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Respected Sir,

I am under shock to receive INCS Head office letter no HO/317/PMS dated 02 Dec 16 regarding termination of my services with immediate effect without any cause and without giving me an opportunity to know my mistakes for such a severe penality which is nothing less than awarding industrial “death sentence” to me. This would look to all and everyone a shocking communication to terminate an executive without giving an opportunity to know his fault and explain his position.

Briefly on my background with the organization (Indian Naval Canteen Service) – I was appointed by letter no Ho/317/PMS dated 26th March, 2014 in organization as “Assistant Retail Executive” and I have giving my services honestly, sincerely and dutifully and so I was confirmed in the services of the organization vide letter no 04/15 dated 04 September, 2016. Further, I was qualified and recommended for up-gradation to “Chief System Administrator” through the letter no HO/317/PMS dated 09th June, 2014. After such an excellent performance and organizational responses such as Confirmation and then up-gradation, one fine morning getting a letter of Termination is not only shocking but also humiluating to me.

Further I state in my service tenure I never disobeyed any seniors’ order, neglected duties and did any misconduct. I have been sincerely giving continuous services to the organization without fail.

  In this regards I also forwarded my request letter on 05 Jan 17 and 02 March 17 to all seniors of INCS to scrutiny my case, this are as follows

  1. Vice Admiral Hari Kuma. AVSM, VSM,
  2. Rear Admiral Pradeep Joshi.
  3. CMDE P K Doshi (General Manager)

Please help me ....

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What is mentioned in Para1(f) of letter of appointment?



 “Further, I was qualified and recommended for up-gradation to “Chief System Administrator” through the letter no HO/317/PMS dated 09th June, 2014.”

The date; 09th June, 2014 seems to be wrong.


Your last designation, mentioned in termination order is Retail Executive (CSA).

The letter seems to be Termination Simplicitor.

Has the authortiy issued/disbursed Notice pay to you.

IN accordance with service rules you may contets the termiantion order, in appropriate forum.


But any organisation terminated without proper reason?

(f) Notice for Termination / Resignation.    Your services may be terminated without assigning any reason or without notice on either side during the probationary period. Thereafter, your services may be terminated by giving one month notice on either side or pay in lieu thereof when you have put in 3 years or notice your services may be terminated by giving 3 months notice on either side of pay in lieu thereof



There seems to be some I.N.C.S. Rules………….

Do these apply to your designation?

Which service rules, conduct and discipline rules apply to your desigantion?



There seems to be employee's unions of employee's in your establishment:

 Indian Naval Canteen Service Employees' Union
        (Reg.no.07-62 of 1990), 
        General Secretary, Thomas K.E.,
        53/228, Paliathara House, Maliakkal Road,
        Thevara P.O., Kochi - 13.


Take their help to get rules and information on appropriate forum.





Give me your email id to send you INCS Rule.




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