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MOHANA SUNDARAM (Advocate High court Madras. M-9840908555)     25 March 2010

i remember, during the first hearing of this case supreme court flayed kushbu for making such a comment. now they have made completely different observation and i dont know what had  happened in between. This is not the first time present CJI making such contradictory statement during the hearing of the cases. When police attacked lawyers at madras high court CJI initially made some comments against the police and everyone knows what followed later on.

MOHANA SUNDARAM (Advocate High court Madras. M-9840908555)     25 March 2010

i dont know why supreme court is relying on relationship between krishna and radha while hearing a case? what made them to ignore or forget rama who strictly adopted monogamy? in a secular country like india how god of one particular religion can be used as a scale to decide the fate of millions of people who belong to different religions?

girishankar (manager)     25 March 2010

Mr.Mohana sundaram is absolutley right .. What ever the Judge says let it be Rama or Ravana they not botherd about thier comments or judgements......They are Super Natural Powers......

Let the Public go to Hell.....

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Aftab4u (PVT EMPLOYEE)     02 April 2010

Dear Experts,


Is the judgement favours for the people who are divorsed and want to live togetherly ?


A muslim man got divorsed 3 years back as per the islamic law and a christian lady whose husband is missing from past 3 years no information of him now they are in love and they want to stay with each other.


If the muslim man and that christian lady live together is this is offence ? they are living as per their well and wish.


Pls advice.



girishankar (manager)     02 April 2010

Dear Sirs,

Our Honorable Lalu Ji himself has certified that our counrty SC is maintaianing/maintained  law & Justice in his Case..When he himself has  got belief in our Judiciary whats more than that......All common man  automattically will be getting Justice ........

Dear sirs,

I hav got a Small doubt i:e when in our counrty there is Hindu Law, Muslim Law, and Christian Law, why our Judiciary are giving/Quoting  other couuntries Citations just like from  England, America and South Africa...

Pl Experts explain me in Brief....


Adv. T.K Sujith (lawyer)     03 April 2010

Dear Giri

How can our COurt follow Manu Neethi in live- in relation ship issue. Our RAMA and KRISHNA given entirely different interpretation on Manu Neethi. Which model will follow?

girishankar (manager)     03 April 2010

Dear Sujith Ji,

 I am not questioning the relation ship of  Lord Rama or Lord Krishna {I think U will not me  mind calling them Lords B'cous its a bearable one when we are calling our Honarble Judges as Lords }I think our courts are following Queen Elizabet and Mrs.Mount Battan laws.......As if in our country there was no law in our land as only English peoples introduced law to our mankind of India.........

Its Mystery for me can any one reveal it...........

girishankar (manager)     03 April 2010

[IHRO] SC allows filing of fresh petition

Wednesday, 31 March, 2010 7:31 AM


"IHRO" <>



Bofors Case
SC allows filing of fresh petition
Legal Correspondent

New Delhi, March 30
The Supreme Court today allowed an advocate to withdraw his PIL in which he had sought a directive to the CBI not to allow Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi, accused in the Bofors case, to operate his bank account.

The SC also asked him to file a fresh petition for taking other action against the accused.

Bench headed by Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan advised the petitioner, Ajay Agrawal, to withdraw the PIL as it had become infructuous after India had allowed the London bank account to be operated again by Quattrocchi for lack of evidence against him.

Agrawal, however, argued that bank account was not the only issue and the CBI was anxious to close the entire case against Quattrocchi. The Bench, which included Justices Deepak Verma and BS Chauhan, said he could file a fresh petition with the court for the purpose.

The CBI has filed an application with the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate court here seeking permission for closing the case against Quattrocchi. The matter is listed for hearing tomorrow.

girishankar (manager)     03 April 2010

SC asks Justice Dinakaran asked to go on leave

AgenciesSat, Apr 3 11:28 AM

Karnataka High Court Chief Justice P D Dinakaran, whose elevation to the Supreme Court was halted, has been asked by the apex court Collegium to go on leave.

Highly placed sources said the decision was taken against Dinakaran, who has not been performing any judicial work since December last, as several representations were received that the judicial work of the high court has been hit.

Sources said the collegium has also cleared the name of the acting chief justice of the Delhi High Court Justice Madan B Lokur to be appointed as the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court.

The collegium has also recommended the name of the senior-most judge of the Jharkhand High Court M Y Eqbal as the new Chief Justice of the Madras High Court. He will succeed Justice H L Gokhale, who has been recommended for elevation to the Supreme Court.

Putte Gowda, President of Karnataka High Court Bar Association welcomed the decision of the collegium to appoint the new chief justice.

59-year-old Dinakaran has not been performing judicial functions after Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari admitted a motion in December seeking his removal on charges of corruption, land-grab and abuse of judicial office.

Allegations listed in the impeachment motion against Justice Dinakaran included possessing wealth disproportionate to known sources of income, unlawfully securing five housing board plots in the name of his wife and two daughters, entering into benami transactions, and acquiring and possessing agricultural holdings beyond ceiling limit.

Other allegations related to illegal encroachment on government and public property to deprive dalits and poor of their livelihood, violation of human rights of dalits and poor and destruction of evidence during official enquiry.

girishankar (manager)     03 April 2010

Dear Members,

Let Us Wait for a Probe Of  Sania which is goin to come court in a short period along with it think  we can  follow the ..........b'cous every one Knows that our ppl or media dont hav any work nor hav any major Issues in our country to deal.......

girishankar (manager)     03 April 2010

What We See
Judging Others


When we judge others we should ask ourselves where these judgments come from, is it something we see in ourselves?

