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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    i can answer questions relating to civil laws,land laws in up,a few relating to criminal law,but would not be able to answer questions relating company law matters.

    My area of expertise
    my area of expertise is in hindu law contract act,partnership act,negotiable instrument act and rent control and transfer of proprty act .

    My experience in the area (years):
    i am practicing lawyer in civil court since1975

    Organizations I belong to:
    self employed independent practice

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  • Vinod Deswal says : Regarding land usage for commercial purpose
    Dear Sir, Good afternoon we have a land on hisar delhi bypass comes under controlled area of town planning deptt and the registry of the land (in 2 parts) is under gair mumkin and tibba so we want to construct a shed over there for commercial use buafter completion of shed we got the notice from town planning deptt saying that no construction can be done on this land and asked us to remove this structure. so, i want your suggestions regarding this matter. please help us. Thank you in advance.

  • Prajesh Jehan says : My Grandfather Died in 1950
    My grandfather self acquired purchased agricultural land in 1921.My grandfather died in 1950.He was survived by his wife,son and daughter.His son died in 1954 leaving behind his daughter and wife. My grandfather wife died in 1965. I'm the maternal son of my grandfather. Do my mother have share in my grandfather property?

  • Nikhil chaudhary says : What is your mobile number
    Hello Sir, Can I please have your WhatsApp number?

  • khurana says : Selling House without Probate
    There are two owners of a house. One Owner' death has willed his share to his son . Can the second owner and the Vaaris (the willed heir) sell the the house with out going thru the process of Probate.

  • vasi says : dakhil kharij not been done
    Sir I have purchased a property in UP 7 year back from land owned by SC . i have got registry of the property done in my name . can i do its mutation ???

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