Harrasment done by husband & inlaws.

Hello ,

I am an M.B.A in Human Resources & WOrking asManager , i got married just a Year back but since the very first  day of My Marriage i have been harrased by my Husband & My In -laws .

- My husband has relations with different girls which i caught and discussed with his parents but the parents just ignore and support him.

- I was shocked to see my husbands pics with a girl whom he was kissing and also he wrote so many love letters to her.

- My husband daily drinks and comes home , when i ask him why he drinks a lot ? he starts abusing me and his parents support him  for drinking and tell me that i shouldn't stop his drinking .

- My husband has no interest in  our married life he comes from office at 2.30 am . When i tell him to change his job he says that no i will not change.

- Every saturday sunday he moves out with his frends for drinking parties

- After every six montsh he has plans to move to hill station with his frends , when i ask him that i will also go , he makes reason and says no to me .

- My Mother in law & Father in law are so bad that they  abuse me  & my parents for no reason

- I had a discussion about all these issues with all my husbands relatives and they all agree that the Boy and the parents are wrong and they have ditched us as their son was full of bad addicts .

- My husband also smokes which is against our sikh religion.

- My Father in law is totally a Money minded person he asks me to take loan for a car or bring from my parents asks for my debit card .

- My Mother in law keeps on asking my salary.

At per the recent incidence one day i was preparing food in night & my mother i law started asking me to give all my salary money and on this i answered that you and your son never give me even a single peny to me   so how will i fulfill my daily exppenses if i give my salary to you . On this my Father in nlaw started abusing me & my parents and my mother in law started slapping me ,and said Ghar ki Grill band kar do as ye apne "MA BAAP " ko na bula le ..isse kamre band kar de aur acid daal de  fir pata chalega isse. 

My husband when he came back from office at 2.30 am he also started abusing me and  my father in law consulted a lawyer and said ki maine apne bete ko Ghar se Disown kar diya hai aur apna saman uthaoo aur nikal jaoo... on this my husband asked me to go to office and while i was in office he packed my bag and came to my parents home and said ki mere parents ne mujhe disown kar diya hai...and they will not give anything .

Now i request to please let me know as what should i do in this situation neither my husband has any interest in marriage nor his parents are supportive and are full money minded again and again they ask for money & are harrasing me . 

a) how can i come to  know whether my father in law has actually disowned my husband or not ?.

b) Do i still have the property share if they have disowned their son

c) Can we  live in their house  even if they have disowned their son.

d) is their any term or peroid for disownment


Please help me 


Whether they have disowned their son or not. You have no share in their property


Sir , Please suggest what should i do All my jewellery , cash  , Furniture  and other items that my parents gave in dowry are with them . How can i get them ?



if they have disowned their son , can they stop me also to enter their house?


do not use the word dowry, because you may end up in 5 years term in jail.




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