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Is the CJI's suggestion of 365 working days for courts workable?

Yes 37 %
No 61 %
Cant Say 2 %
Total Votes Cast : 114
Submitted By - Prakash Yedhula Read Comments

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Is the CJI's suggestion of 365 working days for courts workable?
Posted by pradeep kumar sharma

29/06/2014 14:34:57

it should be option for the advocates to take the adjornment & date according to ur possibility to present in the court to conduct the case
Posted by T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate

26/06/2014 23:52:29

Practically impossible and futile exercise.
Posted by kirankumar

25/06/2014 11:04:04

Posted by Parthasarathi Loganathan

25/06/2014 08:07:06

Information Technology is yet to be optimized for court procedures. Massive computerization is the need of the hour. You can hardly find tech-savvy advocates even amongst the younger generation.
Posted by Parthasarathi Loganathan

25/06/2014 08:04:48

It can generate huge employment opportunities for many law graduates in the country.
Posted by Lawyer SALEEMA

23/06/2014 21:36:09

Judgments can not be delivered mechanically but on human consideration which requires intervals in working days.

18/06/2014 15:22:20

Legal system is a profession and no work can be done in unskilled manner. It is not just dumping cases from and to Record Rooms. Every case has to decided to render justice to the litigant and it cannot be done in hush-hush or hurried manner.
Posted by Advocate Bhartesh goyal

16/06/2014 21:20:41

In India Supreme Court works for 193 days in a year whereas High Court works for 210 days and subordinate courts works for 245 days in a year. Why Supreme court works for 193 days ,why not for 365 days.CJI should first apply this formula on Supreme Court and then see the results,if comes positive then apply to subordinates as well.
Posted by ilangokrihnamoorthy

16/06/2014 16:55:43

7X24 hrs. working is possible only for machines and not for human beings especially for advocates community. We have to look into the profession with social advancement, which requires application of mind and day to day updates in various fields of avenue and apply with due digligence and caution. The advocates community are part of judiciary and its work and functioning can not be of streo type of work, where we can give volumes if the same is implements the results may be in volume but it will not hold the strength of justice.
Posted by siladitya chakraborty

15/06/2014 20:06:52

CJ is mad. Seating in the A.C. Room one can say non-feasible talk. CJ's argument is rubbish.
Posted by T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate

15/06/2014 00:15:43

Instead of trying such gimmicks, let us think about practical solutions to the burning issue of pending litigation.
Posted by kavksatyanarayana

14/06/2014 20:27:18

the lawyers also need rest. so they should avail public holidays.
Posted by adv. rajeev ( rajoo )

14/06/2014 18:12:02

We need also some rest. So many courts are vacant. First let them fill up the vacant places by appointing the experienced advocates as judges.
Posted by R.K Nanda

13/06/2014 20:46:34

yes,workable.only gazetted holidays be allowed. r.k.nanda-adv-supreme court
Posted by A Truthseeker

13/06/2014 20:30:40

there is sufficient strength of lawyers.only number of presiding officers and judicial staff should require.
Posted by A Truthseeker

13/06/2014 20:22:37

there should not be any difficulty if more than one presiding officer is to preside over a court
Posted by kriti agrawal

13/06/2014 12:36:42

at least public holidays should be off .
Posted by vinay kumar

11/06/2014 10:20:09

It will be definitely helpful for new lawyers and may remove the concept of 'Justice delayed , Justice Denied". I am in full support of this proposal.

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