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Should voting in elections be made compulsory?

Yes 73 %
No 25 %
Can't say 1 %
Total Votes Cast : 75
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Should voting in elections be made compulsory?
Posted by Mohammed Sajid Khan

09/12/2014 20:29:27

If you made compulsory no body will escape and go for picnic, despite being given holiday, people prefer to go for picnic!
Posted by T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate

06/12/2014 12:06:19

It will be against the fundamental rights if made compulsory.
Posted by kavksatyanarayana

30/11/2014 22:23:33

if it made compulsory, opinion of the most people can be ascertained. but we cannot compel any person to cast his/her vote.
Posted by K.(P).Sree Devi

29/11/2014 23:42:12

YES it should be made compulsory. Thereby real opinions can be assessed.Chances of fake voting can be controlled.
Posted by santhosh.g.

26/11/2014 17:49:40

voting right is not a fundamental right guaranteed in the constitution. it is granted in the peoples representation act.the government can deny it to any person. so making it compulsory is violation of article 19 of constitution
Posted by praveenkumar.C

22/11/2014 07:08:22

Its our rights and duty to select our supremo to take us in right way among the world

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