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A girl exposes her inlaws demanding dowry before marriage

This 4 month old news is worth reading,for it teaches women that they should stand up against dowry demands much before getting married


Mumbai girl exposes dowry seekers, shoots them demanding

A prospective bride, agitated by a sudden increase in demand for dowry, conducted a sting operation on her would be in-laws leading to their arrest in Mumbai recently.
The girl was supposed to get married to Nikhilesh Pathak, an engineer by profession, on June 19. All the pre-marriage ceremonies, including tilak, had been performed when the Pathaks demanded an expensive car.
The girl's family pleaded that all arrangements had been made. But Nikhilesh's family, who lived in Mumbai's Mulund area, refused to budge. The girl and her family then decided to expose them.
As seen in the tape, the boy's father says that his family wanted a car and nothing else. The other side pleads and promises to give furniture. But the boy's father stands by his demand: "We want a car at any cost."
When the girl's family protested saying that car was never on the dowry list, boy's father Suresh Pathak asked them: "Why are you lying?" He claimed that the demand for car was made through the family priest. The girl's father confronted the priest who was witnessing the drama.
The girl's family claimed they had already given over Rs 2 lakh to Nikhilesh's family. After conducting the sting, the girl's family approached the nearest police station. The police saw the nearly three-hour footage and swung into action. They arrested Nikhilesh and his father, who were actively engaged in negotiating with the girl's family.
The girl later told Headlines Today, "Their demands were increasing with every passing day. We had already told them about the position of our family. First they demanded a makeover of their entire house and then they started demanding a car. So I along with my family conducted a sting operation on them."
"I was afraid of the society. What would people say? I was afraid of the consequences. But if I would not have taken this step, this fear would have destroyed my family and me. Finally I decided to expose them," she added.

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     24 September 2010

A take: For some memory travels only upto 4 months !

Here are compilation takes for refreshing 'foot in mouth" syndrome of status quo called memories:

May 2003, the National Commission for Women (NCW) felicitated one Ms. Nisha Sharma for canceling her own wedding, standing up against the evil of dowry and sending out a “loud and clear message to dowry seekers”, and Ms. Sharma became a role model for all women, overnight.  The truth, that her wedding was not cancelled due to additional demands for dowry, but because of Ms. Sharma’s pending issues with a former boyfriend, was quietly pushed under the carpet by the NCW.

In the same vein, in July 2007, a woman called Pooja Chauhan made false accusations of dowry harassment against her husband and mother-in-law, and paraded the streets of Rajkot semi-nude as a symbol of protest. The NCW was very prompt in reacting to the incident, ensured the arrest of the husband, mother-in-law, and neighbors too, for allegedly committing domestic violence against Ms. Chauhan. It did not take too long for the truth to come out and for the NCW spokesperson to put her foot in her mouth, and quickly cover up their faux pas.

In February 2009, NCW showed its characteristic promptness in ordering a probe into the “Mangalore pub incident” when a number of girls were allegedly molested by some goons in the middle of the night. The NCW and other women’s rights champions had a field-day harping about increasing atrocities on women.  When the investigation report filed by Karnataka Women’s Commission Chairperson, Nirmala Venkatesh, revealed certain inconvenient truths, the NCW found itself in the same usual “foot-in-its-mouth-situation”. This time the NCW rejected Ms. Venkatesh’s report, and fired her to save its own face.

5 October 2009, an airhostess approached the NCW with allegations of assault and molestation on a pilot and co-pilot of a plane on which she was a crew member. While counter allegations and witness statements quickly revealed that the story of the airhostess may just be another story like those mentioned above, the NCW habitually jumped into action, and instituted a panel for investigation into the issue, in less than 2.5 days after the incident. The two pilots have been fired even before the investigation could begin. Knowing NCW’s track record of rendering justice in such situations, does one have to really guess the outcome of this episode?

Never mind! The NCW is just doing its job of looking after protection and empowerment of women in a male-dominated society. After all, it should be okay to penalize a few innocent men to protect thousands of vulnerable women, right?

Oh! Wait a minute! Don’t jump to conclusions so soon!

Beginning year 2005, several elderly women, falsely accused under IPC Section 498A (for the only crime of mothering sons and getting the sons married) approached the NCW, seeking justice. These women have long heart-rending accounts of how they are being harassed by their daughters-in-law. The NCW’s short, yet prompt and candid response to these mothers was, “Your matter does not fall under the mandate of the Commission”.

Similarly, in June 2009, a 45 year old woman who was arrested on charges of dowry harassment was allegedly gang-raped in police custody, in
Bhopal. The news, which was reported in leading newspapers, went completely unnoticed by the NCW. No panel, no probe, even 2.5 months after the incident. Surprised? No need to be. This is simply one more matter that does not fall under the mandate of NCW.

Indian women need to be very clear about their expectations from the NCW, when the NCW is so clear about its mandate. You should know by now that the NCW is literally working overtime for the cause of disgruntled, adulterous, parasitic and criminal-minded wives, girlfriends and female workers. How many more matters would you expect the NCW to include in its mandate?

