Indian School, Jodhpur & Anr V State Of Rajasthan & Ors: Schools Have Saved Operational Costs During The Lockdown: Supreme Court

 07 May 2021

This judgment deals with the statement of the Supreme Court which says that schools have saved all the operational costs during the lockdown and cannot charge the students for the unused facilities.

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Muhammad Musthafa V. Harsha M.A: The Issue That The Present Case Deals With Is Whether Muslim Women Have The Right To Invoke Extra-Judicial Divorce

 07 May 2021

The court held that Muslim women cannot be barred from resorting to extra-judicial modes for dissolution of a marriage.

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Ahmedabad Women Action Group & Ors. V. Union Of India: Muslim Law Which Allows Polygamy Was Challenged On The Ground Of Violating Art 14 And 15 Of The Indian Constitution

 07 May 2021

The Supreme Court didn't take comprehension and saw that the issues brought up include issues of state strategy with which the Judiciary doesn't have any concern. The cure lies with the Legislature and not the courts.

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Inox Renewables Ltd V Jayesh Electricals Ltd: When The Venue Of Arbitration Is Changed By Parties With Mutual Agreement, The Changed Venue Becomes Their Seat Of Arbitration

 07 May 2021

In the following judgment, the Supreme Court has held that when the parties change the place of arbitration by mutual consent, the new place will become their -seat of arbitration-.

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Kausalya Dnyanoba Dhemdhere V The State Of Maharashtra : Seeking Bail Without Undergoing Custody Is Like Making Mockery Of Justice

 07 May 2021

In the said judgement the single judge bench of Bombay High Court was dealing with a case where the applicants were charged with the offence of abetment to suicide and were trying to seek bail without going into custody.

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Ranjit Kumar V State Of Jharkhand & Others : Only Permanent Residents Of Jharkhand Can Avail The Benefits Of Reservation In Government Services Of Jharkhand.

 07 May 2021

In the present case, the appellants were aggrieved by an order passed by Hon-ble Justice Singh on 30th January 2015. The appellants were appointed as constables in Jharkhand police under the SC/ST/OBCreservations after a division of the State of Jhar

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M.M. Babu v. Station Suprand, Wadakkanchery Railway Station: The Case Deals With The Issue Of Whether Railway Commuters Are Eligible For Compensation After A Delay Of Their Train

 05 May 2021

The court held that the commuters were eligible for compensation from the railway authorities.

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Narhari Shivram Shet Narvekar V.Pannalal Umediram: The Case Deals With The Issue Of Whether A Decree Issued By An Indian Court In A Foreign Land Before It Became A Part Of India Is Executable Or Not

 05 May 2021

The court held that the decree was executable.

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Puthiya Purayil Abdurahiman Vs. Thayath Kancheentavida Avoomma: Legal Heir Of The Tarwad Property

 05 May 2021

The Hon-ble court held that the surviving heirs of the deceased junior member would be entitled to claim partition of the property and have their share or shares separated from the property and also mentioned that the Madras Shariat (Amendment) Act,1

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Shaukat Ali Son Of Somu Khan Vs Union Of India Through The General: Concept of Adoption in Muslim Law

 05 May 2021

The Court held that the original application had filed and the impugned order was set aside and quashed. Considering the fact and circumstances of the case, there was no order as to costs.

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Lok Prahari Through Its General Secretary S.N. Shukla IAS (Retd.) V. Union of India & Ors: Supreme Court Issues Guidelines For The Appointment Of Ad-Hoc Judges

 04 May 2021

This case deals with the guidelines issued for the appointment of the ad-hoc judges in the High Courts.

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Noor saba khatoon v. Mohd. Quasim : Section 125 of Cr.PC Allows Maintenance To Children Of Muslim Parents

 04 May 2021

The Trial Court observed that the respondent neglected his duty to maintain his children and wife. Thus, on 19thJanuary 1993, The Judicial Magistrate ordered the maintenance amount to be paid to the wife at the rate of Rupees 200/- per month and to e

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Chand Patel v. Bismillah Begum Marriage With Sister's Wife Irregular Not Void

 04 May 2021

Although Chand Patel denied any marriage taking place between the two, this contention did not go well with the trial court and the court thus rejected his stance as the prima face evidence pointed out otherwise. The court observed that Bismillah Beg

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Soban Vs The State of Kerala

 03 May 2021

Criminal Proceedings Can Be Stopped At The Post-Conviction Stage By Invoking Power U/S 482 CrPC After A Victim-Convict Settlement

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Vishnu Krishna Belurkar and Another vs State of Maharashtra

 03 May 2021

The Court held the statement of the accused amounting to a statement made by the panch to the police officer during the course of investigation is incorrect.

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Shamim Ara Vs State Of UP & Anr: The Hon'ble Supreme Court Has Invalidated Arbitrary Triple Talaq

 03 May 2021

The Supreme Court held that a simple plea of talaq in answer to the procedures filed by the wife for maintenance can't be treated as a proclamation of talaq and the responsibility of the husband to pay maintenance to his wife doesn't conclude such co

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Sameena Begum vs Union of India: The SC Declared The Practices Of Polygamy And Nikah Halala As Unconstitutional And Violative Of Fundamental Rights Of Muslim Women

 03 May 2021

The Section 2 of the Muslim Personal Law Application Act, 1937, was found arbitrary and violative of Fundamental Rights guaranteed under Part 3 of the Indian Constitution under Articles 14, 15 and 21. Also, it was found to be injurious to public orde

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Moulvi Mohammed And Ors. Vs S. Mohaboob Begum

 01 May 2021

The Madras High Court ruled in the favour that custom, once proved to be valid, will prevail over Personal law when there is no inconsistency between the two provisions in cases of adoption

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Sarla Mudgal v. Union of India

 01 May 2021

The Court held that conversion to another religion by one or both Hindu spouses did not dissolve the marriage.

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Sudheer Rikhari Vs State Of Goa : Non Deliberate Insult To Religion Cannot Be An Offence Under Section 295A Of IPC

 30 April 2021

Bombay HC states that Non deliberate insult to religious feeling is not an offence.

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