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Technically,Is registration possible without declaring previous divorce(girl and boy Ok, want info to be hidden from boys family side as they wont allow, Love marriage)

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If girl and parents want to claim that boy cheated by hiding divorce and file cases, they can always do that, even if he shared it with them before marriage. I think in the current situation since bride is aware, it is better to take signed statement from her to that effect. Her parents cannot file cases later on her behalf and even if they do, the boy is pretty safe.

Sachin Gulyani (Student)     03 October 2016

As far as I know, marriage registrar will not be interested in knowing the truth and he will never know the fact if you want to hide it.


In every case the problem arises when there appears opposite party to contest.  In Future if any one will contest or challenge then the problem will arise and if no one will oppose then it will go as it is.


My personal suggestion is that you can hide the facts verbally from each other families and parents but do not hide it in the registrar's book.  


The way out here is that you can get married cocealing the facts from parents and then personally visit the registrar's office with no one else with you and provide all the details and get the marriage certificate.  I think the previous status will not be mentioned on the Marriage Certificate.


Also, you can appoint a lawyer, tell him or her all the truth and inform him that you want to get this registered without anyone knowing about the previous divorce.  Just keep busy other people and meanwhile your lawyer will finish off the work without anyone knowing what he did.


So in that way you have disclosed the things and it will be mentioned in the books but not in the marriage certificate and trust me once you will start your life, nobody is going to check the register about your previous life.  

whatnot   03 October 2016

This is less of legal query and more of a personal dilemma.


A scheme hacthed between couples to be together.


It may succeed or it may bring further problems down the road.


In olden days they used to say you may say thousands lie to get married. But I don't think hiding previous relationship with would be well wishers is one of them.


Same goes with health. Any pre conditions to be made aware. If not it consitute supressing fact and enough to divorce.


Anyways, you can do what your conscience tell you to do.

Face the same.


Kishor Mehta (CEO)     03 October 2016


There is a column in the marriage application form about the marital status of the Bride and the Groom, they have to declare whether they are "Widow/Widower" or "Divorced". What would the Groom, the queriest, fill in this column. If he does not state his correct martial status as divorced, it would amount to false declaration and may lead to criminal proceedings to his detriment.

Good Luck,

Kishor Mehta

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