Why are so many of you women surprised about NCW’s modi operandi by being their mouth piece? Beats me!

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AEJAZ AHMED (Legal Consultant/Lawyer)     24 September 2010

Hang dowry seekers: Ex-judge

Justice V R Krishna Iyer, former judge of the Supreme Court on Tuesday said, “The Indian Dowry Prevention Act is still inadequate. Not a single person has been sentenced to death for dowry harassment till date.”

First Published : 29 Jul 2009 04:27:00 AM IST
Last Updated : 29 Jul 2009 09:33:35 AM IST

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no one can be hanged for dowry seeking there is no such law in ipc. if any judge thinks so for dowry harassemant he does cnot know law and needs to be hanged.

regarding dowry deaths: if there are proofs beyond any doubt such people shud be definitely hanged on main road of city so that no one dares do it again.

and also

if there is a false 498a or 304b filed, then other party should be given same punishment which they demanded for the falsely accused.

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     24 September 2010

Originally posted by :Dabang Lady
AS CWG2010 - COMMON WxxxxS GAMES 2010

Hey, member, no honorifics here in such extremities. This is a public platform, messages are read by some 83K members from different wlaks of life and two people may hate to agree to disagree each others views but no one may go to such explicit levels of name calling is requested to all readers.

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tortured_aathma (none)     24 September 2010

aishwarya ji, truth behind all this stories is known only to god.


ha ha ha ha ha ha full form for CWG was not invented by dabang but is the parliamentary language used by our honorable cabinet minister in parliament while commenting about CWG

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Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     24 September 2010

This language is not parliamentary language but language spoken in the parliament. So one should understand  difference between parliamentary language and the one actually spoken there. If a priest abuses men/women with horrific expressions, that language would not be called religious language or priestly language. 

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     24 September 2010

Without dowry rarely any marriage is taking place (or being solemnized), and this tradition is going on unchecked, uninterrupted. The dowry seekers very rarely get exposed, and are negligible and can be counted on fingers. Every law and its' machiney has failed to check this dowry tradition.Unless society botcott this or puts check, this is not going to die easily


I really wonder.  Whether the journalist properly quoted Justice Krishna Iyer?

Justice Krishna Iyer is a legend in indian legal history.  he  can never say those words.  We demand his full speech to understand that actually what he said.

He is not comparable.  Before him, most of the judges are pigmies.

Do not spit on justice Krishna Iyer.  It is just spitting on shining Sun. 

Whether any one accepts his judgements or not, but every one in indian judiciary without exception accept that he is the real lord of indian judiciary.  The advocates who are serious about their profession, the law students and advocates, who aspire to be remarkable judges would never miss his judgements and they read them and re-read them by heart and cram them.  His judgements turn the dumb advocate into articulate advocate and there is no turning back for him in his career.  Either the judgment is on property law, succession cases, criminal cases (most famous S.167 Cr.P.C. judgement of compulsory statutory bail), imprisonment in civil execution proceedings,  fixing the bail amounts, contract labour cases or on any topic under the Sun, his every judgement became landmark  judgement.  His judgments are special flavour for the students of English literature as they are full of prose and poetry.  I feel proud that I am a contemporary human being and I met him in flesh and blood.

I feel pity and not angry against those people who used such unworthy comments against such colllosal figure of indian law. 

Mahesh (Owner)     04 October 2010

Dear Friends:

I have a question here which I want to post to gain knowledge.

In the tape, the girl's family also admits that they gave 2 lakh rupees in dowry already.

I am not sure if giving dowry is also a crime and if so, why police did not book girl's family also into custody?

Looks like Indian Police are very biased and have very narrow approach. Evenif the story is true, I would like to observer that the police acted in a very biased mode and the inspector involved in this case must be asked why he only arrested boy's family and not the girl's family.



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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     05 October 2010

mr mahesh you touched the real point in a very sobber manner.

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     05 October 2010

mr aejaz ahmed,

Justice V R Krishna Iyer

a very balanced personality in judiciary. he can not say such things.

perhaps this news created and spreaded by a non legal professional, because, highest punishment awarded in dowery act is not capital punishment. therefore question of awarding capital punishment does not arise in dowry cases.

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CommonMann (Software Professional)     05 October 2010

I total agree with DABANGG LADY...Hang those person who files false cases....

Mahesh (Owner)     05 October 2010

If such a law comes into force that allows hanging the person(s) who files false cases then so many false 498a wives will get into trouble. I am not sure CWG would ever allow such law hamper its business.

I think there is one quote by great Galib on such:

"Humko malum hain jannat ki hakikat lekin...... Dil ko behkaneke liye ye khayal achcha hai!"

(Meaning: I know the reality of the heavens but imagination of such is interesting.)

Also, Mr. Ashutosh, this is not your quote but Mirza Galib's so please don't take credit for it.

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