I live in canada with my step son and wife, as per canadian adoption law i have to submit the consent from from bio father also for step son adoption and i would like to what type of forms/procedure/format i have to use to get the consent of the bio father, he is willing to consent the adoption but he also not aware abt the procedure. As per canadian law we have to submit the consent in the form that it should be legally valid where the bio father lives. so please provide your opinions/suggestions/ways to get this process done.

If any body can help me in this regard i am really thankful to you.


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i feel you need to  obtain his consent  executed infront of a magistrate,who countersign the same.

i am just making this opinion as a laymans point of view.

 hope other experts make comments.

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you please search ' adoption canada' or 'law adoption canada'.

i searched, - a good number of websites appeared.

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Any expert who has comments on this question?


Where was the child born?

Assuming that the child was born in india....the relinquishing parent needs to use a simple consent instrument, and so perhaps it does not require any registration anywhere. I don't think it requires any stamp paper either.

Just simple notorisation should be enough. Consent instrument should be valid in the country where the adoption is taking place, but should be filled and notorised in the country where the biological father lives.

Any experts got any opinions on this?


I am of the view that to relinquish your rights over your Son, just a simple declaration will be sufficient executed before the Notary .But to protect yourself in the future, first you have to  make up your mind that you will not claim your Son in future before you give your consent to the Biological Certificate for adoption of your Son by the step father, as once you give your consent to the Biological certificate you will lose your right in the future to legally sue  for parental rights based on DNA as proof  that you are the father.

Now, if you as the biological father is agreeable to this arrangement the adoption attorney there in Canada will first proceed to have your parental rights as biological father to have been voluntarily terminated once you give your consent. Once parental rights of the biological father is terminated then the step father can adopt the child.


I would caution you to think over very seriously before you give your consent, so that everything is done legally and in the interest of your son and yourself which will prevent repercussions in the future should you have a change of heart. People grow and change so dont think it won't happen to you. And once the step father has completed the adoption of your child then his name will appear on the birth certificate etc as his father, and you will have no claim over your Son.

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