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What India was the INDIA in 1835

Just read what 'BHARAT' was as per LORD MACAULAY on his statement on 2nd February 1835 and by following him till now what 'INDIA' has become


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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     22 July 2010

Thanks a lot for this great picture of India of 1835.


Mr. Amit, It may be right what you have posted and it is also right that Indians are following a lot of foolish things given by Britishers like Legal System and Cricket but it is also true that they have given us a lot of things though unintentionally.

Most of our great freedom fighters were educated in Britain----Even Congress was foundede by a Britisher.

Indian education system was not competent enough to get rid of Britishers or if it would have been capable/competent enough there would have been no slavery in the first place.

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     23 July 2010


Servitude since centuries has degraded and wounded  our civilization,  and this has rendered us useless. "Thahara hua Samaj, is like Thahra hua pani in both Keede Padte Hain". We just singing the song of our past glorious history.

Deepak Chaudhary (Legal Advisor)     23 July 2010

It was great to see and know as how was our Bharat Mahan at that time..but with the passage of time it lost its culture , values...with little gain...hope we will be able to revive our culture and values..and the prosperity also..


Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     23 July 2010

what mr lord macaulay is appriciation of india only. thanks to lord macaulay.

the real picture somewhat diffrent.

tushar ji also said perfectly.

sulochana muthuchamy (advocate)     23 July 2010

Hello Friends!


Such a wonderful cultural heriage! such a Glorious Spirituality! The only shelter of Real Peace and Real happiness!

How had we degraded? Our Bharath Ma only give spiritual guidance to the west. Yeah! We are the sole

treasurer of spiritual wealth. What a lustful people they are!

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Baskaran Kanakasabai (entrepreneur)     23 July 2010

Thanks to Sri.Amit Bajaj for displaying the print clipping.

In my view it is a fine piece of historical evidence of the malicious intensions of the ruling class of  Britain behind their colonisation policies.It carries more reliability as it has come from a notable historical personality. One can easily imagine , in what manner the British would have designed laws for the countries they colonised. Even a century after enactment of laws like the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, our governments are still preserving such laws intact with out amendments and preserving such laws like priceless antiquity. That speaks volumes of the thoughtlessness of our governments or incapability of our society to elect people capable and responsible enough to trash such laws.

More views to follow.

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Baskaran Kanakasabai (entrepreneur)     23 July 2010

After learning about the statements made by Lord Macaulay, I get an idea of the depth of meaning behind one observation made by experts in the Australian Law Commission around 1980 wherein it has been mentioned that the laws of Australia which were adopted from British statutes should be amended thorughly because when such early laws were made, they were made in "different circumstances".

What we will have to infer is that what Australian law makers recognised in 1980, counterparts in India have not recognised till date.

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Baskaran Kanakasabai (entrepreneur)     23 July 2010

Another valuable information we can infer from Lord Macaulay's words is that when the British Imperialism had its sway over a large portion of the world, it probably did not have an idea as to the nature of what they are doing and the implications of their colonial adventures,as to how long they  can rule other countries and when such countries become independent in future, how the future generations  of citizens of such colonised nations will react to the past indulgences of Britain during such colonisation. If they had  such a really  long vision they would not have left records or evidences of the crookedness behind their strategies or their modus operandi through historical records such as the one posted by Sri. Bajaj.

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Baskaran Kanakasabai (entrepreneur)     23 July 2010

Also, if British machinations are responsible for causing  the deterioration of our society from a thiefless, beggarless, morally perfect and culturally exemplary level to the current one, our own post independence govts  are equally responsible for  not  restoring the original stature and for causing further deterioration in atleast some aspects of the society.

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Gagan Gupta (Advocate)     24 July 2010

People sitting with power fear to give freedom to masses because their imperial/slave mindsets. They say its foolishness to shred power and distribute to public. This is definately what Lord Macauley wants them to be. Lets find solutions to change mentality of these high offices.

Vijay Kumar Mukund ( Retired Airman)     24 July 2010

this is the only problem. since congress party was founded by one britisher so congress leaders are behaving like angrej. they have divided india, corruption is at high, only shibu soren n sanjay dutt like persons are getting justice, common men are crying. politician and officials are treating people like slaves. sohrabuddin and kasab like people are getting justice but no body is talking about fate of union carbide victim or 1984 victim.  


we had sati pratha and caste system even back then. But we were definitely prosperous, which is why the Brits were interested in the first place. They did not come to admire our culture but to trade with us. While we pride on the phrase "sone ki chidiya" It also shows that we were as helpless as the hen who laid golden eggs - the hen got killed for its eggs, so did India get attacked for our wealth. But the greatest loss is not the loss of money but of spirit.
why did Japan recover from 2nd world war and go on to dominate america in their own markets? Japanese did not lose their spirit. 

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G.Nagarajeshwar Rao (Advocate)     31 May 2011

Very good collection! It is an historical clipping. 

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