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Implementation of Child Rights

India, as a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), has committed itself to ensure that all children enjoy their right to survival, development, protection and participation. In pursuance of this, the Ministry o

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Juvenile Crimes are Increasing: Should Parents be held Liable?

Parental liability means that parents are legally accountable for their children’s act. While a “parent” may be anyone who exer

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Critical Appraisal of Navtej Singh Johar's Judgment: Raised hope for initiating New jurisprudence in the line of same sex marriages in India

  Though same-sex marriage is not legalised in India per se and no reference of the same can be deduced from the ancient or historical writing

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Husband's right to get Maintenance from his wife

A deserving husband of a woman married under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 has every right to get maintenance. But no other law of similar kind provide

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Multiple maintenance allowed or not ?

Posted by Abhishek

General Information : HMA 13a filed by Husband on the basis of Cruelty and Desertion. One child of 5.5 years of age, living with Mother. Currently interim maintenance going for child in 'DV Act' (wife was working, so her maintenance denied). My question is regarding legality and reference citation for parallel proceedings of 'DV act relief' and 'HMA 24' ?

1. Are there any judgement available which says : parallel proceedings for 'DV act' maintenance case and HMA 24 will not be possible?
2. Legally, the court will consider their application for HMA 24, Or it can be denied citing 'DV act' maintenance ? Any other legal point which can raised against parallel proceedings of HMA 24 and 'DV act' financial relief ?
Many thanks in advance.

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Updated on : 16/07/2019 22:08:12


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