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This query posted by one KNK in legal forum is reproduced here for necessary advise of forum members.
Under RTI Act Section 7(1), i applied to Police Krishna District Andhra Pradesh to get the information about the investigation details, But they didnt responded, After 10 days i again applied for 1st Appeal and no response. Then after a week, i applied Second Appeal thru https://rti.india.gov.in/ Website and waiting for the response. i heard it may take some months time to come for hearing. How can I get the investigation details immediately since its the issue of life and liberty.

Can i approach the Andhra Pradesh CIC even after filing thru the RTI.india.gov.in website?

Can i approach court to get the details, if so how?
The applicant has followed the wrong procedure.

1. RTI application and wait 30 days
2. If no reply, then file first appeal within 30 days (after waiting for 30 days in item no. 1 above).
3. First Appellate Authority has 45 days to decide order.
4. Wait for 45 days and if no order from First Appellate Authority, he has to file second appeal within 90 days (after the 45 days wait).

From your post it appears that the applicant has not waited for the prescribed periods

The other mistake is that AP Police is a PA under the State of AP - and not the Centre.
Second Appeal will lie with the APSIC in Hyderabad and not the CIC in New Delhi.
The website https://rti.india.gov.in/ is ONLY meant for lodging second appeals and complaints with CIC.
The applicant has incorrectly filed the second appeal.


If the time process has been followed correctly, the applicant can wait till the matter comes up in the CIC and they realise the mistake and send the second appeal to the State Information Commission. That will take about a year and then another 18 months in the APSIC - total about 2.5 years.


If there is urgency to get the information, then it is better to start the whole process once again by filing a new RTI application.
The application has to be as per the RTI Rules and Fees for AP, as available in the Guide section: https://www.rtiindia.org/guide/index.php