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Malancha Ghosh (Mgr)     13 June 2016

Wife abusing and threating for false 498 a

My cousin brother got married in Bhubaneshwar 3 years ago but it was not legally registered (no marriage certificate).From day1 his wife started threatening and blackmailed stating that  if he is not getting separated with his family then she will raise false dowry case against him and his entire family. after that she stayed one year at her parents home for study and my brother provided the expenditure for study and all.After that he took her in his workplace (kolkata) and she is staying with him only there. She is a houewife and unwilling to do a job but she always asking jewelleries and other costly articles.  Asking him to buy land on her name near his in-laws home.She interrogates his every movement  and wants her name on all his assets/control all his money. She is expecting my brother to fulfil her and her family’s need and continuously trying to cut him off from family and friends. Otherwise she started shouting in offensive language and breaking valuable furniture, mobiles, utensils. In the worst situation, she even moved him out of his home.

My brother and entire family endlessly trying to mitigate the issues by mutual discussions but this is not happening as his wife and her parents are unwilling for any discussion. Each and every day,my brother being abused and harassed – both mentally and physically which impacts his health badly as he is a diabetic patient. Each and every day she talks to her parents and they even call him to abuse verbally. Recently his parents (who residing at Bhubaneswar) were trying to talk to my bother's in-laws over telephone but they are not ready for discussion and put many allegations against him without any evidence.Even said he has medical problem as they dont have child yet. Thereafter her father came at my brother's residence at Kolkata… started shouting just out of his flat and threatened him again that he will raise dowry and torcher case against his entire family and it will result his job loss too. His wife also joined with her father. All these being done in front of his neighbours which damaged his social image. we all are scared of being involved in false legal case.Please help.


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preety   13 June 2016

My best friend needs a divorce from his wife because she behaves very abnormal . I have explaned him to keep her happy and she may become fine but in all these trials he fell in love with another girl who gave him a helping hand ad would liten to his concerns . Now the girl also loves him . the wife ad his own mother have turned against him now and is continuosly torturing him mentally and emotionally saying that they would harm the girl and would not let her live in peace . a number of fake calls also went to this girl who has left her job and city in fear that she is going to lose her respect , the girl is gone to extreme depression when i last met her . the girl still loves the boy because he has been standing with her all through this. his wife said that she will never give him divorce and will take revenge as she thinks it is beacuse of the girl that her family is broken.

Can anyone please advise .

A walk alone (-)     13 June 2016

@Malacha Ghosh first ask your cousin to record all such conversations regarding threatening for false cases in future. If she is living with your cousin to record all things when she shouts on him. Ask him to record all such calls in future. If she file some case then these recordings will helps as evidence against her. Try to solve this matter amicably. Dnt frightened any case as long as you frightened they will abuse you. Just make all recording and ask your cousin to collect other evidence. Nothing she will get by creating all this only divorce.

A walk alone (-)     13 June 2016

@preety your friend has done blunder. She has broken boy marriage. You are also a girl what do you think? Anyway ask your friend to record all call and other conversation. Ask your friend if she wants herself to keep away from legal matter then it will be better forget boy and find someone else. Otherwise his wife may file cases involving your friend name. What she thought about her future by loving such boy? Dnt she ever thought if he after his marriage loves someone else( your friend) won't he will do same with someone else after marrying your friend.

Vakalath (Vakeel No. 1)     13 June 2016

No way forcing spouse living together. Adult person free to do what they want going anywhere, living anywhere. Better advisable MCD, negotiate reasonable, forget this headache, find someone else move forward life.

Malancha Ghosh (Mgr)     14 June 2016

@Preety..... you please remove your query from my thread. I'm getting confused that people replying to my query or your's. Please start another thread.

ABHINAV (Service)     14 June 2016

Dear M.Gosh, I am facing the similar challenge,  Collect evidences as much as your brother can, record her voice and other teleconversations of her parents and brothers, store your evidences at multiple locations. Tell him to face the society and take them in his favour, If possible tell your brother to collect her medical records also. Collect his marriage pics, invitation card etc and hire a good Advocate, file a case before them. Also inform the local PS if required.

Malancha Ghosh (Mgr)     15 June 2016

Abhinav... Thanks for your reply. Currently my brother is trying to get such evidences. We have evidence  where she is saying she will smash his entire family, will raise police complaint, she is not accepting him as husband and even wishing his death etc. My brother went to the local PS but police disageed to take GD against his wife. And they even told him he definitely has some issue and doing something wrong. At the end he has to raise a GD against his father in law for threat and all. Seems police is quite biased for the ladies now. My brother wants to raise divorce but some lawyear told if divorce case is being raised from husband then wife side can raise 498 immediately. Any firther suggestion ?

freemanoneday   22 June 2016

@ghosh - i agree with tha lawyer divorce case will not help because 498a is the counter to divorce to get bulk settlement or threaten the husband to live with her.Moreover contested divorce cases will run for years. my advice would be after collect evidences and keep your calm without obeying their demands and get advice frim local lawyer and LCI experts

Khush   22 June 2016

keep record of all expenditures, bills etc he is spending on. 

tell him to record each and every call and save all messages, and store in seprate place.

tell him to click photos of his and his wife happy moments regularly and keep safe for records.

do not worry, nothing will happen, 

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