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Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     09 June 2010

a thought about judiciary

please check the following link....




i found it to be a good thought....what is your opinion?


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S.Sabarinadh (Student)     09 June 2010

Sir i found the same article and i could easily conclude a mere personal opinion with an underlying hidden agenda regarding politics or whatever........................

Entirely i could ensure that ever after the end of Indira Gandhi era judiciary has gained a maximum relevance and is the only path for justice for the common man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ari17 (student)     11 June 2010

The judiciary has been kept out of the reach of the executive and the legislature, for the sole reason that justice be delivered. But, what is happening is that judges are trying to take cases out of courts and more and more tribunals are coming up these days.

It is the duty of the judiciary to see to it that the socialistic ideals are upheld. The current state of affairs are highly demoralizing and sad.


Yeah Justice Suesh is fully correct. Judiciary is in a jam. We need to re-introduce Jury System in India.

ravi shankar sharma (advocate)     04 July 2011

dear sir,

at the outset, thanks for this post.

opinion given is entirely appealing to me and it compelled us to think this way also.

now the time has come to strengthen our judiciary system by promoting the persons who truly cares & adheres to the preamble of our constitution.


R S Sharma

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Shailendra Mishra (Legal Consultant)     03 January 2012

I gone through the article of Honarable Rt. Judge Hosbet Suresh AND find it worthy for the public interest AND its socialism. However certain things are not feasible that the AFSPA to remove from the insurgent areas. Under Art. 355 of the constitution it is a duty of the Central Government to protect the states from internal disturbance. I think it is OK to put into effect till the time everything normalize.

Honarable Rt. Judge Hosbet Suresh is moreover told about the problem of governance and not Judiciary. At the same time i have a serious doubt on the independence of Judiciary. YES, it should be independent however the respective rulling party use this machinary for their own use.

Providing food, shelter to the poor is a duty of the state (see the Directive Principles);  Judiciary can only istructs to the Government for the executions of order, AND I believe there were numerous order given on food and shelter which is not  fully and effectively complianed by the respective Government.


We should look for the better Goverment's Duty Enforcement Agency; which can check the gross root level corruptions.





In all humility and respect to our LORDSHEEPS I would rather put entire blame for almost being a failed state ( more than 77 % merely survives and that's official)to our LORDSHEEPS. The bureaucrats , the so called STEELFRAME has long been converted to STEALFRAME. Politicians , our elected representatives have earned the wrath of all and sundry for all wrong reasons.But both IAS.COM & the Politician.In are not empowered the way we have empowered our LORDSHEEPS. Power vested on them by default is enormous and heavily inclined to the HAVES and not the HAVE NOTs.

In this scenario it is most unfortunate that OUR LORDSHEEPS are now trying to graze on the PARLIMENT's turf uninvited.They fail the nation routinely by letting HIGH & MIGHTIES on the most bizare grounds or putting the blame on the CBI or the prosecuting authorities for failing to prove the case with evidence. They play the adage again & again that LAW is an ASS, law is blind , YOURLORDSHEEPS are blindfolded and bound by the constitution.

And those LORDSHEEPS on the other hand become proactive and cross limits by issuing orders beyond their scope.And those same set of LORDSHEEPS get emotional and allot plots to Ram Lalla Birajaman.

In gist those LORDSHEEPS vested with the power of the earstwhile LORDS , Kings & Nawabs have started behaving like those Jagirdars helping this country to become a BANANA REPUBLIC.

And with all respect to the learned judges, lawyers, advocates , Jurists and constitutional experts my appeal will be to re-introduce JURY SYSTEM where numbers only numbers will prevail.

That's all about a good democracy. Merit, Talent , intelligence, brilliancy blah blah blah can take the back seat for a couple of years from now.

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