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nitu (Sr Mgr)     18 December 2012

Tenant problem - stressful




I am really looking for your advice n suggestions....   

My tenant’s agreement was over by Nov’12 and new terms n conditions agreed vide email and agreement was not done.   He is a problematic person from the day one, further I could not take any more tension from him told him to vacate the house on 5th Dec.. From there 1 month notice period as per agreement 5th January.    He vacated house on 16th, but he did not inform me on that day.

2. He never gave the key to us so  we cld show the house to new prospects.

3. 15th my SIL went n saw the house noted (major repair n replace) he has damaged lot of things in the house.

Last week he has gone to Ganesh temple (near our house) complaint about me

We have one area association he has gone n complain there, all this before vacating house itself.

He vacated the house on Sunday n Monday he has given complain on me to our area x-corprater.  He called n spoke to me I gave him the list of things which he  has to do,   3 points I kept in front of him.

a.       He has to hand over the key to me immediately

b.      He has to repair the house  n damages done to my car n my other tenants bike

c.       Automatically he will get his advance after all rent, water, keb..... ECT to his ac.

In his email, he has told, I am vacating house on 15th settle my fund, in return I have replied “ok, noted, procedure will be followed as per agreement”  (1 month notice)

he has not given key nor repaired house, but he is going around the area n spoiling my name, me being a lady n with small baby, husband out of station most of the time, giving me lot of tension n stress, calling me here n there, in spite of telling I will lawfully follow n settle as per agreement (my father 74yrs old thin heart, ppl ask him on the way – y no settlement ect)

My quires:

  1. Do all this ppl whom he complaining, forces me to settle?
  2. What is legal action : I have to take to take possession of house if immediately


Should I leave, let him have the key.. Till that date deducts the rent, wen the balance becomes zero, that time what is the legal  way to take possession.


His behaviour is same in his last vacated house, I came to know yesterday. 

Yesterday another person came n speak or threaten  “better settle his advance, you are a lady with small kid, aged parents n most of the time your husband is out of station’ – he holding his mobile n talking but facing me, for a moment I could not understand, by the time I realized the msg is for me, water tank came n he just took his bike n flied. It took minutes for me settle.    I think this person is trying all things with me,  did this was it  joke or serious, if anything happens to me , my kid, my hubby n my entire family ??? What should I do?   Can’t share this with my parent’s bec of their age, can’t share with my husband because he is not in station, I did not get sleep up to 3.30am yesterday, various thoughts.

Being women is this society always frighten us, do v need to sit in corner, even in 2012 n 2013??????  Being me MBA educated, worked as manager   do I need get frighten of all these ppl!!!!   I am losing sleep.


I have 1000 questions in my mind, and sleepless night up to 3.30am yesterday I could not get sleep.   As a person I am too sincere n honest by nature, for a ppl like me if they give such harressment n torches what about ppl who are not educated n thin heart..


Pls help me.....

Thanks a lot


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Chetan Joshi (Advisory/Advocacy)     18 December 2012

How did you communicate to vacate the house....If I understand correctly, 5th jan is the limit to which he can live in the house as per the agreement???....If thats true, wait till 5th jan and go to the Local police if he poses problems....



And Nitu the one who is at fault needs to worry and not you, if you feel supressed, find a male figure who can handle this, you may always resort to the police.....







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nitu (Sr Mgr)     18 December 2012

Hi Chetan,

thanks a lot for this reply.

my mother told to them verbal n we put board on 6th Dec,  

yes, u are correct - 5th Jan is lost date but he has vacated the house on 16th, but he is telling everyone in the area about me,  incld. our area x-corporater - 

my other doubt if u can clarify me,  this is civl related matter, if i not mistaken will police entertain this ???

i am not at all at fault , going as per agreement,  but my nature is like that.   stress n tension comes automatically, could be because, wen i think i am so sincere n honest - why this to me ????????

my father is aged, brother younger no knowledge, husband - mostof the time out of station.

i need to depend on myself n my knowledge n ppl like you who help me on myway to shape up work.

highly regs


Ajay kumar singh (Advocate)     18 December 2012

I think you need not worry at all nor you are required to give any explanation to anyone. The house has been vacated after the end of the tenancy period and the matter is over now. No one can compell you give any explanation. A complaint by tenant cannot be entertainede now after expiry of the tenancy period.

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nitu (Sr Mgr)     18 December 2012

Mr. Ajay

But settlement is not over, from both party.


Ajay kumar singh (Advocate)     18 December 2012

I fail to understand what type of settlement you want.

nitu (Sr Mgr)     18 December 2012

Dear Mr Ajay,

He didnot hand over the possession of my house, i mean he has not given me the key - he has to repair all broken things in side my house.   current month rent, water, current, ect... all pending.

His advance is with me,  


Ajay kumar singh (Advocate)     18 December 2012

It is better for you to open the tenanted house and take its possession through your local House Controller who is generally the Sub Divisional Officer. If you litigate the matter, it may by time taking and disturbing for you. You should forget some minor things like water tax, electricity bills etc.

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nitu (Sr Mgr)     19 December 2012


coming back to my problem,   this guy told our area association (that
he wil hand over
key to police station)  my qtn is if he hand over key to station will
they take ???

will police call me for clarification ?????

does police will force be to settle in station ????   do they hv such power ???

pls reply me .......



Ajay kumar singh (Advocate)     19 December 2012

Police has no role to play in the matter.

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ABHISHEK KUMAR VATSA (Freelancer)     02 January 2013

hi nitu ,

In your case as there can be no involvement of police can be thr so thrs no need to worry . 





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