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Action against characterless sweeper in govt. school

I refer to Govt. Girls Seconardy schooll no.2,Ambedkar Nagar,Sector-5,New Delhi-110062

There is a sweeper whoose name is Maya.she is middle age.exact age not knowne.


she is very very foul mouth,used very filthy ,dirty language for all female students,school staff and teachers also.for egzample:in recent fighte with a 62 year old teacher,she shouted and threatened her  "i will meet yuo on road,make you naked and beat you up.


she tries to extort money from students,teachers and others using some excuse or other.if any student complains on her,she threatens her "i will kill you".

despite these incidences,she continues in service as she is permanenet employee.


she doesnt clean rooms also and avoids work.all she cares is money.if someone says anything to her,she abuses him in very dirty words...


what action can be taken so thaty she can be removed from service?


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Kirti Kar Tripathi (lawyer)     10 March 2012

Collect complaints and other evidences and take disciplinary actions in accordence with services rules. 


pleese do not ask school employees and kids to give written complain over her.they are so afraid that they wil not complain.


suggest some other way.

Kirti Kar Tripathi (lawyer)     10 March 2012

If you want to take action, you have to act in accordence with her service condition and I am sure that in her service condition, you have to ask explaination after proper chargeshee and followed by departmental enquiry, If you do not have any material, you can not  proceed against her. 


pleeze sugest a good way so that someone from education dept. gets news of her character somehow and takes action on her



thank you to reply.

people of this chool are darpoks.they will not complain.they are too tolerant and carry on with her nuisense..

but there is a limit to bearing all this.all kids here complian that she gives very very bad galalis,which cannot be written here.even they learn such abuses from her and give to each other.

therefore the school discipline of students is also very very bad.but no action will be taken by principal here. because of tolerance.


i am sure that one day if someboddy from educatytion dept.. visits the schoola nd takes her feedback from the children,each child will reveal her real character,will tell how dirty her abuses are,and that she never clean classrooms. all these statements will be be genuine proof of her character,because children never lie.

the school staff is hopless and we canot expect it to say anything against her.

is there any way to get a powerful person from edu. departtmentt make a surprise visit to this school in order to get all the above feedback from students?

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     12 March 2012

Being permanent employee is no ground for not taking disciplinary action. Many permanent employees loose jobs.


If the school staff is volunteer to bear her behaviour nothing can be done. 


Mere news of hight authroities cannot do anything. They need evidence. They cannot be expected to take action against opppressed class employee without evidence.


What value you adduce to the children revealing the story to higher ofifcer.  Fopr punishing her there as to be a chargesheet and propert inquiry where she has a right to get the etinesses  cross-examined by a Govt servant of he choice.


By the way what does the Principal say.

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