Though it is human to evaluate people we encounter based on first impressions, the conclusions we come to are seldom unaffected by our own fears and our own preconceptions. Additionally, our judgments are frequently incomplete. For example, wealth can seem like proof that an individual is spoiled, and poverty can be seen as a signifier of laziness—neither of which may be true. At the heart of the tendency to categorize and criticize, we often find insecurity. Overcoming our need to set ourselves apart from what we fear is a matter of understanding the root of judgment and then reaffirming our commitment to tolerance.

When we catch ourselves thinking or behaving judgmentally, we should ask ourselves where these judgments come from. Traits we hope we do not possess can instigate our criticism when we see them in others because passing judgment distances us from those traits. Once we regain our center, we can reinforce our open-mindedness by putting our feelings into words. To acknowledge to ourselves that we have judged, and that we have identified the root of our judgments, is the first step to a path of compassion. Recognizing that we limit our awareness by assessing others critically can make moving past our initial impressions much easier. Judgments seldom leave room for alternate possibilities.

Mother Teresa said, “If you judge people, you don’t have time to love them.” If we are quick to pass judgment on others, we forget that they, like us, are human beings. As we seldom know what roads people have traveled before a shared encounter or why they have come into our lives, we should always give those we meet the gift of an open heart. Doing so allows us to replace fear-based criticism with appreciation because we can then focus wholeheartedly on the spark of good that burns in all human souls.

Aftab4u (PVT EMPLOYEE)     05 April 2010


02 April 2010, 20:47


Aftab4uI am Online

[edit photo]

[ Scorecard : 242]


Dear Experts,


Is the judgement favours for the people who are divorsed and want to live togetherly ?


A muslim man got divorsed 3 years back as per the islamic law and a christian lady whose husband is missing from past 3 years no information of him now they are in love and they want to stay with each other.


If the muslim man and that christian lady live together is this is offence ? they are living as per their well and wish.


Pls advice.




venkatkrishna (AGM)     28 April 2010

Good Evening  All


I have gone through all positive and negative views  expressed on  "Live-in-Relation".   First  of all  Mr Mohana Sundaram, Advocate, Madras High Court   rightly noticed  that  now days  we cannot  expect  correct and  logical  thinking  of  Judges.  Our  Laws were  introduced  for  develop and maintain  better society but our  present judges  thinking themselves  as superiors and  rubbing their  personal views leaving  all morals  in to dust bin.  They are forgetting that,   their opinion / suggestion or  direction  will   influence the society heavily.  I also agree 100%   with Mr.Girish Shankar  views  on 23-4-2010.


For  a  moment  forget  about  all  laws  and  rules  just think about  our  society, our family,  future of our next generation  we can decide what is  right or wrong.    Aren’t we for better future of our next generation?   We have introduced a rule or body of rules of conduct inherent in human nature and essential to or binding upon human society.

Forget about  definition of  legal or illegal,  if  a particular  thing is  not right  is  harmful to the society. 


Take the grate Islam, Christianity or any other   religion, all are in favor of social bonding, responsibility, and   relations. If we start living as Shri. K. G. Balakrishnan opined,     we don’t know who will be the  legitimate child and who is not?  Who is mother and who is sister we have to forget. What about Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Grand parents and Grand Children love and affection.  Don’t we have social responsibilities?  


How can any one dare to take example of  Lord  Krishna.  Who know  the relationship of  Lord Krishna and Radha? They are not  for temporary  relation.  No history says that they lived together,  History  or  stories or epics  says they are  great lovers.  Their great Love relation cannot be linked or attached  to “Live –in –Relation”.  We cannot  take any surprise  tomorrow  if these  judges   tell the public that   there is no wrong if  a women  marry at a  time more than one  Husband   because “ Drowpadhi “  lived  with five husbands.


Just  think  today  our  spouse  leave  and start living with some one  and  after few days or  months again  if  he or she  bored with  that partner and  choose to start living  with some other one……   and  so on…..    What about the little kids future?  Who will take care of their future, whose  name is to be  given as father and mother?  Will courts take responsibility of all such children?   The female  who is  in  Live-in-Relation  the legal word is  “CONCUBINE”.


Shri K.G.Balakrishnan   suggested or  expressed his opinion  to  public at large ,   can  he   approve   that  we can  also  have  more than one wife   because  Lord Krishna  married   16  or  16000  wives. 


We , humans  are having  one great weakness it can  be called as decease i.e  “FOLLOWING”  unless we have one role model, we cannot  live,  we cannot  work. Mostly  people in large don’t have  their own  way of style and system  etc.,  If  a  Celebrity  follows one  thing blindly ,we start imitating  them and thus follow.  Be original, be yourself. Admiring your heroes is all right as long as you don’t imitate them blindly.

 Finally I would like to express my views  that  we should not forget  our  moral responsibilities and  our  relationship with our parents,  children, friends.  Else our society will be ruined completely. Our tradition and culture  will spoil..  We have to forget  love relation,  we will be only lascivious and there  is  no  difference between  us and Animals.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     28 April 2010

fantastic. urgument may please go ahead.

girishankar (manager)     29 April 2010

Will our Honarable CJI of SC will go to saudi and implement is views and is {suo motto}justification to save our poor 15 Indians who got Traped thre and waiting for theDays

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