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Today a lesson from practical life is from 2006 edition Book of Bharat Ratna DV Act, legal terrorism unleashed book of 1978 edition verse Section 498a IPC and if these two Kalayuga mega epics are not enough to ladies and her side of families then multiple verses from four major maintenance Laws are simultaneously legally raped on Indian husbands so in all our Ramayana is no more practical for "practical ladies" of Kalayuga where gneder biased feminists are hell bend distroying Indian Families hence it is nice to place such thoughts in Others Forum of LCI instead of Family Law forum where your nice thoughts have much useful purpose.

Rest choice of reminding us and in which forum our great heritage of epics is all yours.



In the above story .... see the words .....................

Manthara said, ‘Oh! My dumb Mistress!   Don’t you realize that if Rama becomes the king, even Kausalya’s servants will disrespect you?  You will be trampled once Rama is crowned.  Bharata will be doomed!’


Kaikayi was a power centre and Manthara might have taken undue advantage of her position and must have even disrespected other queens, in the past and to which Dashratha as well as Kaikali would have ignored it?



So even those days, there was a tendancy of the subordinates to misuse position of their 'influential superiors in the organisation. 




The story also tells 'People tend to be nice as long as they are the power centres and show broadness of mind but with a pre-condition that they should continue to be influential powercentres. .



Kousalya wasn't in the race to be influential as Kaikeki. But fell short to safeguard her interests, if she had at all as personal interest and preference towards Rama as her son.





Kaikayi was enjoying the power and had no problems bestowing love on other kids as well, but it was as long as she remained as the power centre and she was the power centre because dasharatha was tolerating her.





Does anyone know whether Dasharatha gave also promises to Kousalya also or NOT? There may be some untold story as well in the epic tale.



Most certainly Dashratha might have given promises blindly to rest two wives also !!!

(Evidence as to character 'of giving promises inexcitement' blindly, Should we not ponder over this possibility?)



Probably Kousalya may not have exercised those promises to square off the promises given to Kaikayi!!!






The ONLY BIG Lesson here is that!!!!


Never .. Ever ... give any blind promises to wife !!! 



Its better to Appoint a lawyer!!! and put all if and else conditions in it. and also put a small type faced note that 'Subject to final discretion of promissor'!!!!



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Fighting Frivolous 498A case

@Jamai of Law,

Great thoughts...


I like the last sentence ...'Subject to final discretion of promissor'!!!!





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