Pedophilia: A mental disorder, not a crime per se

INTRODUCTION According to a survey, 1% of the male population continues, long after puberty, to find themselves attracted to minor children. These

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A custodial death of a father and son to start a protest in Tamil Nadu

Introduction: Even during these tough times, the situations can take a turn even for the worse, and a protest in the midst of such is nothing more

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Plea Bargaining

What is plea bargaining? Plea bargaining essentially is pre-trial negotiation (bargaining) between the accused and the prosecution.  In plea b

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False 107crpc/111 crpc filed against us

Posted by Anonymous

My mother has a ongoing domestic violence case against my father inspite of which my father still beats her and harrass es us.On 20th may after a argument she wax severely beaten and when she went to complain the police were taking my father's side only and because of covid we didn't go for medical.Cut to 30th June we recieved a summons saying that me my mom and sis are called in court under above mentioned sections.I don't understand this at all?The fight is between my mother and father he beats her and they argue we only come between them when he starts beating her.What should we do?Police don't help us and say that we don't have any rights.My father has also beaten my sister and we have done medical for that too.But police don't take action and say we don't have rights.

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