Want to marry my girlfriend

Me and my girlfriend are Hindus. We are now living -in together. We want to get married but can't let both our families know. 

So I want to marry her and register it. She is also keen on getting married. Can I only marry her under Specail Marriage act or what? What are the procedures for marriage and registering it with a registrar?

I live in Coimbatore. Please help. 


You are governed by Hindu Marriage Act. Registration is not compulsory. Marriage with witnesses as per your rites and rituals  are perfectally valid marriage.




Instructor @ Calcutta (rockysmith4calcutta@gmail.com)

Agree with Mr. HIRAL Thakkar. Hindu Marriage Act is better than Special Marriage Act.

Instructor @ Calcutta (rockysmith4calcutta@gmail.com)

I also agree with Mrs. Ranuka.


Please continue live-in-relationship as our Indian law is not proper and fit according to current Indian sociology.


It is fit for only money extortion rackets including judges, advocates, police officers and dishonest women. 


Court marriage is best. Legal, less expensive, less future complications. 


Thanks for everyone's advice. I respect the people who voiced their opinion for not marrying and just living in. But I have few good reasons to marry her and register it(mainly to get a marriage certificate)

Anyway, if I opt for court marriage, I think there is a need for a 30-day notice period. The thing is, the court notice would be sent to both our families/houses. We can't let our family know about the marriage. So I prefer to marry under Hindu Marriage Act

Please advise me on the process to marry her under Hindu Marriages Act. Can the marriage be done in a temple with just a few friends as witnesses? Can I get a certificate from the temple that my marriage is solemnized if only friends are present? How can I go from there to registering my marriage and get a certificate? Any help would be greatly appreciated


Someone please advice me on the process




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