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anantha krishna n.v. Advocate's Expert Profile

Queries Replied : 129

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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    legal issues, civil, criminal, family law, property matters, constitutional, consumer cases and service matters. I conduct arbitration/conciliations in above areas.

    My area of expertise
    in the above fields

    My experience in the area (years):
    8 years as an advocate. prior to that I was with State Bank of India for 23 years

    Organizations I belong to:
    independant practicing advocate

    Publications or writing which has appeared :
    i am a regular advisor on 498a forum and legal service india forum

    Educational credentials:

    Award & Honors:

  • S P Goel says : D V Act case
    Dear sir, This is S P Goel, from Delhi 9810101999, my wife lodged a petition in Karkardooma court under Domestic Violence Act, and demanding Rs 45 lacs and Rs 15000 per month, my monthly income is Rs 8000 from Interest, I am unemployed, house is in my name, judge advised me not to sell in first hearing. My elder son lives separate in Delhi , in ICICI bank Rs 18 lacs pa , earlier he was helping, she left house on 20.10.2010 younger son is a student. I got Married in 1978, age 56 yrs. Please advise sir thanks s p goel, Delhi 9810101999

  • kiran rathee says : marital dispute
    the husband was a mechanical engineer in HONDA COMPANY.. and the girl is M.SC maths but she used to live at home. the girl child was born in sept 2006 out of this wedlock.. the nature of wife was not good as she always had some problem with others.. she even used to fight with her husband on small issues. eg i'll not prepare food or always order from outside, never gave breakfast to her husband after having three maids.. but the husband always had a compromising nature and never said anything to her.. he just wanted to live happily with her at any cost.. but she always used to fight on petty issues.. she even don't like his parents and other members of the family.. she just wanted to live alone.. she was not happy to see anyone from her husband's family. the husband's family never interfered in their matter and were not aware of the issues between their son and daughter-in-law .. the disputes heightened b/w husband and wife and finally the husband left his job in 2008 and started living at home and the wife left her matrimonial home and went to their parental home.. the boy's parents came to know about their fight but they managed to bring them home in bhiwani and asked them to live peacefully.. but again after few days she started fighting with her husband and now also with in-laws without any reasons but the boy's parents never said anything as all members of the the family are highly educated and reputed too.. but she was not ready to live with them and again left her in-laws home in april 2010 and filed a case under domestic violence Act,2005.. the in-laws even don't know that on what basis she filed the above said case. they went to girl's home and asked to live happy with her husband wherever she likes but she refused.. the husband tried alot to solve his marital dispute but still she is not agreeing to live with him.. she is asking for property out of her in-laws property and want to live alone in that house without her husband but now after filing a false case against all of them, the in-laws are not ready to take her back home .. but the lady want to live there only on the first floor of that house without her husband.. the wife, at present is lecturer of mathematics in college and she get this job because of her father-in-law as he is the head of that college, he also helped her in studies of M.PHIL but she can never understand the value of family and family relations.. her parents never said anything to her even on her mistake and used to abuse boy's family.. now the husband also don't want to live with that lady and want to take divorce from her.. as he don't want to let suffer his parents anymore because of that lady.. please tell me what are the remedies available to us..what we have to do? how can i help my aunty, uncle..?? thank you.

  • Sushant Dash says : suggest me please
    Dear sir I am into the business of Bulk Messaging and Mobile communication with using the connectivity of the different Indian Telecom Operators.During my said business periods i myself introduced a person, as i came to know that the said person deals in services of “out bound voice broadcast service” called a particular type of voice based broadcasting services with using the connectivity of the different Indian Telecom Operators, as i was in need of services, what the person provides. we had an oral agreement, based on which i paid him 90,000/- rupees as advances and i provided the work order to implement the voice broadcast services on behalf of me on an assurance made by the person that he will provide the same service on behalf of me with using the connectivity of the various Indian Telecom Operator.he commited me for provide the Data-sheet (delivery reports) for the successfull calls of the said voice calls consisting of the Date, Time of call, end of calls, duration of calls, status of calls consisting whether its delivered, undelivered or unreachable, originating number (called CLI) and destination numbers and after 2 days the said person provided the same to me through his e-mail address and inform me that all the voice services are implemented successfully, based on the delivery report as he submited me. when i check these reports, i came to know that the work sheet consisting of the Date of calls, Time of calls, end of calls, duration of calls, status of calls consisting whether its delivered, undelivered or unreachable, originating number (called CLI) and destination numbers submitted by the person to me are all of fictitious numbers in reality they do not exist at all. Base on these fictitious reports i had questioned number of times to the said person through email communication on such the the person had admitted of above mentioned things and sought some time to submit the genuine reports,but so far the person had not submitted the genuine delivery reports nor willing respond my phone calls om any manners. Its a matter of clear cheating that the acts of the above mentioned person makes the charges of breach of trust, cheating, As causing wrongful loss to the complainant and wrongful gain to the accused by way of making of false documents and using of false documents as genuine. what i have to do in this regards, please suggest me, whether can i put a criminal case or what i have to do

  • gaurav says :
    hello sir, I have an unfortunate situation before me please help me............my grandfather has five sons my father being the eldest. all are engaged in different businesses we have a joint family no formal or informal partition has been done....every male member (my grandfather, father, uncles) have formed HUF and file IT returns for HUF & individual. the family properties are owned jointly as well as individually by different members including me. one of my uncles(A) who does business from a shop owned by my grandfather (he does not have any other income from job etc) he(A) has another shop on his name individually he says this shop is on his individual name n this will not be included in family partition everyone else is against this he(A) will not listen to any elders ,relatives regarding partition he(A) intimidates my grandfather so a will by my grandfather is very rare possibility....... the properties have been purchased from time to time by joint family money based on availability of capital on a members books of account.......other members have properties individually too but agree that all properties are joint family properties regardless of owners name (all properties were purchased by mutual consent) ........... what should me or my father do? please advice…… what’s the maximum ad valorem court fee for partition suit? I have heard it will take 10-15 years n our businesses will be ruined…….please suggest how should we go about it….. i have asked this in the query section n forum as well please help

  • RAJINDER KUMAR GARG says : attahment of debit balance

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