The Revenge of the Burnt Wife


It was around 7:45 P.M.


I had visited an advocate's firm. This Advocate was a state designated senior advocate in the past.

He asked me to meet his colleague.

I was done with the meeting.


In Bangalore, most of the law-firms and advocates' offices ( almost all of them ) have a rule

" NO SHOES, NO SLIPPERS. Leave them outside and enter ".


So, as I was preparing to wear my shoes at exit, I heard a voice from behind.

" Sir, are you Mr. so and so " ?


I turned around and saw a strikingly beautiful young woman, all of 26 years (later revealed to me ) with a scarf covering half of her face. Her mother too was with her.


I said YES.


I quickly glanced at her hands and her face. Burnt partially. I spotted the tears in her mother's eyes.


She said " Can I have your visiting card ? Can you come home ? I need your help. "


I usually do not permit proximity too soon.


But in her case, some inner voice made me say " Yes,  I shall ".


I visited her place. Then the entire story unfolded.


She had a love marriage, when she was 18 years old.

Now with two kids, she works for a reputed BPO.


Her mother was an unusual mother-in-law.


Before a visit to Delhi, she had herself taken a sheet of paper and measured her son-in-law's foot size to have a custom-made foot-wear for him.


She had no sons and to her, her son-in-law was the world.


Once during a fight, this young girl threatened her husband ( who was a small time businessman ) that she would report him to the Police.


He asked her " what would you do ? "


She replied " I would report you to the police, if you continue to beat me and harass me ".

Saying so, she left her 1-year old child on the cot and proceeded to take bath.


Her husband left home and returned in five minutes and knocked at the bath-room and asked her the same question " what would you do ? "


In anger, she repeated the same thing again " I would report you to the police, if you continue to beat me and harass me ".


He plainly pulled her out, doused her with petrol that he had procured and set her afire.

Then as she shouted in pain, he started pleading with her not to report to the police.


With the child crying and the eldest child too crying and herself crying in pain, the neighbours rushed to douse the fire and the ambulance was called.


She suffered 40 percent burns but clearly gave a statement to the police about the entire incident.


Now after this, began her ordeal.


Once she was back home, the multiple visits to the police station and then meeting the Asst.Public Prosecutor.


Now began game round two.


The Asst.Public Prosecutor, instead of behaving like a prosecution counsel started applying pressure on her and said " YOU TAKE FOUR THOUSAND RUPEES AND ALLOW THE CASE TO DIE A DEATH. STOP PURSUING YOUR HUSBAND ".


Her husband's parents pleaded with her once and then stopped.


Her husband reverted to his old ways and said " YOU TAKE DIVORCE AND GET LOST ".


She was determined to get him to book. She refused all offers and in between the adjournments, wore a burqha, dressed as a muslim,pursued her husband, snapped photos of her husband with his girl-friend in a resort and showed me all those photos to prove his characterless nature.


Now, she wanted a good criminal lawyer to guide her appropriately towards justice.


I picked my database and showed her a couple of advocates and gave her a brief explanation of the thinking pattern and method of conducting the case, of each advocate, and said she may choose either.


It was close to 11:30 in the night. 


She offered me money. I denied and said " God has kept me comfortable. I came here on humanitarian basis. I do not need even a rupee ".


Saying so, I left.


Before I left, she said


" Sir, I want my husband back. "



My experience in life and my daily interactions with the judiciary and her tone very clearly implied that she wanted her husband back, not due to love but the burning heat of revenge within her.


I looked straight into her eyes and said " You have been wronged. Pursue your case with determination and one day, everything will happen the way it should ".


So, here, what to say of such FOREST-ANIMALS who roam around in society claiming to be MEN but burning wife and what not ?


So, MEN too need to be thrashed and taught the ways of LIFE.




So, people who choose to dis-believe may kindly note this point. THANKS.


Love Marriage Turned To Be Revenge Marriage. In a Fit of Anger some words are spoken. 

That turned out very very bad...

Very Sad Situation. May God give her Strength and Courage in this difficult times.



Dear Sir/Madam,

Since your case is complicated case as such I require documents and same may be send to my email/PM (personal mail) for detailed legal advise.


With regards,

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