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Maternity Benefits to the Women Employees

Government is working on an incentive Scheme of reimbursement of 07 weeks wages for entities that provide 26 weeks maternity benefits to their woman employees as provided for in the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017. To enable an entity to avai

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Law of Interim injunction in family / Custody cases

Scores of Appeals against Visitation Orders passed by the Guardian Courts are pending adjudication in almost each Appellate Court and hundreds of such

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Juvenile Crimes are Increasing: Should Parents be held Liable?

Parental liability means that parents are legally accountable for their children’s act. While a “parent” may be anyone who exer

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Critical Appraisal of Navtej Singh Johar's Judgment: Raised hope for initiating New jurisprudence in the line of same sex marriages in India

  Though same-sex marriage is not legalised in India per se and no reference of the same can be deduced from the ancient or historical writing

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Want more examine of witness of new facts

Posted by Law Querier

In a divorce case, a respondent has cross-examined of witness of the petitioner. After cross-examination taken by respondent, he mentioned to court that the cross-examination of the witness is over and the court typed that cross-examination of the witness is over. Now, the respondent wants more examine the witness (of the petitioner) about new facts.
Question: Can respondent more examine the witness (of the petitioner) about new facts though he mentioned to the court that the cross-examination of the witness is over? If yes then, How?

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Updated on : 19/10/2019 22:24:06


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