what did globalization mean for india?


Globalization is a fraud played by World Elite on the masses of developing nations

At a time PM Narendra Modi is busy wooing the global investors in USA I do not think many people would be wondering like me what good globalization did for Indian economy.  Computer, Internet and Mobiles would have come into our country even if it is a socialist economy.  Seeing the discussion of Nidhi Kulpathi in NDTV India today in Badi Khabar, I felt that there is a need for debate about what Globalization means for the lowest strata of society in India the BPL masses.  Politicians want cadres under them to become leaders.  It is not that educated people after fulfilling all job and family responsibilities go and work for these leaders.  These cadres themselves are part of problem in our country.  There are no answers for questions like – from where the parties manage to feed the cadres that depend on them?  Is it corruption money that the political parties manage to earn through supporting crony capitalists or through some other form of graft? 


For instance in Maharashtra BJP broken its ties with Shiv Sena.  It is good development.  Because it is not for political parties to distribute constituencies among themselves and tell people of those constituencies – Hey guys..these are your leaders please vote for them.  It is not the job of political parties to “appoint leaders” for people.  It is their job to help “leaders emerge” from within people.  BJP is an ideological party.  It cannot say if not my leader I will come to power with the help of some other party leader.  They have to develop leaders who come up spreading their party ideology.  Mera  nahi tho kisi aur ka sahi, kaise bhi sarkaar mein bhaag ban naa is OK for me, means the party will not help any leader to emerge from masses because the ties with regional parties will ensure that their party will remain where they are in those constituencies where regional parties have their leaders significantly having hold.  That is fundamentally wrong for any ideological party because their fundamental job is 1. To spread their own ideology and 2. To develop leaders who spread their own ideology and they alone should come to power in order to run government in accordance with party thinking.


All this has a bearing on economy because the way political parties give refuge to the uneducated, illiterate, jobless but educated youth etc gives rise to many serious questions like 1. Why do they get attracted to political parties if they don’t get anything from them? 2. What is the source of funding their job, activity and survival for parties?  These fundamental questions are never answered by political parties in India.


We need our cadres to increase day by day, which means the illiterate, uneducated, unskilled masses should throng party offices and follow leaders wherever they go in big numbers in order to serve the image of the leader that unless he is a big leader he cannot have such many great number of people behind him.  The other side, as our countrymen are not capable of investing, forming companies, giving jobs to fellow countrymen we go and beg the foreign capitalists for FDI like our PM is doing now.  There is also global investors meets now a days by all parties that are in power at State level.  There is going to be global investors meet in MP shortly.  Why?  We do not have governments and banks to help our own people to invest and form companies?


Why this craze for global investment?


30 percent of the people depend on the political parties to survive for whom the means of survival and financing is never known, because of which transparency is killed and mafia kind of activity surrounds political party functioning spreading sycophancy towards central leadership, 40 pc people depend on the Rojgar Yojana funds like NREGA and compromise with BPL lifestyle and remaining 30 pc educated people work under crony capitalists and foreign capitalists who bring FDI ….there is no greater slavery for the people than this.


Political parties must realize that they are part of a big social problem and killing people’s sense of equality and making them adjust to the substandard life one side and other side, BJP governments have mastered the art of keeping the government balance sheets healthy.  There is a trend in this.  I am not a trained economist but I studies economy in my BA and MBA.  As I am not a trained and reputed economist I can think clearly.


I can say I hate exports.  That may sound bizarre for many people.  But I hate exports as an economic student. 


Because it has everything to do with the patriotism of people.  The fundamental principle of patriotism is – when your fellow Indian is starving you cannot sell to a wealthy foreign buyer for a price to become super rich.  So many agitations are made for identities by public.  They do not understand basic principles of patriotism and idealism.  Say Telengana agitation.  So much of hatred was also spread by parties one against other.  Telangana people against Andhra People and Andhra People against Telangana people.  But tell me, you are in Hotel business in Hyderabad, if a Telangana beggar comes you will throw him out and if Andhra buyer comes you will allow him to have food in your restaurant.  The same will happen in Vijayawada also for a Telangana buyer and a Andhra beggar.


Where does our idealism and patriotism goes when it comes to business?  We divide people on so many issues but business wise, we need someone who has purchasing power and on the ground that some beggar belongs to our caste, our community our religion, our region, our nationality no one gives him food or bread.  So much is said about public trust doctrine by courts.  Simple truth is, apart from the fact that government is custodian and trustee of natural resources of people, there is also a truth that every citizen has ownership to the extent his share can be divided from the overall resources. 


