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Why in India men marry ?

Backdrop: It is said that Indian women are cultured, sati savitri's, always want to establish family, never want to break a marriage, love beyond love their husband, pray and worship their In - Laws more than God, never  abort a child and never ask money for even their day-today- maintenance.

Que.: Against above backdrop why Indian men are scared to get married?


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sangram (service)     03 August 2010

I will like to know is arun is single or married


@ Sangram,

For your que. on me single or ? - I am leading a life of single today.
For your que. on me married or ? - I was once married.

Now your both que. are answered by me so what is your full view to this post now ?


DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     03 August 2010

Yes Mr Arun kumar you solved a long querry by answering the questions.

Since it was a  surprise that a person not related to legal line giving long answers on everything on the earth WHETHER RELEVENT OR NOT.

Since you have no bondage , totally free so enjoying the fun of this site. CARRY ON.


@ Shashikumar

What your comment is supposed to mean !

"Does one need to be a scientist to know how does a rocket fly ?"

1. Yes, I am not a Advocate like you nor I want to become member of the Bar.
2. I am pleading as party n person several civil/ criminal cases from trial court to Hon'ble SC filed against me.
3. I have given my views on various forum posts related to specific subject title post and not everything on earth as you are bald infrencing out and you as Advocate is free to express your views to same and so many other forum posts why should I stop you doing that.
4. What you kow of / understand my bondage when you don't even know me? 
5. This forum (website) is an interactive website and no where it is mentioned that general public is not allowed here. Make that appeal to Owners of this site which does not even have "physical contact details / a tel. no." of this website and is not even "registered" and "hosted" in Indian soil but is registered and hosted in China.
6. Did I make fun of Law (adversial) in any of my postings? Have ld. Advocates forgotten simple humor in day-to-day life? Is writing my views as general public barred by any Law or by this website advise me I will pull out.



Mr Sashikumar has behaved irresponsibly here.I am all with you,Arun ji.

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     03 August 2010

A woman will not agree to this image of her,  imposed by patriarchal socio-cultural norms and . This is what most men may be thinking of and when they see a woman as a human being and not as a woman straitjacketed by these norms and expectations, some must be getting real rude shock, for a woman also it must be a real shock that she is expected to follow such impossible standards and the problems are then bound to arise!! So the statement answers the question! Impossible standards, impossible demands, impossible expectations perhaps make some men scared of getting married.

By the way, not all men are scared of getting married, not all marriages fail and end up in the bitter contested divorces in the court.  There are so many happy couples around--accepting each other, cherishing each other's qualities, accepting that no one is perfect be it  a woman or a man, sharing with each other, and reaching out to each other in understanding, respectful and compassionate way.



Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     03 August 2010

Does one need to be a scientist to know how does a rocket fly ?"

....... HA  ...............       HA   ...............HA


because men are fools and women know very well that they are fools. so me in india marry. i apppeal all men to join SIFF and save indian family


because men are fools and women know very well that they are fools. so men in india marry. i apppeal all men to join SIFF and save indian family. Arun ji will u please take up cause of educating unmarried men the rights of todays'  women.


Thank you all for your views.......still counting.....

"Rights" and "Duties" are synonymous to each gender why separate the 'gun powder' from its 'shell'?




A woman marries a man thinking she can change him, but she can't. A man marries a woman thinking she will never change, but she does.


Man marry because they are tired, Women because they are curious, both are disappointed.


Why get married and make one man miserable when I can stay single and make thousands miserable?



Balasubramanian.G (Software engineer)     03 August 2010

Hi All,

  Now-a-days its becoming very dangerous to marry in India. The Laws are very very biassed.  If you want to Save your family better you dont marry. I dont say all the women in India are bad. But the laws which are always on their side make them to misuse it. For example if the a women want to get out of marriage and settle down with her lover then she can do very well by using the Nuclear weapon of 498 A against her husband and his family and settle down with some Lakhs of cash with her lover. I have seen a case where the wife and husband was living in USA, got divorce in USA and she came to India and filed 498 A case aginst his family and asking him 50k per month as maintenace.  The parents were no way concerned with this issue and their quarrel, but trying to put them behind the bars. About 70 % of this case is false cases and most of the husbands commiting suicide is increasing. Some wife even kill her husband and live with another men. Some wife getting money from another men and living with him rather than with her husband.

Now about my situation, My wife is having some depression and most of the time she does not want to live in my home. She stated the depression is due to my parents always scolding her what ever she does, but most of the time she scolds my parets and trying to send them out. They are about 70 years of age and my mother got heart surgery done before six months. Being the only son i have to take care of them, but my wife thinks my parents as enemies and runs out of my home often. For more then seven months i'm living single. She does not feel for leaving the husband nor torturing my parents.

 Her father is trying to push her into my home again and again saying i cant do anything as my daughter is now ur wife. But whenever my wife calls her home and say I cant live here any more i will get mad, i'm coming to our home, her parents never rejected or advised to be good and take care of the family. They try to file false 498 A immediately after 1 week of marriage. In marriage they insulted us a lot, and thought if your husband's
family say anything just inform us we will put his family in Jail by Dowry harrasment....

 I may be loosing my job, my parents, my money, my social status, my pride and my home etc. Will this situation make a man feel happy secure or anything good? so i would advise eligible bachelors to live-in relationship like western countries or just living together. Its very hard to get justice in India for married men....

 I would also like to ask the Indian Law makers or HC, SC Justice or the Law Minister, if a man is capable of paying 10 L as alimony, do you think they would do dowry harrassment????

 Can any one from the forum guide me whether i can file Judicial seperation in my situation??? ( i have one daughter of 2 and half years of age)


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