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Jai Kishan Mudgal (Postman)     14 March 2012

Voluntary retirement

My father has served indian postal dept. for 29 years contionously(from 15-2-1983). He worked there as a postman. But now he is suffering from artheritus of knee. As you know that a work of a postman is laborious so he can not continue giving his services and want voluntary retirement. Can anyone please frame an application for voluntary retirement?? I would be highly thankful to you.


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kameswarao S (Head HR)     15 March 2012

Let your father approach their higher officials along with the doctors cetificate. The dopctor certificate should clearly talk about his inability to continue his job basing on the medical issues and it should be from a government doctor not less than an Assistant civil surgeon.

After obtaining their higher officials suggestions he can attach the medical certificate to a simple application which talks about his incapability and willingness to go for a voluntery retirement.

Regards - kamesh

Jai Kishan Mudgal (Postman)     15 March 2012

But sir can you please write a body of the letter so that i can understand what should be written in an application? That would be a great help from your side. Thank you so much sir.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     16 March 2012

Voluntary Retirement is right of an employee with more than 20 years of paid service. That means he should have received 24 months salary without any break in service provided no disciplinary (major penalty) /criminal case is pending against him. He need not cite reasons or provide supporting documents and such request cannot be combined with any other grievance as it has to be unconditional and independent.  


There is no need of Medical certificate of any sort. So I differ with Mr Kameshwar Rao.

Someone may exploit you and charge heavy expenses.  Even the clerks in the Post office where he is working would have guided him. There is no special drafting needed. (Unless there are other material facts which you may be hiding) The draft is as under:-



Sr Supdt of Post Office


(through Post Master ________)


Sir, having joined service on _________ I have completed more than 20 years of qualifying service.  I wish to seek voluntary retirement and hereby tender my notice of 3 months and would request to be voluntarily retired on __________.


Yours faithfully

(                    )


If no rejection is received till last day of the expiry of three months then he need not attend duties from next day and claim his pension. Administration will pursue the matter as he is not the first postal employee making this request.



Jai Kishan Mudgal (Postman)     17 March 2012

Thank you soo soo sooooo much sudhir sir..

I am highly obliged..

This is a huuuuuge help from your side.

Thanks again sir..

Take care..

Jai Kishan Mudgal (Postman)     17 March 2012

"Tender my notice of 3 months"

Sudhir sir i am not understanding aforesaid part.

Can you please explain it a little bit more??


Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     17 March 2012

One has to given three months (not 90 days) notice for seeking voluntary retirement, which is condonable (generally not condoned) by appointing authority.

kenneth (Sales Agent)     21 March 2012

I agree with you guys. This is really a priviledge given to employees. The American side of Honda Motor Co. is being pressured into belt-tightening mode as profit margins for its Japanese parent have dropped onto the wrong side of acceptability. Automotive News reports that the U.S. department of the Honda Motor Co. is in the process of providing voluntary severance bundles to senior members of its sales team across the United States. With bad car credit finance, you will get the help you need for a new car.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     24 March 2012

Dear Mr Kenneth you have wrongly udnerstood.  The above rule position is not for th epurpose of "belt-tightening mode as profit margins" as in case of ex-India company.  This is normal rule position not extra-ordinary measure.  This employee if seek VR will be replaced by another one with a liability of post office to employ him till the age of 60 ( while his tenure may not be more than 10-12 years.

Jai Kishan Mudgal (Postman)     20 April 2012


My father didn't have any of his earned leave or casual leave left and he can't do his service either because he have a severe pain in his knees.
So in this condition how can he seek his voluntary retirement..
Please guide us sir..

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     20 April 2012

The rules have been explained to you. If he doe snot have EL/CL then he can availa medical leave during notice period.

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