Dharani Sugars and Chemicals Ltd. Vs. Union of India & Ors.

 13 April 2019

In the matter of Dharani Sugars and Chemicals Ltd. Vs. Union of India & Ors. Transferred Case (Civiil) No. 66 of 2018 In Transfer Petition (Civil) No. 1399 of 2018

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Yashwant Sinha & ORS....Petitioner(s) versus Central Bureau of Investigation through its director & ANR....Respondent(s)

 10 April 2019

Judgement passed in Rafale Review Petition. Centre's objections on admissibility of documents dismissed by the Supreme Court.

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Mohd. Ahmed Khan vs Shah Bano Begum and Ors

 26 March 2019

FACTS OF THE CASE In 1978, a Muslim Lawyer in Madhya Pradesh divorced Shah Bano, his wife by pronouncing -triple talaq-. The main reason behind the divorce being disputes between Shah Bano-s children and her husband-s other wife. As per Muslim per

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Shayara Bano v. Union of India and others.

 19 March 2019

The case was called Shayara Bano v. Union of India & Others. The bench that heard the controversial Triple talaq case in 2017 was made up of multifaith members. The five judges from five different communities are Chief Justice JS Khehar, a Sikh, Just

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Satishchandra Ratanlal Shah vs State of Gujarat and Another

 27 February 2019

The application filed by the appellant under Section 482 of Cr.P.C. is allowed and the proceedings initiated based on the FIR instituted at the instance of espondent no. 2 are hereby quashed.

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Indira Sawhney & Ors v. Union of India.

 09 January 2019

The opinion of the Supreme Court in the Indra Sawhney case is summarized as below: Backward Classes of the Citizens of in Article 16(4) can be identified on the basis of caste and not only on the economic basis. Article 16(4) is not an exception

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 07 January 2019

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Fast Track Cab Services V. ANI (Ola)

 23 August 2018

In a recent case between Fast Track v. Ola, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) prima - facie opined that the radio taxi service Ola cabs had abused its dominant position within the meaning of Sec 4 of the Competition Act, 2002 (hereinafter ref

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Offences Affecting the Human Body - Attempt to murder

 07 August 2018

The appellant had an exhausted relationship with his wife within two years of marriage. After one year of living with his brother she returned and was mistreated and starved while she was being kept under locks. She somehow breaks free from the confi

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Arbitration tribunal granting right to a non-participating party to match the lowest bidder in the tender process is violation of Public Policy - SC

 06 August 2018

In a recent Judgment of Supreme Court of India, dated 13th July 2018 in a case between National High Ways Authority of India Vs Gwalior Jhansi Express Way Limited (2018 Online SC 688), the court set aside an Arbitrators order on the ground of -Fundam

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Offences Affecting the Human Body: Rape

 06 August 2018

The victim had gone to the field to collect green grass where the appellant approached her for sexual intercourse. At the victim-s protest, the appellant took the victim to the ground and proceeded to conduct sexual intercourse with her by force. Thi

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Grievous Hurt

 04 August 2018

The victim had been hit on his head and face by the accused while he was walking on a public road. That, in turn, caused him grievous hurt. After the investigation was complete and the charges were laid down before the court, the court found the a

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Mangesh v State of Maharashtra

 24 July 2018

The case is about the accused-s sister having an affair with a man, X and the accused being in disagreement with the affair. Watching the couple spending time together one day, the accused, in the heat of the moment, assaulted X with a knife, thrice

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Culpable Homicide amounting to Murder

 23 July 2018

The accused, with the intention of killing B, gave him some dessert (Halva) mixed with poison. B ate a portion of halva and threw the rest, which was then picked up by a girl, C who further ate it and gave the rest to another kid. Both the kids died

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Crime Against Body - Extortion

 21 July 2018

The case was filed before the Sessions Judge of Allahabad by the father (Chauhan) of the kidnapped (Om Prakash) after the death of his son. The son was taken by the two accused Ram Chandra(25 year old man) and Ram Bharosey(49 years old clerk) with th

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M.P. Sharma and others v Satish Chandra

 20 July 2018

"This has to be cleared, or we cannot move further", etched the news papers on fifteenth day of March in 1954. The Dalmia Group owned in the name - Ms Dalmia Jain Airways Ltd had been squared by the investigating agencies, two yrs after it had liquid

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Crimes Against Body - Abduction - Hazarika vs State Of Assam

 12 July 2018

The victim (A minor then) was enticed by the appellant, from near the house where she had gone in order to answer nature-s call, luring her into the idea of marriage. FIR was registered and proceedings in the District and High Court closed in the con

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Landmark passing off case on Trademarks - Yahoo Inc vs Akash Arora

 05 July 2018

A landmark judgment in the IP rights field by the Delhi High Court on one of the most famous cases in India whereby, the defendant Akash Arora started providing like webbed services in the name of Yahoo India, which was found to be violative of the T

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Landmark case of Hussanaira Khatoon Vs St. of Bihar on the Writ of Habeas Corpus

 27 June 2018

The two masters of law, Justice Bhagwati and Justice Desai, ordered the release of a huge number of Under-trials who have been behind the bars for periods more than the maximum period that could be awarded for the crimes they had been charged with. R

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Triple Talaq

 13 June 2018

The dawn of the 22nd day of August 2017 witnessed a revolutionary judgement passed by a 5 judges bench of the Hon-ble Supreme Court holding the practice of Triple Talaq unconstitutional and violative of the rights of Muslim women, that too for a very

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