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Kiran Kumar (Software)     13 May 2016

Urgent help required - wife threatening to commit suiside


My wife filed MC case and property case. She asked me transfer my house on her name, But Judge convinced her to take monthly rent insated of hosue. She some how agreed we made a settlement deed for same and cases are withdrawn 

After coming home she felt she is cheated by court and always threatening to commit suside by writing my name, my father name and mother name that these people are responsible for it. Unfortunately my father expired last month and my mother came to my house for place change. From that day onwards She is raking trivial issues. Today morning she said she is leavig house and started taking kid to her parent home. and when I stopped her from going, she tried swallowed sleeping pills and started shouting very big as if we are killing her.

I dont want go to jail when I have not committed any mistake . Please help me out a way to come out this blackmail. 



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cskarulshakthe (student)     13 May 2016

Don't worry his give a police complaint... keep cctv cameras and keep tracking

cskarulshakthe (student)     13 May 2016

Don't worry his give a police complaint... keep cctv cameras and keep tracking
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lucky12321 (Job)     13 May 2016

Start recording audio/video using CCTV/spycam and mobile (andriod app etc.) also keep recording in original device mind it original device only and start collecting other evidence too in the mean time pls connect local lawyer and give NC to local PS, DCP SSP NCW CAW etc. of your area Don't worry take care of your mother and just ignore her.



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Inform the incidents to authorities and give a statement to police that she is trying to blackmail you in this manner

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Kumar Doab (FIN)     13 May 2016

Full agreed with above advises.



Eerangere Sana (Excellent Lawyer)     13 May 2016

Sleeping pills, flit, pehnoyl these are drama company items, such losers will not commit suicide, but only do drama, give complaint on her that she tried to commit suicide.  Let her spend one night in lockup, bribe some women constalbe and get the job done, next time she wont do like this.

A walk alone (-)     14 May 2016

Before she file any case against you file a complaint against her in police that she is threatening to commit suicide. In case she get injured this case will help you. Make recording of her activity this may be used as evidence in future. Tell your neighbour also about her activity in future anything happen they will take your side.

Born Fighter (xxx)     15 May 2016

Your wife is mentally unstable. If your marriage is less than 7yrs old and if ur wife dies due to suicide you will go to Jail. So u need to protect urself.


MOST IMP - Start gathering evidences as suggested. Next time when she warns of committing suicide, show as if you have not heard and walk off......just see her reaction. She also seems to be a drama queen but then such characters are unpredictatble and you need to be careful.


Dont go for a kid at all unless u see solution to ur problem.

Ravi (Consultant)     31 May 2016

If your wife need one more lady to same act and start suicide drama company then i will send my wife too. My wife also run towards the lake saying she will jump, but when reached lake, she touched water to check water is hot or cold and slowly sit down and look back i m there or what. then i said taking bath, she was so insulted and started to cry, nowadays she is not running towards lake but just say she will commit suicide. i ask her, WHEN.?

Remo (Employee)     23 November 2018

Good ravi...my name is ravi varma...same story in my life also...but insted of water ...she used to blackmail me always with gas cylinder and kirosine oil...


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