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Maternity Benefits to the Women Employees

Government is working on an incentive Scheme of reimbursement of 07 weeks wages for entities that provide 26 weeks maternity benefits to their woman employees as provided for in the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017. To enable an entity to avai

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Uncontested Divorce!

The issues you may encounter while going through a divorce can often confuse and get you wondering about it. What is an uncontested divorce? You may h

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Do you know the Bail-Bond Basic?

Is it the first time that your loved one is in jail? If yes, chances are you are new to the bail bond process. And you need to demystify the entire ba

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Hindu Daughter's Equality Right to Succession

Daughters' Property Rights Under the Hindu Succession Act 'The fundamental changes brought forward about in the Hindu Succession Act, 1956

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Maintenance under dv / derogation of crpc 125

Posted by ganesh

Dear Advocates,
Can a woman invoke DV just for asking maintenance...if it is so then it derogates Crpc 125 as per Sec 36 of DV Act.
Crpc 125 states a woman staying away from matrimonial house with out any sufficient cause is not entitled for maintenance....
My doubt is my wife stays away from me last 16years...she tried Crpc 125 and herself withdrew... now 2 years back she filed DV stating we are in domestic relationship and she is aggrieved of violence by me and my family...DV is in counter stage.... what is the best way for me to conduct trial....shall i file Perjury petition as i have evidence that in her sworn affidavit in 125 she avers she is not in contact with me since 2005 where as in DV she avers on oath that she is in domestic relationship as recently as on date of filing of DV in 2018...
Kindly guide me Dear Advocates...
Thanking you,
With High Regards,

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Updated on : 08/04/2020 08:05:08


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