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Krishna   04 November 2023

Tenant accused of land grabbing


I have been a tenant for last 24 years with only an oral agreement that I can stay as long as I want but I have to pay rent in cash which I have been doing except on 4 occasions he took multiple month's rent by 4 checks. Property bill did not have his name & he made me pay for it till the end of this year i.e. 2023 & I have the original receipts.

Last year he bought share certificate of my apt complex & got his name in Property Bill & Paid property tax for year 2024 & also registered his name in 7-12 record & thus became the legal owner as of September 2022.

This year in August he filed a complaint that I have grabbed his Apt & I am not a tenant & no Landlord Tenant agreement has ever been made. But he contradicted that in November 2021 by sending a legal notice demanding 8 years rent & when I confuted, he asked for two more years rent that is till end of 2023 which I paid in cash ( but he did not give receipt ) but at least it  proves that I am a legal tenant.

But since he became legal owner last year, now he filed a land grabbing case & stated that I am not a tenant & he gave me the place to stay for free for last 10 years & I am refusing to leave.

I have original receipts of last 24 year's Light Bills, Maintenance bills, Property tax bills & phone bills but only 4 checks as a proof that I paid rent.

I gave above exact reply to his Land Grabbing suit but have not given the documents because I needed to gather them & told the authorities and now I have them.

So what is the procedure now ? In this kind of cases I am guilty & I have to prove my innocence & time limit is Max 6 months..

I need guidance as to what is the procedure now on & can police file an FIR against me with an overwhelming evidence I have ?

Thank You


 4 Replies

P. Venu (Advocate)     04 November 2023

The facts posted are less than convincing. You have posted more of subjective opinions than facts.

Krishna   04 November 2023

Can you kindly tell me which facts are not convincing ?

I would really appreciate it.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     08 November 2023

You can give a reply to the police by furnishing copies of the documents held in your custody denying the allegations leveled against you and alsominform the police that if at all he has any case then he has to approach civil court because you have been living in this place for 24 years, hence ask the police to close the matter and advise him to approach civil court so that you cn challenge the same proerly in the trial proceedings,.

Krishna   16 November 2023

Thank you Adv Shree Kalaiselvan.

He has filed a petition with Taluka Mamalatdar under Land Grabbing Act of 2020 so they asked both parties to come in person & give a reply. So both me & accuser did so & I furnished 24 years documnets.

Now can you tell me how this would proceed further ?

He has taken a shortcut by denying that I am a Tenant & instead I have grabbed his apartment.

Thank You

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