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A CIBIL like Data base of CONVICTS can help society a lot !

Banks keep a collective data of their customers through CIBIL(Credit Information Bureau ).This helps banks a lot in dealing with the customers.Similarly Our Govt. should keep a centralised data of the persons who are convicted in some matter.This data should be publized also.So that before dealind with someone people may check that data and decide how to deal with customers/borrowers/tenants etc.

What you suggest ?


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The way data is provided by certain banks are wholly un-ethical and against the RBI norms/specific CIBIL norms . CIBIL does not even check with the customoer or give a fair opportunity to him before publishing the information as provided by such unscrupulous banks. The government already has data banks of hard core criminals and keep dispalying/publishing in their websites. please check police department's website.


V.Vasudevan Ji,You are right about CIBIL 100%.If customers are defaulters ,these private banks are also behaving like dacoits.

And you are also right about police data.

But what I intending was something different---.Like data of the tenants who were not paying the rent, or who tried to possess the properties of the owners and ultimately lost their cases.Or the people who issued the cheques and lost their cases or ultimately compromised in the court,or after coming to the courts.A data of such people may help our society a lot.

R.Ranganathan (Advocate)     18 August 2010

I disagree with both of you. I don't understand why after the reply by Mr. Vasudevan you have changed your stand. It is always better to know your opponents and customers/clients before you start dealing with them. So there is nothing wrong in publishing the defaultors names. Some affected persons will always grumble, So no need of blaming the whole system itself. It is intended to help the public at large.

madhu mittal (director)     05 September 2010

I agree with ranganathan. There should be data base so that every person of India can know about any person before dealing with him whether a person has ever been convicted in any case and if afterwards any compromise etc all happened due to that his conviction is set aside, that shuld be mentioned. But his name should not be deleted from the data base of once convicted person and yes if a person is aquitted by higher court, his name may be deleted. This will be also fruitfull for courts also while sentencing a person after conviction in knowing whether he made an offence first time or habitual offender. As in courts, most of the time ,many persons were  convicted many times in specially in cases u/s 138 Negotiable Instrumets Act, but afterwards in every case that convicted person asks court to be lenient in sentence as it is his first offence, and there being no record of previous conviction on the file of that particular case, due to lack of data to complainant about his previous conviction, court accepts his plea of first conviction and impose very less sentence in terms of fine or imprisonment. If there is a data base complainant can get information from there, and it can be apprised to courts, so that court is not lenient and habitual offender ruining our economy suitably punished.


Mr Ranganathan, U are mistaken here,I have not changed my stand here at all,I have suggested here to Govt. to keep a Data as the CIBIL keeps and cater to the banks and customers also on demand.

I have nowhere contradicted my original stand or left my original stand.

In my second post, I have pointed out discrepancies of CIBIL,the data given to CIBIL is by banks only,CIBIL just record that data,banks are behaving like private money lenders,if the customers get defaulters,that is many times because of banks' own faults,but this thing will never be reported to CIBIL,hence CIBIL 's data can not be relied upon.

I,named CIBIL just to give an idea that how the data of litigants could be kept by Govt.,but it does not mean that Govt. should behave 100% like CIBIL,an example is just an example,my dear friend,examples are meant just to give an idea of the main issue,never expect them to be 100% in accordance with the main issue for which the example has been given.

Never catch the finger pointing towards moon,just watch the moon,my dear friend.


And U yourself has not pointed out any thing new what was not suggested by myself already,yet U showed Ur disagreement with me,I wonder.


Madhu Ji,U and Rangnathan,have not suggested anything which is not in accordance with my original post,but instead of  mentioning my name,U both hijacked my credit,who initiated this thread and given this idea.Please go through the post and correct me ,if I am wrong.

madhu mittal (director)     07 September 2010

Tushar ji, I do not want to hijack your credit, in stead I only add some more reasons to have data base of these type persons. I also appreciate the contribution you are providing through this forum.

R.Ranganathan (Advocate)     07 September 2010

Mr. Tushar, Like what you referred in your profile about red chillies, you are hot and seems to be affected. But anyway sorry for anything that had happened. I am not after credits. Already I have enough of it at this age of mine. I am now 58. I have given my opinion about CIBIL and that is it. Nothing more than that.

madhu mittal (director)     27 December 2010

Please let me know if anything new happens regarading data base of persons convicted by Court, even if I am unable to locate the Probationay officer office in Jaipur, and the many convicted persons are getting benefit of probation offender act, by telling that it is their first offence specially in section 138 of N I Act, because being a private complainant, the information of his conviction is put with the file of decision. Let me know whether there is any law under which the record of conviction can be sent to the police station where convicted person resides or work and  if sent whether the police station is duty bound to keep record of this type of convicted person on private complainant.

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