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Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     14 December 2010

what if I am a daughter of a sex worker

Sorry for making a Hindi Post which my Non Hindi speaking friends can't understand. I will be posting translation of its gist in the evening sometime. 

For now, it is a news clip about Naseema from Bihar, who is daughter of a s*x worker and does not feel a bit  ashamed of being so. She is an activist who fights for the rights of s*x workers. She has been brought up in the Redlight area by her mother.

Naseema is the recipient of  the Real Heroes' Award which she received  in a five star hotel amidst the hall packed with   VIPs.

Her dream is to bring   the children of the s*x workers in the mainstream of society and ensure that their rights are respected.

Naseema recently got married with Hansraj, himself an activist . She gets full support from her  activist in laws. 

She asks the world: So what if I am a daughter of Sex worker....


सेक्स वर्कर की बेटी हूं तो क्या..

Mar 11, 07:31 pm

ये पुरस्कार सिर्फ मेरा नहीं है। रेड लाइट इलाके में काम करने वाली उन तमाम लड़कियां के नाम एक तोहफा है, जो दिन रात एक कर हमारे संग कुछ करने के लिए हमेशा तत्पर रहती हैं। ये कहना है नसीमा का। बुधवार देर रात मुंबई के पांच सितारा होटल में देश के टॉप मोस्ट पर्सन्स के बीच नसीमा को द रियल हीरोज अवार्ड से नवाजा गया। चमचमाती रोशनी के बीच अचानक माइक पर नाम गूंजा नसीमा। बिहार की बेटी नसीमा, और वह ऐतिहासिक पल भी आ गया, जब खेल जगत के महानायक मास्टर ब्लास्टर सचिन तेंदुलकर ने अपने हाथों से नसीमा को 'द रियल हीरोज अवार्ड' प्रदान किया। यह अवार्ड उन्हें एक टीवी चैनल की ओर से दिया गया। मुजफ्फरपुर की रेड लाइट एरिया में जन्म लेने वाली नसीमा देखते ही देखते अपने परफार्मेस की बदौलत आज नेशनल लेवल पर छा गई।

युवा पीढ़ी के लिए भी प्रेरक

बुलंद हौसले की प्रतीक नसीमा आज तमाम महिलाओं ही नहीं, बल्कि आज की युवा पीढ़ी के लिए भी प्रेरक बन गई है। अपनी सक्सेस स्टोरी खुद लिखने के लिए नसीमा को सोसाइटी के ठेकेदारों से जूझना पड़ा। कई बंदिशें तोड़नी पड़ी। आज भी सेक्स वर्कर्स को हक दिलाने के लिए नसीमा को कदम-कदम पर संघर्ष करना पड़ रहा है। उसका ड्रीम है कि सेक्स वर्कर्स के बच्चे सोसाइटी के मेन स्ट्रीम से जुडें, उन्हें अधिकार मिले।

कौन है नसीमा

नसीमा की कहानी रेड लाइट एरिया से जुड़ी है।. वह एक सेक्स वर्कर की बेटी है। घर मुजफ्फरपुर चतुर्भुज स्थान स्थित रेड लाइट एरिया में है। यहां दिन के उजाले में लोग तो जाने से परहेज करते हैं, लेकिन रात के अंधेरे में उन्हें कोई गुरेज नहीं। नसीमा समेत पांच बच्चों को छोड़ उसकी मां मदीना ने दूसरी शादी रचा ली। घुंघरुओं की आवाज के बीच उनका बचपन गुजरा। सबके सब सेक्स वर्कर थीं। नसीमा को सेक्स वर्कर की बेटी कहलाने पर ऐतराज नहीं है। जनवरी में उसने एक्टिस्टि हंसराज से शादी की। She is getting full support from her activists parents in law.  


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Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     14 December 2010



Something which was called immoral may be 20 years ago is now legal and nurturing. There are instances which dipict that the society is dynamic and is in a mode of contemplating such and similar forsaken cadre.