The governments allowing FDI and in place of 100000 people because they can bring good technology and production at high scale with mechanization, they employ only 1000 people and their production is allowed to be sold in foreign countries…..how the people are concerned with this economic activity.  They are neither promoters, nor profit makers, nor employees, nor consumers but some economic activity is generated and the natural resources are exploited and the production and profits go out of country.  That may help only one factor.  Our exports will be greater than imports.  That means government can keep its balance sheet healthy.  That is the trick BJP is playing in its states.


We are not concerned with investment magnitude.  We are only concerned with its spread and reach and its impact in terms of contributions to involve them as part of economy.  30 pc population ko mafia banaade kis paison se jeete hain kisiko pataa nahi hai….40 pc population ko BPL life ko adjust kardo compromise honede….remaining 30 pc population ko crony capitalist aur foreign capitalist ke service mein lagaade, is se badaa ghulaami desh ke liye aur koyi nahi hain. 


Globalization means the advanced countries along with the creamy elite of developing countries exploiting natural resources of this planet to their best advantage forming the elite of the world?  Exports ke jariye is desh mein nahi tho mujhe buyer videsh mein milegaa….kahke is desh ke gareebi ko najar andaaz karke global markets mein bhaag banke ek World Elite banjaaye….to the disadvantage of masses in developing countries?


Wake up Modi Saab.  Wake up BJP. 


Globalization means the advanced countries along with the creamy elite of developing countries exploiting natural resources of this planet to their best advantage forming the elite of the world?  Exports ke jariye is desh mein nahi tho mujhe buyer videsh mein milegaa….kahke is desh ke gareebi ko najar andaaz karke global markets mein bhaag banke ek World Elite banjaaye….to the disadvantage of masses in developing countries?


I was actually busy that day, and so am I even today.  I need to explain certain ideas more clearly.  As our Prime Minister had conveyed that we cannot remain insulated from global economy I need to explain certain concepts from point of view of fundamentals.  When I ask what happens to their patriotism and idealism related to regional identities etc., I am actually questioning their moral authority to motivate people for certain agitation inspiring them to cling to certain identity.  For instance, the top 20 crore population of India can form companies, do jobs in them exploiting the natural resources of India and finding markets in foreign countries, without involving the remaining 100 crore population in the economic activity of nation at all making them beggars or just treating them as cheap labor or vote banks then what is the meaning of nationality for any country?


There is a village of 1000 people.  Out of them 200 people have lands and means of production in their hands.  They produce.  They have markets in other villages to purchase their produce.  They became wealthy and rest of 800 people are starving to death because they are neither connected to the economic activity related to production, nor they have ownership of any land nor they are buyers.  That is what is happening in the world today.  People of the nations are not bothered about the poverty in their own countries because they are able to find markets in other countries for their produce or they are able to get investments from other countries.  Only the top 30 to 40 percent of the population in developing countries are well connected to the economic activity of the nation remaining are not.



How to develop markets?


This is a key question to be put by our governments.  A market means a group of people who have purchasing power.  People who do not have purchasing power do not become part of markets. 


How do they get purchasing power? How people graduate to the level of a population that has purchasing power?


They need to do jobs.  Creation of jobs is the key for any nation to expand the markets within their own country and also involve the lower, lowest strata of society in the economic activity of the nation.  As markets expand, the poverty levels come down.  These are very simple economic ideas.  It is not necessary for anyone to be a world class economist like Manmohan Singh to run an economy.  If the mind of person is clear about fundamentals, he can run the country even if he is uneducated person. 


Now, in the process of wealth creation, there are two conflicting theories.  One theory proposes that there should be capital intensive industries with mechanized modes of production to decrease costs of labor.  With that the production levels will be high, but if a country relies too much on it, only the creamy layers will be involved in the production processes because mechanized production does not require too many employees and labor.  With the advent of computers and software technology even white collared jobs are on the decline.  Then what happens with this is, though the GDP is at expected levels, the markets do not expand because mechanized production does not involve too many people in economic activity. 


That is why, in India though the IT industry is booming the poverty is also increasing because people have no white collared jobs....not as many as when there were no computers.  Earlier, the profits of companies were less but more people were involved in economic activity....but now, the profits of biggest companies in India are high but the poverty is increasing, people are left without having anythin to do with economic activities either as employees, labor or as purchasers.  Whatever the creamy companies are producing are being exported which means they are finding markets elsewhere.


The alternative to this theory is, labor intensive industries.  In these industries the companies may not earn huge profits cutting costs of labor, but they serve as best job creators and hence best creators or markets.  Developing countries like India need more labor intensive industry than capital intensive industry because with capital intensive industry the probelm is the economic activity stagnates without involving major chunk of population in the economic activity.  Enough for today.  Thanks.




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