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Have a Heart Foundation (Sales & Mktng)     18 July 2013


In reference to the Wife's Co-ownership in Property Rights Bill :

Kindly give your suggestions to make it a Gender Neutral Bill in the larger interest of the society.

I Suggest following Amendments : 


Any law that is Gender specific is a BAD LAW !! The future generations will have to bear the worst consequences of such laws.


Suggestion for Amendments : 

1) The Word Husband / Wife be replaced with SPOUSE 

2) (Lock in period) The spouse who has had matirmonial relationship of atleast 7 years shall be entitled to Co-ownership Property Rights.

3) Son-In-Laws too shall be included in the rights to ancestral properties.

4)Legalise Pre-nuptial Agreements.

5)A spouse indulging in adultry and filing false cases / complains shall not be entitled to any property rights.

6) A spouse who alienates the child by tutoring, brain washing , and not giving access to child shall not be entitled to property rights.

7) 50 % property rights to spouse who would agree to joint legal custdoy of the children and who will give uninterrupted child access without any interference. 



We can send these suggestions for Amendment in the said Bill .


 10 Replies

dhruv (other)     18 July 2013

If divorce happens due to fault of the spouse then the property share should not be given to the ex/spouse.

If wife has filed false 498a/DV or her case is not proven then again this right shall be lost.

If it is proven that spouse has deserted/committed adultery then this right shall be lost.


The malicious women and in laws nowadays want all the benefits as required from the hindu husband, but do not have willingness or inclination to be equally responsible as far as marital duties and responsibilities are concerned. They are not willing to make an effort to bond with the husband. At the slightest minor issue that can be otherwise easily resolved they take the route of filing fabricated extreme false allegations with pure motive to make the male bend on his knees. A man should behave like a man and a woman like a woman. God has made them different for a reason.

Nowadays women are gaining the masculine traits and men are being forced to don the feminine traits. A slight reasonable resistance on the part of husbands which arises due to innate genetic make of males is construed to be mental torture by these kind of women.

I am not saying that all women are of this nature but slowly the number is increasing day by day thanks to these one sided anti male laws.

Mohini (housewife)     18 July 2013

Sir, just few minues ago i seen programme on ZEENEWS., on above issue. It is true that  now a days 98% cases of 498a are false., and now more and more cases will be and more problems for parents.Parents hard earned money now easily will be taken with the proud by newly married., why not to see what is her parents position, what is her parents income? i thini now day rich man will never marry any poor girl  because always he will be in scared position.This is true that hindu man will forget the marriage, he will got for CONTRACT marriage or * .

This is totally problem for husband.

V.G.Rao Advocate (Advocate)     18 July 2013

Though I have no suggestions, I had a doubt, which is to be cleared beofre passing the bill, i.e after obtaining contest divorce decree by wife, and thereafter if wife gets right as well as possession in the property of the husband( or amount after assessment of property), and subsequently if she re marries, can the divorcee husband revert back his property from her?

What is the property share's impact on Marriage annulement?

shriks........... (healyhcare)     18 July 2013

1. this is ridiculous yaar.......
2. now the husbands would start wasting money and property for their own enjoyment once they smell malafide intensions of wife......and why not?????
3. the parents would encash money of properties and give by hand to son before dying showing spent in xyz.......then what???????
4. now which so called amendments would come into action????? no husband would purchase flat or property in his name.....no parent would accumulate immovable assets which dil might sense........
5. instead a smoke of money would be ignited before parents of son or so called ancestors in present context  would cash all money and go for world tours leaving nothing for son and dil......
6. else quietly cash in hand would be handed to son in a hidden annonymous account and such a son would spend thriftly for himself and not for family.....
7. isnt this bill encouraging extra marital affairs, partying with anceastral money, prostitution, concubines????????alcoholism,or donation to a sacred institution by parents rather than letting go to wicked dil?????????????

Mohini (housewife)     19 July 2013

MR. G.V.Rao, I want to know whether bill is passed? as per yesterday news the bill is passed. pls clearfy?

You are advocate, so u know how mmuch this law will create problems for husbands moter , father his sisteres and brothers.I think as now a lady 48a is favouring girls this new law will close the marriage name in Hindu. Boy will never go for marriage, he spend his money  only on him.


Been thinking over this for past 2 days, sadly not able to get my head around this new bill.

I pity the Indian Male in general.

Though on the one hand this is useful, like when one of the party ie wife does not appear in 2nd motion and starts harassing husband for eg: In first motion half amount she would have recieved, but then wont appear in second motion, then later on case getting converted to contested divorce, here already 6+ months and 1 year would have been already wasted, now contested divorce, 5-6 years, again headaches of alimony, getting evidence of wife working, wife having property etc, still end up paying money to her via IA, and not to forget she has already taken half money and enjoyed it.  For such cases discretionary power of judge to grant divorce when one party ie wife/husband does not appear in 2nd motion, is a welcom idea.

But the GOM has failed to think ill effects on themselves as if they do not have an DIL's.

And it is such an irony that "the ministry of women and child development (WCD) had expressed concern over the implementation of the decision."

Wel should wait and see what will be the next move.

Like this its better that Indian male should not get married at all.  As I myself have seen many cases where just for extorting money female has married and filed divorce within a week of marriage, for people like them, this b l o o d y is a boon, Shame.


This bill will increase crimes.


Such bill will definitely be going to increase the crime ratio in near future itself. Why should parental properties be dragged into such cases?


new bill has loophole....

What is the punishment for not giving property after court orders so???

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