Husband wants to be married but doesnt want to support wife


i got married in 2010, it was n love marriage agaisnt his mothers will,as goan marriages, my folks had it grand, and gave me a full home furnishing trosseau, my husband built a seperate home for me n him n our forthcoming family...problem started when his family started interfering in our lives, i am a city gal, i dont have the habit of entertaining gossips, and superstitious stuff, where i m married is a village, i disagreed to some rituals there which were more of pagan worships,

my in laws didnt say anythinf directly to me but started feeding my husband stuff in his mind, and every day after visiting them he used to come home and fight with me, very abusive words, i lost my children in the bargain, i had miscarriages, yet i stayed with him, then his brother built an cattle house just behind my house which started effecting my health big time, my husband is an seafarer, 9 months he is on board, in his absense, i came to my parents home, cause his brother tried to assault me. 

i never filed any police complain agaisnt my in laws nor my husband, but there was a time when i had tried commiting suicide (thats when i had my first miscarriage, n my husband left me to attain a fuction of his sisters), his brother had filed a police complain, 

its now 2 years that my husband is not calling me up from abroad, nor is he keeping in touch, for the past 4 years i have no financial help from his end, have been dependant upon my parents and what little i earn, the problem starts this year when like last year he broke the lock of the our house and entered, without notifying me, he stayed there for 3 months, without my knowledge when i got to know i called him up several times but he didnt take my call. just before he left last year he came back to me just three days before leaving town, mended up n went n now this year the whole scenario started, now he is mixing more with his family and his drinking buddies and a married woman there who is not a good woman( more of n slut, m sorry ladies to say that word) but she has a dirty way with men, and she had her eyes on my husband, which she once said to me under alcohol influence which i had dismissed it cause i trusted my husband,

but now when i went and spoke to my husband, why is he behaving like this with me, and why is he mingling with tat lady? he first hand denied, but then he kept asking to know who told me and all...secondly he was hiding his phone, which he never in these years ever did. thirdly i asked him to come with me he said tat he is ready to leave everything but not that house.  which later after some talks he said that he will look out for another place, n to give him 8 days time,

but the moment wheni got home he called up and said bad words to me cause i asked that lady to keep herself awy from my husband...i do not know what to do? after everything i still love him, and i know i am a fool in that matter. i want us to work out of married life, but its 6 years all trying is at my end...and i feel devasted and helpless.

please guide me!!!

legal advisor

You can file a dv case on your husband and ask for right to residence. Protection order. Monetary relief can also seek maintenance for you under crpc 125.

Dear Client

I have come across several cases of such nature and I can say that such marriages do not sustain. The conduct of your husband makes everything clear but you are blind to that. Though  you may proceed under D.V.Act for different relief as well as go for RCR to bring him back but there is no law under the earth which can change a man's nature or temperament. 6 years is a long time. But keep one thing in mind, a legal battle will go for years.




If you were married in Goa, most likely, as I understand, it is the ONLY state in India where properties belong to both husband and wife by the application of the law there, which is based upon Portugese Law.  You just remind your husband about it and inform him that if he insists on his behavior, you will file divorce and claim half of all properties, etc.  THREAT IS BETTER THAN ATTACK under your circumstances. Filing a DV will mean that you are firing all your bullets and then you will have nothing to fire... More importantly, that will be the end of your  hopes to salvage the marriage. No man wants to live with a woman who has filed a DV case against him. SO, if you truly love him and want to work this out, DO NOT FILE DV but remind him nicely about options available to you.  





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