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Madhu (network engineer)     07 November 2013

Suggest counter cases for false complaint as impotent

Hi Experts ...........


Wife Gave a False complaint as impotent. Now the tests are done and result came as POTENT. can I file any case on her for giving false complaint?

Even though our marriage is consummated, she stated that our marriage is not consummated. As the result came as Potent now she is telling that I might have taken some treatment. And also she saying that he may be  Potent but he is not interested in me.

It is like a hell for me and have undergone all the tests for 3 days , I bared all this only to prove myself as innocent…………… and by god’s grace the result came in my favor making  her allegations false.

But these tests I went to hospital for 1 week.  Imagine how tough it would be to get leave from office.

My 498a charge sheet is ready but trails not yet started. Now Iam confident that even that may come in my favor and we get acquitted.

Please suggest me the Counter cases for stating me as Impotent  against my wife and her parents.……….As the result came in my favor




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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     07 November 2013


In case of you proving her allegations as false, you may file a defamation case against her for false allegation which had hurt your sentiments as well as spoiled your image and reputation in the society.

Madhu (network engineer)     07 November 2013

Thank u sir for the suggestion,

I am very sure  my wife is trying only to trouble me , she does not care for anything. she is using all her intelligence only to torture us 


Now she has come up with a new story , as the results came in my favor , she is stating that I may be Physically fit , but i was not intrested in her to have Physical relationship with her. How can anybody prove this?

then the only way is to send her for tests as she is denying that medical reports of abortion are not hers

Now if i file a case against her, can this be possible to send her for tests ?

Please suggest me a way to send her for tests and also will sending her for tests really help me?


today Morning my sister saw my wife in temple and there in temple she abused my sister very badly and also she is still arguing that iam impotent even after the reports came

she and her family are making our family suffer alot in public by spreading bad words

so please suggest me it is very much required to send her for tests that our marriage is consummated

rajendra (na)     07 November 2013

If the charge sheet is filed then go for charge sheet quash and file a petition that both need to undergo for medical tests.

If u proove u are innocent then most chances to quash the case..

For this u required FIR registered copy and charge sheet copy as well...

Never think about counter cases and also i would suggest don't think about cases so much which will furstate u and even u can't sleep..

time will come u then file the petitions that will destroy the 498A Gang....

U have to win the case till the time u can't file countercases...

once u win the case u can file criminal defamation,civil defamation,perjury,send legal notice bcoz of 498A and impotenet words hurted u and ur reputation gone...Send legal notice for 30lakhs...

U can file all the cases depending upon the situations....

If ur wife says in media or public statement in news paper then u can send legal notice now itself..until unless u have to wait till the outcome of 498A

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seetharamreddy Kancharla (Student)     07 May 2014

when a person as given false complaint to the public servant on the same day tehre is a criminal case is going to register on herself under secion 182 IPC. Due to false info there is a false charge frame on innocent i.e. 211 IPC and witnesses also i.e 193 and 200 IPC and yopu can file defarmation also unde sectin 500 IPC as well. So my advice is kindly approach the seniior Criminal Counsel he will assist the matter. other wise kindly mail me on or call me on 08499025112. for free advice. 

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