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surrogacy is like infidelity;choose adoption instead

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Surrogacy is like infidelity: Church

SOURCE: http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report_surrogacy-is-like-infidelity-church_1506604


The church is opposed to surrogacy, said Father Stephen Fernandes, professor of medical ethics and moral theology at the Goregaon seminary.

He was speaking at a panel discussion on ‘Surrogacy — Medical Marvel, Legal Labyrinth; Redefining Motherhood’ conducted by the DM Harish Memorial Government Law College on Thursday.

Citing ethical concerns surrounding new technology, Fernandes said, “Surrogacy fractures relationships. It is infidelity in a way and harms the institution of marriage. It is a contract without responsibility.”

He added: “Renting a womb is not the correct way for procreation. In this case, the ends cannot justify the means. It is wrong on the part of science to interfere with nature.”

Stating that adoption would be a better option for infertile parents, Fernandes said, “There are so many abandoned babies up for adoption. I feel adoption should be the last resort for infertile parents,” he said.

Terming surrogacy ‘baby outsourcing’, Fernandes said issues like the rights of a child following separation from the mother should be looked into. “You cannot completely cut off the ties between the child and the surrogate mother. We need to study the effects of medical treatment on both,” he added.

Additional solicitor-general Darius Khambatta said he was not against surrogacy but that the state could face legal problems. “We have to give a woman the right to rent out her womb so she can use the money to take care of her other children.”

He agreed with women’s rights advocate Flavia Agnes, who suggested that no clinic in India should entertain applications from foreign nationals whose home country does not approve of surrogacy.

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Constitution is the touchstone for us to test any law.

The explanations of Father Fernandes is opposed to individual liberty. Science gives us many options as remedy. It is for us to choose which would be the best. We cannot compel one to be or not to be a sarrogate mother. But it is time for us to have sarrogacy laws to address the problems that arises in such cases concerning interests of both the parties. 

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religions may say many things which may not be practical or acceptable. they are very much opposed to abortion , but this is most common procedure done all over india.

if a lady has a defective womb and normal ovaries with a normal partner , why they shud not be allowed to propogate thru a surrogate mother how can this father explain?


either stick to ethics of the relationships or make everything allowed.


Best thing is that ...before any marriage takes place............. make all medical/ s*xual/ physical/ temperamental/ attitudinal/ social/ educational/ monetary status  etc etc tests mandatory!!!


Instead of finding the solutions of above likely problems after marriage....... find a preventive cure!!!  

(and thus!..... we would go around the circle............. and be orthodox again........... the system of marriage, caste, culture etc...as only such conservative approach can fulfill above criteria and requirements!!!................so we make the full circle...circle complete ....of social evolution!!.) 


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There's no harm in surrogacy.It's the choice of partners.

But I want to know something and my question is not at all related to the above article.


Why we Indians have a narrow approach towards adopting a kid?

Why we are rigid about having only a biological kid,when we know that options like surrogacy are costly and may bring a new set of problems?

Why can't we become generous and adopt a homeless kid,and give him the love of parents?

Won't we be able to also arrest India's exploding population,if couples without children start adopting them?

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Adoption is an age old concept in India. And it is still considered a preferred option compared to sarrogacy. Sarrogacy is a problem in India wherein poor woman lends her womb to non Indian couple for the sake of money. Sarrogacy is a costly affair and absense of laws to address the problems arising out of it still make it a less preferred option at least by Indians. 

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