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Singha Rao (Engineer)     28 August 2012

Urgent help on diverse@phone record


  I had enough voice record proof about my wifes' talikng to her boy friend.. Where they discuss some of their past experiece, where realising that why they did not to get married..and after that she left from our home including from me and don't want to join with me since last 8 month..

  When I told this matter to her parents they are supporing to my wife and and they say that my wife will do job at their home town and acording to their choice.. Right now I don't idea wheather joinedor not? They are not informing me in this matter..

  As I stay abrod I have only all this phone record (call from internet software).. I have all these clear voice record about her cruel behaviour upon me..I am saving my dialled list as well ( from computer sereen)

 Now need advice on:

 My lawerer say that the phone call record are not solid proof for defending this matter..In such case only sending registered post requesting her to join with me is the way to proof, showingyou interest to join her with you..

 In such case can the follwing detail help for me?

1. Exact voice record with dialled list detail..

2. If her lawerer can argue that that voice may be from some other person, how one can prrof that that is her voice?

 In such case can I ask for a RTI on her call log with detail on her incoming call to her phone number?

 If I can prrof that from my dialled list + voice recoreder time + her incoming list.. Is it not enough to show infront of legal ways?


Please sugget me in thsi regard..


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Vinu (executive)     28 August 2012


According to me what your lawer says is correct. It shows that there is no "untrusted wife" but a untrusted husband.It's not good to trace her calls will make her more adamont and forget all your positives..then will react soon with legal weapons with the support of her family. If she says that "he suspects me and records my calls that makes me dipressed" it counts as you have committed domestic violence to her.  If possible pls try to find what she exactly want from you..have a personal talk to sort out. All your intension is to prove that she is wrong? or want your wife to continue a new happy life?

If you really want her you can communicate personally and spend much time to talk about the issues instead of going for legal notice and running to courts for years. Sending RCR to join with you will drag the matter for years if she is not interested.

She has a worried/afraid tone on her phone calls (stated in your posts) so i think she has started realizing that she has committed something ( i don't mean adultary) wrong to her family life. So let her rectify and come out from that guilty feel. Then, take her back or get mutual concern.

Singha Rao (Engineer)     28 August 2012

Dear Vinu,

  Thank you for your valuable reply.. But before that let me express some thing..

Yes off course, tapping her phoen record is a violance, but initially I kept some doubt and in absence and back some thing is really going on (oce I come back from duty, then I found her in different mood, as per their past discussion)..Then I found that some strange things is really going on in my absence..then only I kept a recorder, and same day I caught her talkng to her past boy friend..

Regarding this issue I raised to her, her father and to her old boy friend as well...

Once this happpen then she say I don't want to join with me, then her parents has also now contact with that stupid guy..Once my wife get support from her family member then she say that she will do job ather choice, and searching near to her parents house, which is clearly supporting by her parents.. As her home town to my home town is 400 K, it is not possible t know any thingwhat they are doing?

Her parents also now searching job for her with out informing me..

Nowhope it is claer to you..


Ranee....... (NA)     28 August 2012

I think these are useful according to evidence Act .There are many threads regarding this issue. Searce and read

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