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divika (hr)     23 September 2014

Women right for forced marriage

Dear Expert, I am 26yr old working girl. i want to marry a person whom i know. i told this about this to my parents. but they are not agree for this and force me to get married to that person whom they want to. please suggest is there any legal way i can oppose this thing. is there any rule for forced marriage. i know going against to my parents will is not right but i am capable enough to take my own decisions. Thanks in anticipation

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     23 September 2014

@ Author,


The legal way out and/or Women’s Rights are as under;

1. You may contact the jurisdiction Women Cell or jurisdiction Police Station and file a written complaint against your own parents for forcing you for the marriage for which you are not giving your free consent without undue influence or force.


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G. ARAVINTHAN (Legal Consultant / Solicitor)     23 September 2014

No one can compel a woman who attained majority


Forced marriage = future 498a


Future 498a = your name will be listed in the unscrupulous womens category



An unscrupulous woman = live your life all alone after that tag



498a tag = No man will marry you again





Use your brain and not only heart...


Just do revolt against your own parents,



You are above 18 years nobody in this entire world would restrict you to marry the person whom you love, if you once become fearless and bold enough to go against all odds.


PS: my sincere request to you once you forward your step then dont turn back because in this you will not suffer but your man will face the music once you ditches him. So, plz think about him before any coward step.



geetha (none)     24 September 2014

Actually those who shoukd use their brains are the parents. But what can be done, India is still hesitant to consider women as living, breathing human beings. Anyone, including parents, brothers, husband or in-laws and grown children can and will do any atrocities against women and still have a great life. That is the way India's tradition and laws are structured. Exploitaion and lack of respect of women are imprinted in the heart of India.

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Jimmy (Manager)     24 September 2014

Whatever you do, do not take advice given by TajobsIndia. Do not file police complaint against your own parents as advised by him. There are better ways to address your problems in a more amicable manner. If you have come to this forum, you are clearly educated enough not to be dragged to some marriage ceremony and be forced to get married. So, do explore better options.  Contact advocates like Adv. Kalaiselvan or Adv. Chandrasekhar on this forum. They are very matured and really knowledgeable and where they are not, they will not respond just to impress readers.

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Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     24 September 2014

As you are working girl, get admission in working women's hostel for the time being.  Then, move to livein there and listen to the objections your parents have against your boy friend objectively and ponder over them sincerely.  After that you come to a conclusion that their objections are frivolous or prejudiced on caste, creed, status or race based, then go forward and register your marriage with the person you want under Special Marriage Act (no temple marriage or no arya samaj marriage).  Needless to mention you might have thoroughly enquired about your friend from independent agency and satisfied yourself about his honesty and integrity.  Then go for Special Marriage but never 'live in relationship', as men in India are misusing this concept for ulterior purposes. 

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MPS RAMANI (Scientist/Engineer)     24 September 2014

You have got all the legal advice. But most often what is legal may not be practicable. Are your parents powerful and influential persons? I mean to ask "all they so powerful and influential that they can do illegal things with impunity? If they are not powerful plainly tell them that you will not marry the person whom they chose for you. If they still go ahead tell the boy's party that you did not want the marriage.

You are a 26 years old working woman. You have your own income and are not dependent on your parents. Do you know and are you satisfied with the credentials of the person whom you want to marry. Does he face any obstacles from his side for the marriage? If he is willing to come forward and marry you you have for yourself a registered marriage.

No one can compel a 26 year old working girl.

Pradeep (Eng.)     25 September 2014

Do this forum have Moderators ? Please Please BAN this man ESIS --- Every Sufferer is a Saviour. He needs to be kicked out of this forum. He is a STALKER. He had been stalking respected Adv Chandrasekar, uses VULGAR language against him. This GUY ESIS thinks he is GOD and gives wrong legal advice to people. BEWARE ! He is not a LAWYER.

MPS RAMANI (Scientist/Engineer)     26 September 2014

Dear Pradeep

You can click on "Report Abuse" on the top RHS corner and tell the administrators whatever you want to say.

MPS RAMANI (Scientist/Engineer)     26 September 2014

I am not  a female. My profile is an open book. You can see that. I may be old enough to be the grandfather of your father. Be decent my dear boy.

MPS RAMANI (Scientist/Engineer)     26 September 2014

If there is something between you and Mr. Pradeep  that is not any of my concern. There was a question from Mr. Pradeep how to complain against an undesirable post. I just gave him a technical reply. Then you started attacking me. I just clarified to you. I do not engage myself in mud-slinging activity. I have nothing to do with you. Please stop.

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