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Kiran Kumar

About me

  Member Since : 15 April 2013  (Bangalore)

I am alomost on the verge of becoming a victim of DV,498A, My wife send me legal notice, I am currently at her mercy , I need good lawyere prefereably from vijayawada to fight my case.


Update : 28-Aug, My so called Wife upgrarded her weapon from Legal Notice to CRPC-125, After reaching this forum I realised I am not alone here, but as with everyone, I have my unique sufferings

1) My parents never stayed with me because of her, but she dragged my parents and my brother into the legal notice

2) My marraige is almost 10 years back done. Now she is saying I am asking fresh dowry,

3) She spoiled not only my life but my Kid life by taking away from me, she made me emotonally suffer

4) I started having issues in work place, as I have to take leaves to her place, on top of it the sword of 498A is hanging, because of stupid biased laws.

5) My father mother suffered more than me, they are almost in tears to see my family broken

6) While leaving home she stolen jewellary from my home, and filed a case that her parents have given jewellary, I know the court will not punish her for this theft, as I cannot provide any evidence, but god is great, he know all this

7) The lawyersclub forum is great and lot of selfless people working here, but seeing the judgements here, I see courts are awarding maintenace, despite no mistake of husband,  With great respect to indian judiciary, The law seems to be, Let the husband work and pay 1/3  to his unruly wife, even if she lies on record.

8)  The real injustice is done to the people who are really suffering from dowry harassment. Because of these greed wifes, Nos it is becoming very difficult to say whetther a case is genuine or not


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