The Legal Validity of Cloned/Hacked Data as Evidence under IEA and ITA

We live in a world where, for our amusement and necessity, we have converted several things into virtual form, but there are major thing which cann

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Focus Areas and Considerations for Bail in POCSO Act

POCSO is a special act enacted with the objective to protect children from sexual assault and to ensure that the person accused of crime under the POC

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Crime and it's elements

WHAT IS CRIME? • Crime means a charge or offence. When an act is done or not done in accordance with the public law, it is said to be a crime

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During the divorce a lady live in relationship

Posted by Mani Bansal

Is it possible during divorce live in relationship with other man. Death on other man after 2 year realtionship she put a case for superdari and other man parents also gave application for same superdari. Who's chance to win? Superdari means wearing items on death time of accident mobile chain extra. And the lady putt an application I am the wife of other man. During the divorce is it possible 2013 to 2019. They live in relationship. And the case closed of the divorced in 2016. And the other man death in 2019.

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Updated on : 27/09/2020 07:15:06


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