In the light of above, I urge that there arises a need to bring changes in the law to provide equality to such cadre under Art. 14 (for men & women both) & Art. 15(3) (for women). This shall change the shape of the society and the Preamble of the Constitution of India shall be enforced by the virtue of "Equal opportunity for all".





N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     14 December 2010

Will be waiting anxiously in the evening for your posting; in the mean time s*x worker or s*x worker's daugther does not make any difference, as she is human being first and will enjoy all the rights as human being right from her mother's womb till date.Hats off to Naseema and her husband.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     14 December 2010

nothing special.

she is equal to a officer's daughter or engineer's daughter. nothing special is there.


how you linked her with your question?

are you going to make a film or asking a question of law related to family matters?

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     14 December 2010

No one can suppress Talent, which is inborn. Her mother also deserved to be praised , who raised her against  all odds.

hedevil hydraheaded (non professional )     14 December 2010

Arup ji, I did not ask any question, did I ? 

The girl needs to be especially encouraged ....for her life was not easy as you have depicted it .

Society is not yet ready to accept these children in the mainstream and that's a fact, so these are rare types of cases and hence needs a space in the family forum. With these cases, attitudes may change...and hence the case deserved a space.

Now if it is all that normal, go to any mainstream school and find out from the teachers how many children of s*x workers study there. This would tell a lot as to why this woman is waging a struggle and war on the social attitudes which theoretically talk big on their rights but when it comes to practice, do perpetuate discrimination against them and use the names of the prostitute as a term of abuse...even on this very many would be ready to get married with the sons and daughters of a s*x worker or rent out their house to them? Needs sincere introspection to turn the situation around...

The caption is not my creation, it is how the news item was given...oh perhaps I did not give the source of the news, would be doing soon after an hour( as I am still under time restriction). This is what Naseema is asking the society...she obviously thinks that all is still not well with the societal attitude towards the children of s*x workers and hence she is working for bringing them to mainstream....

If nothing else, she deserves a compliment like how Assumi ji has put it : Hats off to her and of course her Mother who brought her up....

hedevil hydraheaded (non professional )     14 December 2010


Sorry for this confusion! You will notice that I have written under the ID of hedevil...forgetting that I did not log in....

Since I can't write before an hour has gone, I am again making this post from his ID. 

Well, hedevil and I are working on the same project , he is my colleague and I seem to have written from the system he was logged in. So please consider this  posting  from me, rather than him. In fact he pointed it out to me and we had good laugh at it but thought I should clarify it immediately rather than giving scope for some gossip over the mix up of identities!


hedevil hydraheaded (non professional )     14 December 2010

Ok, the author of above post is from Renuka Gupta...


Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     14 December 2010

are ms renuka and mr / ms hedevil are same person?

it seems so.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     14 December 2010

" Society is not yet ready to accept these children in the mainstream and that's a fact "

it was, not now.

the new generation coming. most of them are open minded and not a fundamentalist.

Uma parameswaran (lawyer)     14 December 2010

we can see victims in different field.   Persons like Naseema   shall be a inspiration for those who are suffering in different field.

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     14 December 2010

I have explained we are not the same persons but do work on the same project. I also explained how I came to write  from the same system without logging him out and myself logging in, when the system was idle and this page was open. I clicked the sent option under the impression that I have already logged in. Is it so unbelievable ?  To me, they are minor human lapses. Moreover, What is the need for me to assume another ID? 

It's up to the readers to believe me or not, I can explain myself only to the extent I have and I do stand by the explanation I gave. 

BTW, the prefix for hedevil is Mr., and not Ms. 

Now About your( positive)  comment on society, one things are like how you have projected! But sadly they are not. Make an interesting survey for any school Arup ji in your need not go out anywhere for the field work...and let me know how many kids there are of commercial s*x workers. The taboos still exist, not everyone has a mentality which accepts them without judgement and on equal footing. I am happy that you have a mind which even all of younger generation does not seem to be having...we have to travel a long way to come to that stage and these instances are a shot in the arm for those who work for their rights.



Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     14 December 2010

"Is it so unbelievable ?"



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