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Ashimta Lekhi Malhotra (Independent Lawyer)     10 November 2013

A call to all lawyers..please protect your self respect.

My respected colleagues-at-bar,

I was mortified yesterday to notice a respected colleague of mine on this website being denigrated for having told a querist that it is improper to tell a lawyer that the fees shall not be paid to him until and unless he produces the desired result in the case. Defamation proceedings should be brought against those querists who insult a lawyer in this manner.

I have time and again requested my respected colleagues on this site and restate that a legal query posted here shall not be answered before ascertaining that the financial condition of the querist does not allow him to pay the consultancy fees of a lawyer. Surprisingly there were no takers for my suggestion as it was shot down on the pretext that there is a social duty to be performed by the lawyers.  While scrambling to perform this social duty the self respect of many has been compromised here. The list is only going to grow if the querists are pampered by rendering free legal advice. A litigant who can afford the fees of a lawyer shall be unhesitatingly told to meet a lawyer in chamber and pay his fees to consilt him on the legal conundrum he is faced with.  

I am well aware that I may lose some potential clients from this website after this post. Be that as it may, self respect is more important than money for me.


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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     10 November 2013

Respected Adhmitha Lekhi Malhotra, It is me the victim who was insulted by a querist while answering to his query about lawyer' fee which he sarcastically commented that he will pay only when the lawyer wins his case over which I retorted saying that the lawyer's profession is not a horse trading business, the lawyer must be suitably paid for his service.  This reply provoked the querist resulting into his much undignified comments over my reply and had cast ill remarks over  my professional integrity as well.  However, I kept my calm considering his immaturity in public, but am happy to see that there are people who notice things very carefully especially in this regard and I am thankful to you for your voice and support.  Lets be united to fight out such unscrupulous people. with regards, Advocate Kalaiselvan.

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sagar jadhav (employee)     10 November 2013



it was reply to allegation ,as anybody dont have right to defame lawyer also dont have right to allegation .also query was help not for any advice or opinion.

even though my I replied sarcastcally ,Mr . Kalaiselvan , stil later replied in other queries which is helped



Personally I stand correct ,I have exp of lawyers who only want money,keep case standing and coz of them u all lost respect



truly professanalism  will be shown if u take action against such lawyers

Ashimta Lekhi Malhotra (Independent Lawyer)     10 November 2013

@ Mr.Jadhav


One cannot be said to be replying sarcastically when he calls another a ''jerk". There was nothing wrong in what Mr.Kalaiselvan said.  Some day if a lawyer decides to take some legal action against you for such remarks, you might face the very tough rigours of law.

sagar jadhav (employee)     10 November 2013

Ashmita I dont care about biased remarks of others and will not even bother to reply now



try to be honest,stop cyber bullying and threatning others and focus on finding good work,in one thread u mentioned how to earn money from forus,answer is simple

by stop wasting time in peculer things and increase good will

also if u become good lawyer and give right advice ,you will earn money

Yadanand Legal help (maintenance divorce remarriage =     10 November 2013

1) Mr Malhotra and  Kalaisevan what you have stated is real problem.


2) However the litigants are in false hope that they can solve their legal problems by seeking advice on such sites.


3) Even otherwise other than BABAS  and TANTRICKs  there are hordes of people who have no experience and claiming knowledge and dishing advice for every thing on the earth.





Ashimta Lekhi Malhotra (Independent Lawyer)     10 November 2013

Don't reply, but do read this:


Yes I asked this in that thread. I restate that it is not worth wasting time on a legal portal like this for a lawyer if there is no quid pro quo for the advice he renders. Legal advice carries with it a lot of weightage, so it should inevitably have a consideration. No querist here deserves any reply respecting a legal query unless he satisfies a lawyer that he cannot afford a lawyer's fees, hence the social aspect of the legal profession comes into being which requires a lawyer to further the rights of the downtrodden. It was in this context that I created that thread. Please read the last line of my first post on this thread which I extract for your reference. "I am well aware that I may lose some potential clients from this website after this post. Be that as it may, self respect is more important than money for me."

The advice I gave you was indeed free of cost. You should understand the legal meaning and consequences of cyber defamation before teaching me to stop bullying, something I never did and have no intention to do.  You better understand.

Ashimta Lekhi Malhotra (Independent Lawyer)     10 November 2013

I concur with you, Mr.Yadanand.

sagar jadhav (employee)     10 November 2013

so u laywers can make any allegations and people should not reply?


u r double jerk IF u think I cant pay lawyer fee, please use this statement in defmation case if u want to file,but anybody can see ur false allegations and earning favour from other lawyers since u r not getting money from this forum u want to stir controversy



stop making fun of urs and waste of time,I am muting thread



Regarding Mr./ Kalaiselvan I dont wanted to hurt feeling but he directly started allegations ,as I am second time stating ,still he is being good help whoch I had appreciated in same thread

Same pointless allegations u r doing,whr is ur dignity here?


fighting for my brother (HR)     11 November 2013

with due respect other lawyers who are here  giving free suggestion... i am totaly against with mam lekhi.. as i am seeing her every where discouraging people to get free advise on this site.. she asking everybody to pay money. even for small queries,. are you frusted? i will remind you again please rethink and read other people comments as how they are helping people here without any money intention.

even people get motivation help here.. people thanking here after winning their cases.. you need to understand the term "social service"


A sister..fighting for my  brother..

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Aashish George (lawyer)     12 November 2013

Its a shame that we advocates are insulted even after helping people for free. I wonder if the name of this site should be changed to lawyersinsultclub??

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