people often say that women should work to get respect in society.

if they work,then boys wont ask for dowry.

therefore working women feel on top of the world,that the world respects them.


if we put conditions on women,that if they work,then only we will value them,what happens to housewives?what happens to ill or handicapped women who cannot earn for the family?should they be illtreated?

coming to my second point,if a man refuses dowry from a working girl but expects from a non-working girl,it's clear that he is interested in money.if parents of working girls dont give dowry,he eyes her salary.this is why he says no to dowry.he knows he will get her salary all his life.and we think he's a modern man who is against dowry system and therefore respects this GENUINE respect?

i remember reading an LCI member;s case who was a businesswoman,earning quite a her in-laws and husband really "RESPECTED" her.but a disease struck her and she got that her business was shut down,they changed their colours and forced her to leave this house.she was here to seek legal advice.felt so sorry for her.
is this the respect women want,that they are not respected as a person,but only when they earn and satisfy everyone's material desires?

instead of spreading this wrong notion in society,that all indian women shud earn money to get this so-called respect from others,should we not teach people that they shud respect every person irrespective of whether he earns or not.A person should be known for his good deedsnot for whether he earns or not.

is love and respect to a woman be based on conditions?cant we respect her simply for the reason that she is god's creation?even a jail inmate has the human right to live in dignity.if the police tortures him,he can why do we judge a woman as modern or backward,just on the basis of her employment status?

and why do women feel so elated when someone respects them ONLY when they have a job?Did God ever discriminate b/w working or non-working women?So who are we to judge?