Why has Iran issued arrest warrants against President Trump and 35 others

Middle eastern regional power, Iran has sought the arrest of President of United States, Mr. Donald Trump over the assassination of Iranian’s to

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Social media vs. Mainstream media

Introduction Unlike the newspapers we read or the television we watch, social media like twitter, instagram, facebook, etc connects us instantly to

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Basic principles of drafting a contract

What is a contract? According to Section 2(h) of The Indian Contract,1872 'An agreement enforceable by law is a contract'. An agreement

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N i act

Posted by Nagaraj patro

Dear Experts plz clarify the following
1. What is the result if the drawer not receives the notice under NI Act
2. Banker endorsed insufficient funds, and the payee got issued notice to the proper address, which is mentioned in their agreement, but the drawer is presently away from that address and the notice is returned unserved with an endorsement that "Address left" in such case can the payee proceed to file a complaint

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Updated on : 02/07/2020 19:25:05


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