Stamp Duty / Registration Fee in Tamil Nadu? Is it 4% or 2%? Is this Fee applicable irrespective of ALL Stamp papers (i.e.) the reg. fee of Non-Judicial Stamps and the reg. fee of Spl Adhesive Stamps are the same?


8)      What would be the proof while purchasing these Spl Adhesive Stamps? Whether any Chelan’s / receipts will be issued or they written the Buyer’s Name anywhere in the Stamps? If the Spl Adhesive Stamps bought by the borrower can be claimed for refund by the lender and vice versa (i.e.) by opposite parties? Else, only the parties who availed these Spl Adhesive Stamps are eligible to avail the refunds?  And, what’s the timeframe, again?



Kindly advise. Thanks in advance!

vaidya Manish Joshi (proprietor)     09 August 2013

Hello, Thanx for nice information...

I want to know , can i purchase 100/- rs. stamp paper from other city to be used in my home town ?

As there is shortage of stamp papers in my city. I want to purchase this stamp paper for Sale Deed of my purchased flat.

surjit singh (Assistant)     09 August 2013

When the transaction relates to a particular state you have to purchase the stamp of tht particular state only.  You may be knowing tht now a days the name of the state is also printed on the stamp paper. Stamp paper printed Uttar Pradesh can be used in the whole of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The basis idea of the governent is that particular states should get the revenue collected out of the sale of stamp paper used in that particular state.

vaidya Manish Joshi (proprietor)     09 August 2013

Thank You...

But If I Am in Maharashtra state....And Residing in Nashik. SO can I purchase stamp paper from Pune City (from Maharashtra State) And Use it in Nashik for sale deed ?

surjit singh (Assistant)     09 August 2013

Nashik is in Maharashtra so you can use it. Now a days the name of the state is mentined on the Stamp paper not the city. Stamp purchased marked as Maharashtra can be used any where within the state.

vaidya Manish Joshi (proprietor)     09 August 2013

Thank You Surjit Sir

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